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CIA Ties to Hollywood on Verge of Being Exposed

We know the CIA spreads propaganda through Hollywood, but soon we may know exactly how.

Public Enemy’s Chuck D: Kanye Wests Are Destroying Hip-Hop

Chuck D is taking on the Kanye Wests of Hip-Hop music.

DWI Arrests Skyrocket After Uber and Lyft Chased Out of Austin

This is what happens when ridesharing businesses are run out of cities.

David Cameron Resigns After UK Votes to Split from EU

David Cameron will no longer be Prime Minister after October.

French Cops Claim They’re Too Tired to Keep Policing Massive Protests

French cops are begging protesters to take a break from demonstrating to let them rest.

Israel Looks To Build $5 Billion Island Off Gaza Coast

Israel is considering building a $5bn island off the coast of Gaza.


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