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Officer Will Not Be Charged in Yet Another Shooting, Victim’s Brother Says ‘We Must Wake The People Up’

Today it was announced that a Milwaukee police officer will not be charged for the killing of unarmed Dontre Hamilton.

Confirmed: US Cyber Attack Behind North Korean Internet Outage

We have confirmed that a US government cyber attack is behind today’s North Korean internet outage.

10 Year-Old Boy Has Spent 2 Months in Adult Jail, Facing Minimum 25 Years

Do you think a 10 year-old should be in jail with adults?

Who is to Blame for the NYPD Shooting? Start With Me.

If you’re looking for someone to blame, start with me and those like me.

SPLC Bullies Music Distributors Into Banning “Hate Music”

SPLC working on stomping the First Amendment yet again…

Who Is Actually To Blame For The Deaths of Two NYPD Cops?

It’s time that someone take responsibility for the violence in this country.

Understanding Keystone XL: Jobs, pollution, China, and Native Americans

Still think the Keystone pipeline is a good idea?

“The Interview” Co-Director Says The Sony Hack Was Probably An Inside Job

Do you believe the government or the experts and Sony employees?


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