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California City Says Black, Sediment-Filled Tap Water is “Safe to Drink”

And it’s not just the way the tap water looks, it apparently smells horrible too.

Tennessee Bureaucrats Want to Essentially Monopolize Hemp After “Legalizing” it in 2014

The government “legalized” cannabis in Tennessee, but they still want to control the plant instead of unleashing it.

Former Fox News Employee Commits Suicide In Front of NYC Office

After being bullied by management.

English speaking soldiers in Ukraine and 20 other things you should know – Video

| WTF News | Various media distractions have covered up the recent surge in...

Police Kill Two Teenage Girls in Four Days

When will the violence cease?

West Fawns Over Brutal Dictator After Death of Saudi Arabian King

Saudi Arabia beheaded over 80 people in 2014.


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