5 Stories the Media Missed While Obsessing over the #StarbucksRedCup

November 11, 2015   |   Claire Bernish

Claire Bernish
November 11, 2015

(ANTIMEDIA) U.S. Inc. — When billionaire presidential hopeful Donald Trump inexplicably decided this week that boycotting Starbucks over the ‘de-Christmas-ization’ of their ubiquitous red holiday coffee cup was somehow a matter of national importance, the internet exploded — and American mainstream media fanned the flames.

People from every conceivable walk of life suddenly found themselves with a reason to rise up against the establishment coffee chain and scream in indignation about this newly-neutral — and cheerlessly Grinch-ified — affront to humanity. As if this inane insanity over an innocuous paper cup weren’t an embarrassing enough commentary on the U.S.’ populace’ lack of priorities — by Wednesday morning, the corporatocracy ever-so nobly answered the outrage: Dunkin’ Donuts unveiled its decidedly cheerful, appropriately Christmas-ized version of its holiday cup.

Yes, indeed. Starbucks’ apparent war on Christmas has now fully morphed into a de facto corporate Battle of the Paper Cups. People immediately responded by declaring their undying allegiance to either Team Grinch or Team Santa, conveniently ignoring the fact that these mega-corporations just figured out their most lucrative holiday marketing strategies — weeks before Thanksgiving even crossed people’s minds.

But the passion these warring coffee cup factions have managed to muster is indisputably misplaced, especially considering the bevy of pertinent issues that directly affect us all and are inherently more deserving of outrage. Though the month isn’t yet halfway behind us, there are already myriad concerns in need of your immediate attention — and none have anything whatsoever to do with a commercialized holiday that’s still well over a month away.

Here are five things exponentially more deserving of your indignation than a paper cup — no matter its design (or lack thereof):

1. The Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP)

Perhaps nothing encapsulates the sickening intrusion of crony-capitalism into our personal affairs more than the insidious, notorious TPP, which was dubbed the corporate power-grab of the century, even before the full text was released this week by the White House. At stake with this trade pact between the U.S. and 11 other countries is an economic coup that will drive 40% of the world’s GDP — at the expense of civilians worldwide.

First, the White House arbitrarily bumped Malaysia — a country that notoriously turns a blind eye to human slavery and sex trafficking, even of young children — from a Tier 3 worst violator of human rights to Tier 2, all in order to ensure its strategically important membership in the TPP. Then, President Obama signed Fast Track into law, literally eliminating the possibility Congress could amend or change anything in the enormous piece of legislation by forcing a simple up or down vote when the laughably-monikered free trade deal reaches the floor for a vote.

After years of tight-lipped negotiations by the 12 nations, during which time congressmen were denied access to the text unless they literally sat alone in a basement room where even note-taking was strictly forbidden, the full, complete text released this week rather astonishingly confirmed and amplified our worst fears. In fact, as Evan Greer of Fight For the Future (FFTF) warned, “If U.S. Congress signs this agreement despite its blatant corruption, they’ll be signing a death warrant for the open internet and putting the future of free speech in peril.”

And that’s only one section of this multi-thousand-page monstrosity. We suggest everyone who is able form study groups and tackle each section to get a firm grasp on this peril, which now seems destined for our collective future. Organized by category, the full text may be viewed via the Office of the U.S. Trade Representative here.

2. The Syrian Imbroglio

After repeatedly, even exhaustively, insisting he would not do so, President Obama recently announced the deployment of ground forces into Syria — and then magnified that hypocrisy by announcing the U.S. would increase air strikes in the war-weary nation. This military buildup, which is incidentally also slated for Iraq, had first been proffered as necessary to assist the ongoing international fight against the Islamic State in the region. But in order to do so, Obama admitted that buildup would function to “ensure that weapons and other supplies are delivered to the moderate forces whom the United States supports,” as an unnamed and unverified official told Reuters. Additionally, a report quietly confirmed Syrian rebel groups had employed chemical weapons in the region, though who, exactly, those rebel groups were and whether or not they are fighting at the behest of the U.S. remains unknown — or unstated.

U.S. State Dept. veteran and Middle East policy critic, Peter Van Buren, pointed to a similar mission and announcement in August 2014 concerning Iraq, touted as a brief, ostensibly humanitarian effort that was widely “believed” — though, as it turned out, that “was a lie.” Concerning the deployment to Syria, he advised we are “being told by that same president that Americans will again fight on the ground . . . in Syria, and that Americans have and will die. He says that this is necessary to protect us, because if we do not defeat the Islamic State over there, they will come here, to what we now call without shame or irony The Homeland.”

Though the official announcement claims only 50 combat troops will be deployed, there may still be time to voice opposition to further involvement by contacting your congressmen.

3. The United States Shot at Victims Fleeing a Médecins Sans Frontières Hospital Bombing in Kunduz, Afghanistan

Despite mass media’s proclivity for accepting spoon-fed propaganda from anonymous government officials, as evidenced in its insistence immediately following the tragic bombing of the hospital that it had, indeed, been accidental, MSF (Doctors Without Borders) recently released a tellingly contrary report based on eyewitness accounts of the October incident. With descriptions of a plane shooting at victims, as well as the immediate aftermath of the bombing so plainly stated they brought tears to our eyes here at Anti-Media, the MSF report — which summarizes preliminary conclusions of an investigation into possible war crimes — justifiably pleaded for “a clear commitment that the act of providing medical care will never make us a target.”

No organization so unwaveringly committed to providing medical attention to any person who needs it, irrespective of national or group loyalty, should ever find itself in a position of needing to pose that question — much less live through the reality of what can now clearly be called a targeted strike. After the Pentagon repeatedly switched its official story in the days following the bombing — making apparent its need to figure out which story would best be believed by an apathetic populace — the report made clear the scope of the war crime committed in the bombing.

“We need to know whether the rules of war still apply,” stated the report. It’s an increasingly pertinent question whose answer seems shamefully obvious, especially when it was reported a U.S. ally somehow managed to accidentally bomb a second MSF facility in Yemen.

4. Bulk Metadata Collection by the NSA Officially Halted

On Monday, Washington, D.C. District Court Judge Richard Leon nailed the coffin shut on the NSA’s bulk data collection, and did so in a most eloquent smackdown that thoroughly derided the agency’s hollow claims it needs the program to continue the dubious fight against terrorism. Edward Snowden, who blew the lid off the secret, insidious practice two years ago, immediately took to Twitter to voice his approval to millions of fans. He even highlighted passages of note taken directly from the ruling.

“This court simply cannot, and will not, allow the government to trump the Constitution merely because it suits the exigencies of the moment,” Leon stated in his Opinion. “Moved by whatever momentary evil has aroused their fears, officials — perhaps even supported by a majority of citizens — may be tempted to conduct searches that sacrifice the liberty of each citizen to assuage the perceived evil […] To be sure, the very purpose of the Fourth Amendment would be undermined were this court to defer to Congress’s determination that individual liberty should be sacrificed to better combat today’s evil.”

*Drops mic*

5. Two Police Officers Shot a Six-Year-Old Autistic Boy 5 Times, Killing Him — On Purpose

“It is the most disturbing thing I’ve seen,” Louisiana State Police Superintendent Col. Mike Edmondson flatly said about officers’ body camera footage at a press conference announcing the arrest of two cops involved in the shooting. Questions mounted after 6-year-old Jeremy Mardis and his father, Christopher Few, were inexplicably pursued and shot (18 rounds pierced the driver’s side door) by four officers.

After the two arrests, a rumored personal vendetta was confirmed with the revelation one of the officers involved had been relentlessly stalking Few’s fiancée. A second rumor that Few had his hands in the air at the time he and his son were shot was also confirmed. The pair of officers is currently being held on $1 million bond and have both been charged with second-degree and attempted second-degree murder.

Now hurry up and get back to that battle over disposable coffee cups.

This article (5 Stories the Media Missed While Obsessing over the #StarbucksRedCup) is free and open source. You have permission to republish this article under a Creative Commons license with attribution to Claire Bernish and theAntiMedia.org. Anti-Media Radio airs weeknights at 11pm Eastern/8pm Pacific. If you spot a typo, email edits@theantimedia.org.

Author: Claire Bernish

Claire Bernish joined Anti-Media as an independent journalist in May of 2015. Her topics of interest include thwarting war propaganda through education, the refugee crisis & related issues, 1st Amendment concerns, ending police brutality, and general government & corporate accountability. Born in North Carolina, she now lives in Cincinnati, Ohio.

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  1. Amazing, amazing article — the casting it in contrast to BS "news," the biting wit of the writing, and the stark and clear communication of the core elements of each issue… Claire Bernish, kudos. This is remarkable work.

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  2. I knew I could count on you guys for a story like this! I actually set about writing a (albiet considerably less journalistic) run-down of 10 things we were distracted from. So thank you for covering these stories. I used the stories you found for the Bruce Jenner media psyops to make a meme that was my most successful yet so thank you for that one also! Here's what I've come up with on what has been going on during the red cup fiasco. http://bit.ly/1OFTxFZ

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  4. Donald Trump did not start this issue. It was a controversy in the national news before he commented on it. I'm not a Trump fan, but this article is wrong.

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  8. It starts with a cup.. And ends up with other religion rights taking over our nation.. That's the real point in this… After all they are all religion matters and should all be stopped…

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  9. Everybody knows that the news media is just another arm of the EXEXCUTIVE BRANCH OF THE GOVERNMENT.

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  10. Weird. I learned about all of those stories through the media and not a ridiculous website like this.

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  11. As a former member of the local media in my home state of Texas …bite me…These days what gets readers gets ink or pixels or airwaves….All these stories were covered on yes the mainstream media ..and people yawned… Local media which normally covers diverse news and viewpoints …is dying or even where it isnt it is far less important than it once was….and the idea that the media is controlled by the government is retarded …… . Corporations and local companies whose advertising dollars are a primary source of revenue ..are far more culpable …..I promise you Roger Ailes has done more to bring media down in the dirst than any chief executive has ever done. People in this country allowed media, monopolies it allowed local papers and radio and TV to struggle and sometimes die…The paper I worked for is down to two days a week …yen years ago when I left we published 7 days a week covered crime and courts and local politics features and wrote stories about Internet Predators, a gay man filing for custody of his nephews ( yeah that was mine) murders, prisoner abuse…local government funding ..Man we punched over above our weight for five years ..despite going through five editors in the same period….we won some awards and now my poor Orange Leader is run from our sister paper in Port Arthur. Dont get me wrong I know some of the guys at The News and they are good professional newwsmen …but it pisses me off that "The media" writ large is constantly being blamed for things that occur only at teh alrger level and mostly because of things beyond

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  12. No surprise there, Cameron owns the media so he'll use anything to divert the audience's attention to less important stuff but with the same level of outrage, even if it means creating a shit-stir over a red paper cup that would normally not be outrageous but put on a few sour faces on the news panel and locate some haters and you've just created news.

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  14. Simple solution. How about taking your own cup and saving paper? Decorate it however you want.

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  15. OK Im on team Santa ! I will name my first son Nicholas in memory to our great Saint Nicholas .So that makes me team leader any elves that want to go caroling on the door step of the grinchster

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  16. Dont know what "media" theyre talking about but i read all these stories from posts on FB! But soscribe to a wide variety of sites so maybe they should define their idea of media.

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  17. Yes but if people keep putting the word out, some might be encouraged to check out alternative news, probably curbing some of the mass mind control

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  18. may 20-2015, israeli war plane with saudi markings drops neutron bomb on yemen, too much cross verifying triangulation to deny this, topped off by former IAEA inspector explaining the minutia that made the blast a nuke and not a moab! see for yourselves, then discuss it over coffee in an anti christmas cup


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  19. We are fed pablum and disinformation,do you think most of the PTB, really care about thou?

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  21. It blew up with his comment; and the timing of his comment was more in line with ignoring other breaking news. He was a convenient tool of the moment for news outlets looking to keep up media coverage of inane things.

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