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Why We Write

Tomorrow’s headlines haven’t been made. Next week’s newspaper is completely blank; what ends up on the front page is up to you.

Researchers Suggest Monsanto Behind 90 Percent Drop in Monarch Butterfly Population

Live Free, Live Natural Staff A petition was filed on August 26th by The...

Florida Cops Blow the Whistle on Traffic Ticket Quotas, Police Chief gets Fired

It looks like the pressure citizens have been putting on police in the push for accountability is paying off!

Ohio “Open Carry” Laws Could Spell Murder Charges for Cops who Shot Innocent Man

Considering the evidence presented so far, the cops who shot John Crawford III should be facing murder charges.

Cop Runs Over a Man While Texting and Driving, His Own Police Department Finds no Wrongdoing

Do you think it’s time for the cops to stop investigating themselves yet?

Cop Threatens to “Put a Bullet in You So Fast”, Department Defends Brutality on YouTube

Boynton Beach police think it’s OK to point a gun at an innocent man’s face and threaten to shoot him point blank.