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UK Government Caught Spying on Human Rights Organisations

Why is the UK government spying on Amnesty International and other human rights organisations?

Cuba Becomes First Country to End Mother-to-Child Transmission of HIV

Cuba has become the first country to receive validation from the World Health Organization that it has eliminated mother-to-child transmission of HIV.

Ex-NFL Player Claims that Over 60% of Current Players Smoke Weed

Former NFL running back Jamal Anderson insists that cannabis is something that players use to cope with pain and help recover from head trauma.

The TPA and the Trojan Horse

The hidden provision inside of the Fast Track.

Teacher Fired for “Disrespecting” American Flag During Lesson on Free Speech

This teacher learned what ‘freedom’ really looks like in 2015 America.

Forget the Plastic, MasterCard Wants You To Pay By Facial Recognition

Are you prepared to pay for your take-out order by having your face scanned?

Monarch Butterfly Population Down 80%, Monsanto Largely to Blame

Monarch butterfly populations are down 80% from nearly 1 billion in the 1990’s to only 56 million now.


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