39th Banker Dead in 13 Months, Third this Year

January 29, 2015   |   admintam

Shepard Ambellas
January 27, 2015

(INTELLIHUB) OVERVEEN, Netherlands — ABN Amro banker Chris Van Eeghen allegedly committed suicide in is home Monday, marking the fourth Amro banker to die in 4-years, and the 39th banker to die in the last 13 months, in an unusual string of deaths.


ABN Amro banker Chris Van Eeghen

Neighbors and colleagues of Van Eeghen describe him as an extremely nice guy, pointing out how they were shocked by his death.

Van Eeghen previously attended the University of Buckingham, studied law and was also a football player.

He was considered a professional banker with a good reputation.

Although some can’t beleive Van Eeghen committed suicide, it’s worthy to point out that his Facebook page was recently changed to read “former” head of syndicate, ABN Amro Corporate Finance & Capital Markets, as reported by Quote 500.

Van Eeghen’s girlfriend wrote in an email, “We were like boys in dealings among themselves, talking about women, the world. That was perhaps also the friendship I had with him, my courage and freedom versus his humor. To accept his death I assume that Chris wanted freedom, this was the way to take his freedom. He was always thinking of others. He kept neatly in earthly life.”

Van Eeghen had a son from a prior relationship, but lived alone, according to reports.

In 2014 Jan-Peter Schmittman and in 2009 Fentener Vlissingen scion Huibert Boumeester both also committed suicide, both were ABN Amro employees.

This article originally appeared on intellihub.com and was used with permission. Author Shepard Ambellas is the founder, editor-in-chief of Intellihub News and the maker of SHADE the Motion Picture.

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  3. Sounds "Death Noteish" so dont worry ppl, this is probably just Kira trying to make the world a better place :P. started with murderers, now off with the bankers. good thinking Yagami xD

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  4. iv read that the companies get insurance. huge payouts when workers die.. bc they are assets to the company, an their deaths are huge "losses to their corporation" millions of dollars are paid to them in the way of lost profits in the years to come… look it up. they get more than the families of the deceased got.. way more

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  5. there's no THE, how to remove the THE?

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  6. Wonder if they found 9 or 10 self inflicted nails in his head like one of the other Chase suicides. Follow the money and there in the power lies.

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  7. I saw a documentary on that – many corporations in the US have this insurance on their employees and get bigger payouts then their families if something happens, it's disgusting.

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  8. There have been over 76 bankers killed or who have died over the past few years..

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  9. I need to look at this link, need some good news for a change..

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  10. Lindsay Corson – You are 100% correct! I know because I had to agree to a policy that went directly to the bank while working there, should I become DOA!

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  12. Anybody care to share the name of that documentary so we can all watch it..

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  13. Lea McNalley That should be illegal.

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  14. Paul Rusin I agree with you, but maybe you should tell James Smith why you say that Darwin's evolutionary theory hasn't been proven.

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  15. More evidence for evolution than a god who can't get his disciples stories straight

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