65 Year-Old Cancer Patient Takes Magic Mushrooms, Her Life Changes Forever

November 14, 2014   |   Cassius Methyl

November 13, 2014
Cassius Methyl

(TheAntiMedia) In August, a 65 year-old woman named Estalyn Walcoff had a life changing experience with Psilocin, the active chemical in psychedelic mushrooms, or ‘shrooms’, the Psilocybe Family of mushrooms. Estalyn volunteered to participate in a study of how psilocybin (which turns to Psilocin in the liver) affects the brain in cancer patients with anxiety and depression.

She had severe anxiety from her diagnosis with an unspecified aggressive form of cancer five years ago until her experience with this drug changed her forever, successfully easing her anxiety about cancer.

Estalyn took a seat in a comfortable room, and she was handed a pill by a few researchers. Without knowing whether or not it was a placebo, she took it, and within an hour she started to trip.

Watch her story below

Initially, she felt feelings of intense anxiety and panic. She said

“I experienced great anxiety[…]I experienced it as physical pain and then I began to see that it was actually a level of my mind. And underneath that I began to feel great emotional pain.”

She ended up crying for hours, until a feeling of unprecedented clarity and positivity was left in the wake of the pain.

“The worst pain and the worst fear and the worst anxiety turned into something that has opened, which is the most precious thing I’ve ever known,” she continued to say. “And to think I wouldn’t have known it — oh my gosh I can’t believe I wouldn’t have known it. It was a sense, I wish I could put it into words, but a sense of connectedness that runs through all of us.”

The way psilocybin (psilocin) works, is that it enables a person to make new mental passageways in the brain, and dig deep into the tunnels of the mind for better or for worse.

A person would find the best results with Psilocin exercising the mental strength to handle the ‘tunnels’ they dive down while on shrooms, but even the unprepared are usually left with that clarity at the end of a trip. A person using Psilocin must utilize the ability to connect rarely used parts of the mind for the creation of beneficial thought processes, to have success with it. The construction of beneficial thought processes that are remembered and utilized after tripping, is a major benefit of taking them.

As many of you reading this probably know by now, psilocybin mushrooms can also cause people to do such things as cry for hours, or suddenly start thinking about previously bottled up emotions for long periods of time. This is a common occurrence.

Past trauma and suppressed problems that were never fully solved in the mind or recognized often surface on these mushrooms, and after a person does something like cry for hours or spend their mushroom trip uncontrollably revisiting the bottled up emotions/trauma, the emotions or trauma cease to exist because the individual finally dealt with it.

When your subconscious has to tolerate bottling up things instead of thinking them through and painstakingly untangling the subconscious, you end up jumbled, anxious, experiencing symptoms of a tangled subconscious.

The same feeling of a tangled subconscious can come from having incomplete thoughts, forgetting what you are saying or what you needed to do ect. These mushrooms can untangle your subconscious even if you are initially scared as you trip.

A report was released on October 28th that was covered all throughout the independent and corporate media, showing a chart of brain activity on psilocin. The chart can be viewed below. It quite perfectly illustrates the beneficial function of psilocybin (psilocin) in helping to create new mental pathways.

shrooms brain networks

Paul Expert, researcher at Kings College London Center for Neuroimaging Sciences and author of the study mentioned above, had this to say:

“One of the characteristics of the depressed brain is that it gets stuck in a loop, you get locked into repetitive and negative thoughts,”


“The idea is that using psilocybin might help break the loop and change the patterns of functional connectivity in the brain.”

So why are people still being locked in cages for using psilocybin mushrooms? Because the government does not care if shrooms are dangerous or not, and they do not care for morality.

Please share this with as many people as possible, for the sake of all the people currently rotting behind bars for using, growing, or selling this amazing product of nature.

This article is free and open source. You have permission to republish this article under a Creative Commons License with attribution to Cassius Methyl and TheAntiMedia.org. Follow us on Facebook and Twitter to receive our latest articles. Image credit: Patrick H. Murphy/Wikipedia.org

Author: Cassius Methyl

Cassius Methyl joined Anti-Media as an independent journalist in March of 2014. His topics of interest include thinking, creating a future, deep spirituality, and astrology. He resides in Sacramento, California.

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  2. Seems to have the same effect and results as Ayahasca or DMT [The Spirit Molecule], very interesting on a scientific basis. I look forward to when the drug stigma is removed from plant therapy. For example, in 1974 the government knew marjiuana cured cancer, but failed to research and use it, to keep from legalizing it, because they made more money for it on the black market. In my mind I hold them responsible for any cancer death where CBD or THC could have been used to ease their pain and even perhaps save their lives. That's a pitiful thought, many could have been saved. This is corruption in its finest form.

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  3. I agree Michael but we have one thing on them that cannot be stopped now; more and more people are becoming aware we have been lied to, not just us but generations of us. We now have doctors and many others with undisputed information that has resulted in a new awareness of what the hell is going on and people like you and me want answers and we do not plan on going anywhere any time soon. We, the people not only hold the power, we are the power, not the ones who we elected to lead us……

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  4. Marijuana does not cure cancer. Eases the pain and helps stimulate an appetite.

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  5. Chase Anthony Do some more research

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  6. Interesting article, but the accompanying photo of mushrooms are not the 'magic mushrooms' .. This could be very dangerous.. It is an extremely irresponsible thing to do to post this picture..

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  7. hahaha. They are magic mushrooms. You know there are MANY varieties?

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  8. Meditation will give them same release or rather feeling of how we're all connected not like what we're taught in school,religions of being disconnected

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  9. smoking cannabis doesn't cure cancer… pure THC oil injected directly into the cancer or taken as part of a diet does. Proven fact.

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  10. Chase Anthony I agree. It does not CURE anything. Anyone saying it does not have ANY scientific evidence. What marijuana does is reduce stress and let the body help cure itself (in some cases). Here's the proof. If marijuana was the 'cure all' of everything, we'd ALL have a pack of marijuana strapped to our waists. I use marijuana almost nightly for pain relief. Does it work? Yes, for me. Does it cure anything, no.

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  11. Drugs are bad yes? Right? Please explain this the… other than all the medical proof that shows many natural drugs are in fact better at curing ,treating many illnesses you also the have the other fact that many of the worlds most influencial and intelligent people were indeed drug 'abusers'. You can even add Professor Brian Cox to that list too.

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  12. By which, Dylan James Fahey, i assume you mean you smoke it? Smoking it actually destroys the helpful part of the THC… it needs to be in your diet or the oil injected directly. To say "I use marijuana almost nightly" is very blasé… how do you use it exactly?

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  13. Anthony Wyithe I'm not going to argue or justify myself to a moron. GOOD DAY IDIOT.

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  14. mounting evidence, growing all the time… show that the cannabinoids found in the THC help to slow the rate of growth of many cancers and like you said they help to reduce pain, fatigue and other side effects. As opposed to getting Pharma backed treatment which often kills healthy cells, poisons your body and in some cases can actually kill you! Yeah, I can see why I'm a moron… keep smoking your pot Dylan and keep wondering why you aren't getting any better. I have done plenty of research on this, non first hand because I don't own millions of pounds to produce a lab to conduct the tests but I have read many personal testimonies as well as the use of high dose vitamin C. Lay off smoking the weed Dylan, it isn't helping your mental state as you clearly can't hold a debate. Sad really

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  15. Does not cure cancer.

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  16. The actual problem is that the government cares too MUCH about morality. The reality of the situation is neither here nor there to these dicks, they are men of PRINCIPLE!

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  17. The actual problem is that the government cares too MUCH about morality. The reality of the situation is neither here nor there to these dicks, they are men of PRINCIPLE!

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  18. Magic Mushrooms, Psylocybin, grow abundantly in certain areas in the british isles in autumn. They are not illegal, unless they are 'altered' meaning if you make tea, or cook, or dry them out. Going to the right place at the right time and picking them and consuming them is not a criminal offence, even if you remove them from where you found them, just as long as you don't alter their natural state.
    So you can literally take them home and have a Damn good time, and so much more if you just eat them as they are, even in your own home. But once you alter their natural state you are in possession of a class A narcotic substance according to governmental laws.

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