282 Mexican Police Arrested After Killing 2 Protesting Students, 58 Students Still Missing

Cassius Methyl (TheAntiMedia)
September 30, 2014

mexican-policeIn the deeply troubled southwestern Mexican state of Guerro, students from rural areas began to protest discriminatory university practices. Image credit

The other motives for the protest are currently unclear, but the end result of this was: 58 missing students, 2 students shot and killed by police, 282 cops under arrest in the first wave of arrest, and 22 officers remaining under arrest for suspicion of attempted murder for shooting at the students.

Yes, you read that correctly. Can you even comprehend how large of a massacre this could have been if all of the students were never found? Imagine if American police killed two protestors – and suddenly 58 other protesting young students were missing. That would cause massive unrest! Far worse than Ferguson. This is a hugely tragic event.

Students from the University of Ayotzinapa are searching for the missing students, saying that the military may have them in custody. No government or military officials have confirmed this.

The violence started when protesting students seized passenger buses, and Iguala Municipal Police chased them, shot at them, and killed two of them. The protestors were unarmed and non-violent.

Teachers in this extremely violent and poor southwestern state of Mexico often protest. Opposition to reforms that don’t benefit them has reached a violent tipping point, instigated by the viral load of their corrupt police state.

Unknown gunmen also killed 4 people around the same time, shooting up a bus full of soccer players and a taxi.

The entire police force of this city was disarmed, 282 were momentarily arrested, and 22 remain in custody possibly to be charged with attempted murder and/or other crimes.

Could this be the ‘Ferguson’ of Mexico?

In memory of in memory of these 2 deceased young activists, please share this with as many people as possible and also to show just how bad a police state can get. This is simply incomprehensible to most people, and it will surely be a tragedy that will stick out in history if the missing students turn up dead or are never found.

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