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Dashcam Shows Cop Shoot Unarmed Man Repeatedly In Back

“The deputy’s recorded statements following the shooting were absolutely false.”

Lawsuit Accuses Monsanto of Lying About Safety of Roundup

The lawsuit seeks to include anyone as a plaintiff who purchased Roundup or Roundup-related products during the last four years.

Watch Police Accountability Protester in Baltimore Shout “Fuck CNN!” Live on CNN

That’s when the CNN reporter started to get scared.

Head of DEA Resigns in Midst Of Colombian Sex Scandal, Real Problems Ignored

The head of the DEA has just stepped down, but it won’t change the underlying issues we face with the War on Drugs.

Texas Advances Legislation Requiring Cops to Learn How to Not Shoot Dogs

Texas is on the verge of passing a bill that would require cops to be trained to deal with dogs in order to prevent unneeded pet shootings.

Kanye West Publishes Rant Denying His Involvement With “The Illuminati”

“I’m tired of people pinpointing musicians as the Illuminati.”

McDonald’s to Close 700 Locations This Year

Meanwhile, GMO free Chipotle has seen a 10% increase in sales.

New Study Confirms Mindfulness Meditation as Effective as Big Pharma

The Oxford University study about meditation Big Pharma doesn’t want you hearing about.

US Drone Strike ‘Accidentally’ Kills US & Italian Citizens

The deadly reality of American foreign policy.

Feds, City Officials, Protesters React to Baltimore Cops Killing Freddie Gray, Breaking His Back

Josh Paniagua April 23,2015 (ANTIMEDIA) Baltimore streets are flowing with...


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