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It’s time to get uncomfortable and confront racism, white America. #IAmNotMikeBrown

Alissa Kokkins | The Anti-Media I am a racist. Not a white hood and robe...

City Council Tells Police they have 60 Days to Plan to Destroy or Remove MRAP

After the unrest in Ferguson, cities across the country are waking up to the dangers of police militarization.

Meet the Latest Cancer Patient who was Cured with the Help of Cannabis Oil

It’s time to legalize cannabis to save more lives.

#UseThisPic if the Police Shoot me While Unarmed

This action would also show the world how many people are concerned with murder by cop in the United States.

Would the US Military Fire on American citizens?

Do you think it could “never happen here”?

Salt Lake City Cop Shoots Reportedly Unarmed Man, Refuses to Provide Details

The entire incident was captured on an officer’s body camera; however Police Chief Chris Burbank is refusing to release the video citing “due process.”