About Anti-Media

Why are we called Anti-Media if we are the media? The “Anti” in our name does not mean we are against the media, we are simply against the current mainstream paradigm. The current media, influenced by the industrial complex, is a top-down authoritarian system of distribution—the opposite of what Anti-Media aims to be.

Let’s gain some perspective. Mainstream media is 90% owned by six very large corporations. These very corporations possess power over a number of businesses in a plethora of industries. Suspiciously enough, these industries range from the production of food, energy, and drugs and extend to prisons, police, and military contracting.

Would it be safe to assume that the power of the media is correlated to the state’s authority? The current media could be to blame for America’s internal and external (and not to mention unnecessary) conflicts and wars. The media doesn’t need this infamy.

At Anti-Media, we want to offer a new paradigm—a bottom-up approach for real and diverse reporting. We seek to establish a space where the people are the journalists and a venue where independent journalism moves forward on a larger and more truthful scale. All the while, this effort is driven and controlled by a community of journalists and truth-seekers around the world.

For the first three years, we’ve had enough trial-and-error to know that we’re bound to make mistakes again. Just as we learn from our shortcomings, we also value our progress. We know we’ll be forced to generate new goals as we accomplish the ones already at hand.

One of our first successes is getting your attention because now we get to inform you. You get to learn about the corruption of the state, how the media has been used against us, and the violent attacks on our rights by those claiming to represent us. We’re not done waking people up, but with your help, we trust we can get there faster.

Not only do we have the task to raise awareness, but we now have the responsibility to help answer this: what do we do to fix this? At the beginning of this year, we committed to proposing solutions. Although we’re a long way from being able to say we’ve accomplished this, we give you our oath to make an effort.

We always encourage our audience to reach out to us. We ask for suggestions, comments, questions, criticism, and love. We do our best to respond to as many people who make the effort to contact us—even those who may not have nice things to say. (It’s okay, though. Most of the time, people just need to vent. Be our guest.) Visit our Contact Us page to find out how to reach us.

What started as a single Facebook post at the end of May in 2012 suggesting you refuse to vote for either of the establishment presidential candidates has now become a network of devoted, caring, and intelligent individuals with the simple goal of educating our peers. This is a space created for the people, by the people.

As it should be.