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New App Is Helping Feed Hundreds of Thousands of Homeless People

In a world filled with greed, hate, and negativity, there is still hope for generosity, compassion, and a brighter future.

The Facts That Neither Side Wants to Admit About Gun Control

Firearms are the Pandora’s Box of the United States.

Utah Police Introduce Programs to “Reeducate” Civilians

Welcome to a society that will allow the population to be reeducated to accept brutality and violence, rather than ending it.

DEA Increases Marijuana Production Quotas for Research Purposes

They have more than quintupled the original quota.

NEW STUDY: Heavy Metal and Punk Music Does NOT Make You Angry

This study goes against the traditional mainstream narrative.

Pentagon Admits to Race-Based Human Experiments During WWII

The true nature of these experiments has just now become apparent.

Why the UK is No Longer Shocked at Establishment Sex Abuse Cover Ups

It’s like a twisted movie plot gone wrong with no happy ending.

Why Banning Things Almost Never Works

Banning things that drag society down are almost always done in good intentions, but almost always fail to accomplish anything or make matters worse.

3 Men Stabbed While Being Called “F*ggots in Skinny Jeans”

Based on the circumstances surrounding the men who were stabbed, police have classified the ambush as a hate crime.

Friday Terror Attacks Show Growing Blowback From US, Saudi Policies

What is blowback and what does it have to do with the Islamic State (ISIS)?


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