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School District Says Wearing Yoga Pants or Skinny Jeans is Dressing Like a Prostitute

This is the second school to recently decide that the girls were to be punished because male students can’t control themselves.

Manhunt Underway for Suspect Who Shot Cop in the Arm In Ferguson, 8 People Arrested

Notice when a cop is shot whole cities are shut down in a massive manhunt. But when a cop shoots somebody, they all rush to cover it up.

White House Abandons Policy to Protect Innocent Civilians From US Airstrikes in Syria

Rules put in to place to prevent massive civilian deaths in drone strikes have been abandoned in America’s new wars in Iraq and Syria.

Inventor of the World Wide Web Pushes for Internet Bill of Rights

This is a response to government and corporate intrusion on the internet.

Ebola confirmed in Dallas, “first case” in US: CDC – LIVE FEED

The first case of ebola has been confirmed in Dallas, according to the...

Illegal Drugs and Prostitution Account for $18 Billion of Britain’s Economy

This huge black market demonstrates how economies can prosper even when they are outlawed by the government.