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California Wants to Cut Gasoline Consumption 50% Over the Next 15 Years

A pending bill in the California legislature, SB-350, intends to cut California’s gasoline consumption in half over the next 15 years.

Over 22,000 Sign Up For Online Sperm Donation

Someone has found a way to cash in on the dwindling birth rate.

Pentagon Rejects Armed Civilians “Protecting” Military Recruitment Centers

Pentagon officials say armed citizens guarding military recruitment centers is not only unsafe, it’s scaring off potential recruits.

Why Are So Many People Dying in Police Custody in the UK?

The latest independent investigation into deaths while in police custody could be just another PR stunt, organizations representing victim’s families warn.

This Bill Will Finally End Cannabis Prohibition

Cannabis prohibition has finally met its match — that is if this bill is passed.

Turkey Joins Bombing Bonanza Against ISIS in Syria

Turkey joins up to 62 other nations in what has become into a world war against ISIS.

NASA Says it Has Found “Earth 2.0,” Could Be 1 Billion More Like it in Milky Way

The planet, named Kepler 452b, is older and larger than Earth, but according to scientists, shares many similar traits.

European Researchers Warn the World of the Dangers of Climate Engineering

Climate engineering is not a viable a substitute for reducing greenhouse emissions and pollution, European researchers warn.

Here Are the Liars That Want War With Iran

Those who decry the Iran nuclear deal are indeed the same people who cheered the U.S. into war with Iraq.

Israeli Justice: Throw a Rock in Palestine, Get 20 Years in Prison

Under the law, Palestinian stone throwers could face up to 20 years if determined that they intended to seriously harm the occupants in a vehicle.


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