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Teen Facing Possible Life In Prison For Weed Brownies Says Independent Media Saved Him

In an interview with The Anti-Media, Jacob Lavoro told us that people spreading information about the unjust charges against him helped get him off the hook.

New Bio-Drone Made of Fungus Shows Dark Side of Eco Tech

The newest iteration of drone technology is taking a biological turn that is unexpected and just as disturbing.

Saudi Government Carries Out 70th Beheading This Year

What is the difference between an ally and an enemy of the United States?

Alabama Cop Maces Student at High School Football Game

You don’t interrupt people watching football in Alabama. You just don’t.

Cop Who Killed Homeless Man Retiring Early with Full Benefits to Avoid Investigation

He’s not even waiting around for the department to investigate itself.

Congressman Wants to Build Moat Around White House

This is a bizarre exchange.


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