1 Simple Purposeful Practice Women Could Utilize to NEVER Feel Unworthy Again

Op-Ed by Lavonne Mireles-Clardy
April 4, 2015

Pondering this existence for generations has resulted in the collective notion that we are but mirrors. We reflect images upon one another regarding subjective notions, our particular thoughts, and feelings. If one really ponders, we realize that the encounters we have with others are merely subconscious self-imposed “life school” lessons. Pretty AMAZING, right!??

Further understandings of our specific biology present ideas that we are collectively creating this reality. When we become aware of the notion that life could possibly be happening for us, instead of to us, our reality may alter; more lovely the perception of our existence.

On a cellular level, our bodies utilize light and vibrations to communicate, not only all vital functions, but all information perceived via outside interactions. For example, any time you have an experience, it causes an emotion. This emotion causes a chemical reaction in your body. Your cells process these chemical reactions only when there is a dictation from the mind. In other words, when you are ready to feel it, you can heal it.

Your brain is a super computer, simultaneously delegating vital functions and deciphering tasks. Your cells actually hear this message via light and vibration; cells are essentially tiny holographs. If we apply this new understanding of cellular function to Nikola Tesla’s universal key, “If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration.” and Einstiens’ equation, E=MC2, in conjuncture with the principles of Metaphysics, we could learn to heal ourselves and each other on a quantum level.

Yoni Eggs, which is an ancient practice typically only shared with royalty or the concubines that served the royals, is beyond interesting regarding its concept of energy utilization. Applications of Yoni Eggs has the ability to help wombmen to reconnect to her self, via intention, and utilization of this healing practice; it has the capability to be beyond beneficial on a global scale. If wombmen healed herself and felt divine in her being as creator and life supporter she would be a force in her inherent role as community care giver. Ladies know exactly where I am speaking from, which is my heart space, because you feel this same notion within yours. I wish to empower you with this knowledge and I hope it changes your perception, and, perhaps, it can even alter your world.

You have a choice, you can do nothing with the information you have been presented or you can apply it to your daily life with the following simple practice of gratitude and honor towards your fellow wombman.

You will notice her, she will be walking around less vibrant than she is intended and she will need a reminder of her importance and you can validate her and empower her with your intentions and vibrations.

You approach this womban, and you say “Hello Gorgeous, My name is _____, I noticed how lovely you are and I wanted to tell you that I honor the divine feminine energy within you and I see you,” AND then, you kiss her hand.

Then you tell her, “I am on a mission to change the world, will you join me in sharing this message of love?” Then you share with her, what you have learned above.

“As Above, So Below”

Here is a picture of the first Divine Feminine Energy that I honored


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