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Co-Founder Of Apple Says Edward Snowden Is A Hero

For the co-founder of Apple, Steve Wozniak, the answer is simple.

Retired Police Captain: I Trust #Anonymous More than the Feds

And he has some good reasons to feel that way.

Jewish Activists Arrested for Peacefully Protesting Israeli Military Fundraiser in US

They came to read a Palestinian woman’s statement, but they left in handcuffs.

Ecuador May Become First Country In Western Hemisphere To Legalize All Drugs

Ecuador is on the verge of ending the drug war within its borders. Here’s why that is a good thing:

Why The Guy Who Created the Obama ‘Hope’ Poster has Lost Hope in Politicians

The artist responsible for the iconic Obama ‘Hope’ poster has some interesting thoughts on the president and the state of the country 7 years later.

NSA Forced to Stop Spying on Americans by Monday

The NSA’s bulk data collection of Americans is finally coming to an end after being ruled illegal and Congress’ failure to extend the Patriot Act.

Paedophiles and Politicians: Britain’s Real Lord of the Rings

What do police officers, ‘people from church’ and political figures have in common?

Minister Jailed 30 Days for Performing a Marriage of a Lesbian Couple

When did committing an act of marriage become synonymous with committing an act of crime?

Why it’s OK to Admit if You are Racist

The only way to end racism is to confront it head on. But first we have to understand what it means to be racist.

Artists Around the World Declare War on ISIS

Led by Iran, artists from 40 countries have contributed 800 works of art criticizing ISIS.


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