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Ohio “Open Carry” Laws Could Spell Murder Charges for Cops who Shot Innocent Man

Considering the evidence presented so far, the cops who shot John Crawford III should be facing murder charges.

Cop Runs Over a Man While Texting and Driving, His Own Police Department Finds no Wrongdoing

Do you think it’s time for the cops to stop investigating themselves yet?

Cop Threatens to “Put a Bullet in You So Fast”, Department Defends Brutality on YouTube

Boynton Beach police think it’s OK to point a gun at an innocent man’s face and threaten to shoot him point blank.

It’s time to get uncomfortable and confront racism, white America. #IAmNotMikeBrown

Alissa Kokkins | The Anti-Media I am a racist. Not a white hood and robe...

City Council Tells Police they have 60 Days to Plan to Destroy or Remove MRAP

After the unrest in Ferguson, cities across the country are waking up to the dangers of police militarization.