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Are you consuming the 9 most genetically modified foods?

You care about your health, and you’re also vigilant of the fact that foods that have been genetically modified have been shown to cause allergies, organ failure, and general toxicity…

Dentists Warn About Toothpaste That Contains Plastic Microbeads

Several local news stations from around the U.S. report that dentists are alarmed by blue polyethylene (plastic) microbeads in Crest brand toothpaste that are causing harm to their patients’ teeth and gums.

Millions Of Antibiotic Prescriptions For Kids May Be Unnecessary, Study Finds

Pediatric researchers found that 11 million prescriptions for antibiotics in kids may be unnecessary. But that’s not all – it turns out doctors don’t even know…

E. Ukraine Rebels Merge to Form the United Army of Novorossiya

As the Ukrainian ceasefire seems to be falling apart due to Kiev’s bombing of the East of the country, rebels are forming a new alliance.

Man Kills State Trooper, Corporate Media Calls Him ‘Anti-Government’ Survivalist

Is ‘anti-government’ replacing communism as the media and government’s scapegoat?

Thousands of Pro-Rebel Syrian Refugees Being Sent to American Cities

There are several thousand Syrians in process right now.