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US Governments Argument Against Barrett Brown “Should Chill Journalists to the Bone”

Sentencing for imprisoned journalist delayed (again) until January 22, 2015.

New Study Finds Teen Marijuana Use Declines as States Legalize

Congress also seemingly ended its war on medicinal marijuana this week.

2 People Shot by Police in 6 Days In Small Colorado Town

Why would two people get shot by police is a small, sleepy town in less than a week?

Classified Evidence: US Soldiers Raped Boys In Front Of Their Mothers

It’s only a matter of time before more torture report information is released.

Cop’s T-shirt Mocks Eric Garner’s Death Sparking Massive Backlash

Insensitive cop inadvertently starts drive to fight cops.

The Rise And Fall Of Japan’s Economy Was Orchestrated By Puppet Central Bank

Still think central banks aren’t manipulating all things?

Sydney Siege Aftermath: Australian Government Seeks More Anti-Terrorism Laws

Problem, reaction, solution…and people keep falling for it.

Denver Cops Severely Beat Man, Slam Pregnant Woman To Ground, Seize Video, Falsify Reports

More eyewitness video saved from cops by synching to the cloud…


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