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Ban on Tuna Labeled Dolphin-Safe Shows How TPP Will Crush Consumer Rights

The World Trade Organization’s push to ban the US’ labeling of dolphin-safe tuna provides us with a window into America’s dark future with the TPP.

A NATO Country Just Shot Down a Russian Bomber: It’s Time to Start Paying Attention

Turkey just shot down a Russian bomber and that could lead us down a VERY dangerous path.

UK Announces 178 Billion Military Spending While Dragging Britain into Bloody War

David Cameron has announced plans £178 billion in military spending over the next decade to “to defeat the terrorist threat.”

Signs of a Dying Society

Here are some examples of the distorted thinking leading to the demise of a once-vibrant American society.

How France Is Allowing Terrorism To Win

Who needs freedom anyway?

The Cruel Piracy Behind Stevia-Based Sweeteners

A new report highlights a number of problems associated with the cultivation of Stevia-based sweeteners.

Undercover Agents Fathered Children With Women After Infiltrating Activist Groups

Scotland Yard has apologised after undercover agents impregnated unknowing activist women while infiltrating activist groups. But the story gets even worse.

Coca-Cola’s Five Darkest Secrets

Are you sure you want to know?


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