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Activists Set Up Billboard Near Amazon Asking Company About $600 Million CIA Contract

Concerned Amazon Cloud users want answers, and want the company to promise that they will not share its user’s information with the CIA.

Copwatcher Sues After NYPD Assaults, Strip Searches Him for Filming

“So one grabs one arm and the other grabs the other arm…My face slams against the gate. I felt something snap in my shoulder.”

Officer Gets Drunk And Shoots Another Cop in the Back in Hotel Elevator

These are the kind of people that shouldn’t have badges.

St. Louis Police Department Spends Over $172,000 on Riot Gear Since Ferguson Protests

St. Louis police department has enough toxic gas, pepper spray balls, and tools to induce human suffering to last several more months of protests.

The Search for Cop Killer Eric Frein, aka #FreinGATE, has Turned into Extended Martial Law

Martial Law has descended upon the citizens of north east Pennsylvania, but a prolonged Martial Law we haven’t seen before!

Minnesota Mother Facing Possible Prison and Fine for Treating 15-Year-Old with Cannabis

She was successful treating her son with medical cannabis, but the state apparently doesn’t want him to be healed.

Cop Threatens to ‘Beat the Shit Out of’ Teen for Looking Him in the Eye

The department is now saying the officer will face ‘discipline’.

Do Americans Have Rights During Mandatory Ebola Quarantines?

What rights do you have if put in quarantine?


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