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39th Banker Dead in 13 Months, Third this Year

What’s with all of these bankers dying?

CIA Whistleblower “Goes Through Proper Channels,” Sentenced to Prison Anyway

He tried to “work within the system” to change it. But that didn’t work out very well for CIA whistleblower Jeffrey Sterling.

Witness: Cop Shot 16 Year-Old Jessica Hernandez Before She Backed Car Into Him

The “official” story of the cop shooting Hernandez in self-defense is being called into question by the only witness yet to come forward.

Exoplanet Thought to Have Rings 200 Times the Size of Saturn’s

This planet may be 10 to 40 times larger than Jupiter.

California City Says Black, Sediment-Filled Tap Water is “Safe to Drink”

And it’s not just the way the tap water looks, it apparently smells horrible too.

Tennessee Bureaucrats Want to Essentially Monopolize Hemp After “Legalizing” it in 2014

The government “legalized” cannabis in Tennessee, but they still want to control the plant instead of unleashing it.

Former Fox News Employee Commits Suicide In Front of NYC Office

After being bullied by management.


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