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DHS Seeking to Buy Access to Private Surveillance Cameras to Track Drivers

Despite the ongoing debate to roll back the DHS’s current civil liberties overreaches, they are now seeking more surveillance powers.

American Farmers Can no Longer Keep up with US Demand for Organic Corn

U.S. consumers are coming into awareness about how their food affects their health and want superior products, which sadly, aren’t always available here….yet.

Global stock markets tank after Bloomberg financial data terminals crash worldwide

April 17, 2015 (WTF News) The Bloomberg network of financial data...

Fast Track to TPP Hell: Bill to Expedite Trans-Pacific Partnership Introduced in Congress

Deirdre Fulton April 16, 2015 (Common Dreams) The fight over Fast Track...

Cops Charge Sick Mom After Child Corrects School About Health Effects of Cannabis

D.A.R.E. you to talk about the health effects of cannabis in the classroom in Kansas.

Congress Superficially Attacks DEA Over Cartel Sex Scandal, Ignores the Real Problem

The DEA was caught having sex parties in South America funded by dirty drug cartel money. Here’s Congress’ sad excuse of a response.

Cop Sexually Assaults 19 Year-Old and Only Sentenced on Misdemeanor Charges

The cop will not have to register as a sex offender, will only serve a year in jail, and still currently has his law enforcement certification.

The Monsanto Ministry of Truth: A Whole Department Dedicated to Propaganda

A Monsanto employee accidentally let the cat out of the bag.

Researcher: Psychedelic Plants are Trying to Communicate with Humans

Are psychedelics trying to save us from ourselves?

Rand Paul was Against the Drug War Before He was for it

If Rand Paul were elected in 2016, which Rand could be expect to rule the “free world”?


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