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Israel Passes Law Allowing Guantanamo Style Force-Feeding Of Palestinian Prisoners

And yet… the Israel Medical Association has said the practice of force-feeding amounts to torture.

Homeless People Plant a Rooftop Organic Garden, Help Feed an Entire Shelter

Here’s a long-term solution to help the hungry and homeless.

Cop Shoots Woman’s Dog, Department Apologizes by Filing Charges Against Her

Witnesses say the cop laughed about killing the dog after shooting it a second time.

3 Things Cecil the Lion Taught us About Humanity

What does the illegal killing of Cecil the Lion and the worldwide outrage over his death teach us about humanity?

18-Month-Old Palestinian Baby Burned to Death in Israeli Terror Attack

Ali Saad Dawabshah—an 18-month-old Palestinian boy—was burned to death in an arson “extremist attack” by Jewish settlers.

Former President Jimmy Carter Says America Has Become an Oligarchy

Former President Jimmy Carter has some strong words about the state of the US’ corrupted political system.

UK Politicians Call for Army to Round Up Migrants and Put them in Camps

Conservative politicians in the UK have called on the Army to round up migrants fleeing war-torn countries and put them into “humane camps.”

FULL UPDATE: Cop Who Killed Samuel DuBose Already Out of Jail

Other officers on the scene of the shooting could be facing charges as well.

Jewish Author Launches Fundraiser to Rebuild Gaza Hospital Bombed by Israel

Author and doctor Norman Finkelstein has recently launched a campaign to raise money for al-Awda hospital in Gaza, which was damaged by Israeli bombings.

Nepal Just Banned the World’s Largest Animal Sacrifice

On Monday, in an act of compassion and progress, Nepal moved to ban the largest animal sacrifice ritual in the world which would see 200,000 animals slain.


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