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High School Principal thinks the Legs of Teen Girls are too Distracting

Female students are planning to protest the decision by continuing to violate the dress code.

Roundup + Agent Orange: Dr. Oz calls out EPA over glyphosate, 2,4-D combo herbicide Enlist Duo

| WTF News | On Monday’s show, the well known Dr. Oz called out the US...

Australian Cops Shoot Man in Leg For Aiming Rifle at them. American Cops Shoot You in the Face.

Let’s make a comparison between the police in Australia and the police in America.

Why the Government Just Paid a Corporate Whistleblower $30 Million While Manning Rots in Prison

Whistleblowers who make the government money are handsomely rewarded, while those that expose the government face prison time.

Dr. Oz: GMOs Can Be Ushering in a Pesticide Arms Race

Dr.Oz makes a very clear stance against the EPA’s pending approval of a NEW, toxic pesticide intended for use on GMO crops…