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Yes to GMO Labeling is Winning 49 to 44% in Oregon Despite Millions in Negative Ads

The measure would ensure that the labeling of genetically modified foods is mandatory.

Outrageous Homework Assignment Wants to Know What’s In Your Medicine Cabinet

And the parent’s response is priceless!
What would you do if your child came home with this homework assignment?

Chicago Cop Sentenced After Breaking 89 Year-Old Man’s Hip

The cop assaulted the man because he asked him to stop cussing people out.

The Marysville School Shooter and His Bizarre Twitter Feed

The warning signs were all there.

Iguala Mayor Accused of Orchestrating Murder of 43 Missing Students in Mexico

A total of 52 people now have been arrested in this tragic incident.

Breaking: School Shooting At Washington State High School

School officials have reported that there is an emergency situation and that the building has been locked down.

Ebola in NYC: Doctor confirmed, girlfriend quarantined, went bowling, took Subway, UBER ride

| WTF News | The Ebola scare in New York City was confirmed Thursday...

Blackwater Contractors Convicted in Killing of 14 Innocent Iraqi People

However Blackwater founder Erik Prince still walks free.

Officials Want South Florida To Break Away And Become 51st State

Southern Floridians are tired of their concerns not being heard.


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