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Why are we called Anti-Media if we are the media? The “Anti” in our name does not mean we are against the media, we are simply against the current mainstream paradigm. The current media, influenced by the industrial complex, is a top-down authoritarian system of distribution—the opposite of what Anti-Media aims to be.

Let’s gain some perspective. Mainstream media is 90% owned by six very large corporations. These very corporations possess power over a number of businesses in a plethora of industries. Suspiciously enough, these industries range from the production of food, energy, and drugs and extend to prisons, police, and military contracting.

Would it be safe to assume that the power of the media is correlated to the state’s authority? The current media could be to blame for America’s internal and external (and not to mention unnecessary) conflicts and wars. The media doesn’t need this infamy.

At Anti-Media, we want to offer a new paradigm—a bottom-up approach for real and diverse reporting. We seek to establish a space where the people are the journalists and a venue where independent journalism moves forward on a larger and more truthful scale. All the while, this effort is driven and controlled by a community of journalists and truth-seekers around the world.

For the first three years, we’ve had enough trial-and-error to know that we’re bound to make mistakes again. Just as we learn from our shortcomings, we also value our progress. We know we’ll be forced to generate new goals as we accomplish the ones already at hand.

One of our first successes is getting your attention because now we get to inform you. You get to learn about the corruption of the state, how the media has been used against us, and the violent attacks on our rights by those claiming to represent us. We’re not done waking people up, but with your help, we trust we can get there faster.

Not only do we have the task to raise awareness, but we now have the responsibility to help answer this: what do we do to fix this? At the beginning of this year, we committed to proposing solutions. Although we’re a long way from being able to say we’ve accomplished this, we give you our oath to make an effort.

We always encourage our audience to reach out to us. We ask for suggestions, comments, questions, criticism, and love. We do our best to respond to as many people who make the effort to contact us—even those who may not have nice things to say. (It’s okay, though. Most of the time, people just need to vent. Be our guest.) Visit our Contact Us page to find out how to reach us.

What started as a single Facebook post at the end of May in 2012 suggesting you refuse to vote for either of the establishment presidential candidates has now become a network of devoted, caring, and intelligent individuals with the simple goal of educating our peers. This is a space created for the people, by the people.

As it should be.


  1. Eisenhower warned us about "The Military Industrial Complex"; and Jim Kramer labeled D.C. as "being of, by & for the Corporations"….may of whom I've worked for in the past! Things work well when Control & Accountability are aligned….not so when these big outfits are "in Control" and "We, the People" are Accountable to pay their bonuses, take care of their employee's healthcare & training costs—in effect underwrite "care and feeding of their Livestock"?

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  2. I was looking at your story "Special Ops Military Contractors Now Being Deployed to Ferguson" on The Anti-Media on a mobile device today.

    There was an ad for Brawny paper towels there, I think in conjunction with the Wounded Warrior Project.

    Brawny is owned by Georgia-Pacific, which is owned by the Koch Brothers.

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  3. Would one of you folk please contact me regarding the AltMedia celebration we are doing at Zuccotti Park on S-17. The 90-minute workshop is to honor and celebrate alternative press and will feature “How-To” tutorials and to expand the conversation on the demise of MSM and the rise of AltMedia. jerryashton1@gmail.com

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  4. Though I have read but one article the following I quote from your comment at the end betrays your claims as a falsehood, ""Vladimir Putin commented on the incident for whatever upfront or hidden motive, saying “We hoped that Andrey would return to his family and friends but bitter news dashed all these hopes. He performed his professional and human duty to the last. [He] did everything so that people, the whole world learned the truth about the tragic events that are happening in Donetsk,”" Why was this comment needed except to try to vilify Vladimir Putin?

    It seems to me your claims of impartiality are a hoax.

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  5. You call yourself "opposite of the current mainstream media paradigm" but what is in there is big PROPAGANDA ! Sorry!

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  6. your "Anti-media" could use some serious proof-reading and editing for factual correction, spelling and grammar usage, and general coherence.

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  7. Just reading the headline of this very bias and one sided story of the police officer that killed a man in Gretna proves to me that you are no different than any other news network! You see, you would have to have both sides of the story, or not be opinionated in your reporting to be different than the rest. To read this story of how the police Sgt. walked in and murdered a man is very anti-law enforcement to say the least. Why not say, family members state that the officer did this, but we have not interviewed law enforcement as of yet. Or not say the officer is "on vacation" after the shooting? These little things shows your bias against law enforcement. Nope, all hype, you're nothing special.

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  8. I'm not arguing that these errors exist, but you should consider for a second the implication. I was, like you, initially peaved by the lack of professionalism in the reporting, but I was interested enough in the information to dismiss it. I like the fact that I know I am getting a point of view on a situation FROM A REAL PERSON, rather than a corporate entity. The errors in the reporting are just prof that you're getting THE REAL STORY.

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  9. John Scharnhorst The errors in the reporting are just the proof that you have very low standards, and cannot be bothered to raise them.

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  10. So basically, what you are saying is, you don't care that it is fake, because it is interesting? Ok

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  11. John Scharnhorst John, you began by presenting your point of view and presenting it very well. Your opinions are just as valid as anyone else's. You do not deserve to be insulted or mocked because of your opinion regarding the spelling and grammatical errors on this site.

    Just because your presented your viewpoint well and your opinions are valid doesn't mean anyone else is compelled to agree with you, others have just as much right as you do to hold opinions and speak their minds. It would be nice if they could do so without being rude or insulting as Carol Whalen is in her reply to your comment. Yes, she comes off as a complete bitch, and when you replied by saying "fuck you" and then derailing the subject of your difference of opinion with her by making unking remarks about her physical appearance, you accomplished thee things:

    1. You sunk to her level and lower, and in doing so you irrevocalby lost any chance you may have had at persuading other readers to perhaps give theantimedia.org a chance even though there are obvious problems in their editing process.
    2. You have proven Ms. Whalen's assessment of your standards and your lack of motivation to better them (or yourself) correct.
    3. You have outed yourself as a hateful misogynist and an idiot who is incapable of competently arguing his point in a way that is civil, adult or anywhere near intelligent.

    Get it together. If I looked, I could probably find something less than attractive about your appearance. I could insult you with obscenities and crude remarks about your parents and all that as well. I'm not going to do that because those things have nothing to do with the subject at hand. Also, I am a better person than that.

    Now, regarding theanitmedia.org:

    If a writer can't be bothered to learn the proper use of aphostrophes, how well could they have checked their facts? If a website can't be bothered to pay someone to edit their content before they publish it for billions worldwide to see, how much can they really care about the veracity and quality of the information they present?

    The articles at theantimedia.org may be very interesting, the few I have read thus far certianly have potential to at least be thought-provoking. However, the spelling and grammatical errors subtract significantly from the experience. These errors give the information presented the feel of something taken from a deranged mountain man's manifesto, authored by an individual who has as best an 8th grade education in a cabin deep in the wilderness that is stocked with twice as much ammunition as food.

    It does not take either much time or effort to proofread an article and correct the most obvious errors. No computer made since ever comes without some form of spell check and there are only at least thousands of websites dedicated to helping the average person write essays, articles, book reports and even novels. I honestlhy do not see how it could possibly be any easier for a writer or for those who manage websites to present content that is at least mostly free of spelling and grammatical errors, the only possible explanation is laziness on the part of both of them.

    Fact checking is a different animal. It takes significantly more time and effort, as well as objectivity and intelligence, to fact-check the information used in an article, especially the type of articles which make up the vast majority of the material presented by theantimedia.org. An article is a waste of time and no real source of useful information if the facts contained within it are not diligently checked by the author and verifiable by the reader.

    So, again, how is it possible NOT to question the legitimacy of the oftentimes controversial and sometimes even incredible and hard-to-believe information presented by a website via articles that are full of obvious and GLARING spelling and grammatical errors? Not being one of the "sheeple" involves A LOT of thinking for yourself and even more QUESTIONING people who try to sell you on their version of How Things Are, What is Evil and What is Good, etc. Since very few peoople or organizations will ever respond in helpful ways to questions such as "Why should I trust what you're telling me?" then it falls to the individual to find out about the "truth" others try to sell them on their own.

    There is no time for fuck yous and fat jokes for one genuinely engaged in a search for genuine answers.

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  12. Frank Ncmf Rizzo Genius logic: poor spelling or grammar = untrue. Frank, I have recommendation for you: Philosophy 101, Logic and Critical Thinking. Fucking imbecile….

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  13. John Scharnhorst, YOU ARE THE FUCKING IMBECILE.

    The articles are not fake because of some grammatical errors. They are fake because they aren't real. They didn't happen. They made them up. You can check the sources they provide, and see for yourself. Not just this specific post. Most of there stories are PROVEN TO BE FALSE. They have been debunked. You are just stupid. You shouldjust kill yourself.

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  14. John Scharnhorst : *Peeved.

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  15. I'm going to make wild guess here that your "community of journalists and truth seeks (seekers?) around the world" get most, if not all, of their "facts" from other media sources and little (if any) from first hand accounts.

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  16. To have put up a picture of Hillary and Bush suggesting that they are equivalent is to misrepresent the truth…. and the implication is that a 3rd party candidate is essential…. the past is prologue, all 3rd party candidates have done is fuck up elections – for example Nader cost Gore the 2000 election. And Nader is a narcissistic asshole who has never done anything that has benefited America – he is only concerned with raising money for his own self absorbed crap — so this is the "Green Party" Guy: http://www.washingtontimes.com/…/ralph-nader-dubs-...
    The Washington Times
    Oct 29, 2014 – Ralph Nader, a former Green Party and Independent Party presidential candidate who frequently serves as a loud critic of federal safety …Ralph Nader dubs Hillary Clinton 'a menace to the United …" The times is a gop slanted rag…and Nader is more likely than not on the GOP's payroll somewhere!!! and where does the Anti-Media funding come from? Citizen journalism…means less objectivity and lager slants which less facts…. IF AMERICANS REALLY WANT A GOVERNMENT TO CARE ABOUT THE MIDDLE CLASS AND THE POOR AND MAKE SENSE THEN THERE IS NO CHOICE BETWEEN HILLARY AND BUSH….his shit will flow out of the open door of his nasty closet if he runs….and although I prefer Elizabeth Warren, Bernie Sanders or Jim Webb — I am functionally pragmatic and suggest that progressives, flaming liberals and independents as well as any rational republicans vote for Democrats until the goddam religious right and all the sociopathic uber riche greedy narcissists like the Kochs have retreated from the playing field….learn more: http://www.the5thestate.net

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  17. number twentyfive — worse as you know fox lies, and the cnn has become soft fox and MSN is far less than even…. so this site is absolute bull shit and I bet funded by Republicans motivated to confuse the already confused… learn more: http://www.the5thestate.net

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  18. Cop's wife kills teen after having drinks.
    Really? You talk about real unbiased reporting and then post this…lol Man where to start, ok how about the title, there is no evidence this woman had any alcohol in her system and was ruled out after given a roadside screen (breathalyzer) This is also a counter suit that was filed two years after the accident only after two of the families sued her first for 2.3 million dollars. I'm not a supporter but come on guys you can do better. I you want to be pissed at some one get pissed at the lawyers.

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  19. http://www.ayshaakhtar.com http://www.earthlings.com http://www.pcrm.org http://www.drmcdougall.com http://www.powerfulbook.com These links taught me the roots of disease and normalized pathology. In trying to defeat elite power structures that created modernity as we experience it, looking at it's foundation, our learned use of force to "domesticate" other beings, the advent of cast systems, is imperative. Even so called "Public" media is remiss in interviewing the prophetic minds today, who understand how racism, sexism, capitalism started with SPECIESISM, the ideology that humans can steal nature, animals, as our own because of our self entitled claim as top of the food chain. We are a species that has lost our place.

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  20. I'm going to presume that you are rather opinionated & make sweeping generalizations and wild assumptions too then…

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  21. John Scharnhorst Well at least you can learn new words. There might be SOME hope for you. I like to believe in underdogs.

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  22. John Scharnhorst I can edit for you.

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  23. John Scharnhorst I can edit for you.

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  24. John Scharnhorst I can edit for you.

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  25. John Scharnhorst I can edit for you.

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  26. There you are masquerading as a ''truth'' emissary yet the moment we log on you bombard us with so many adverts for so much lying dubious and misleading products that does nothing for your image , on the contrary you become part of what is awful obscene and a disgrace to the space you occupy …!!!

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  27. John Scharnhorst – When someone criticizes an opinion you want to believe and you jump straight to profanity and insults you weaken your position.

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  28. The major problem on this site is a lack of journalistic integrity. Ignoring a myriad of spelling and grammar errors, there are serious problems with credibility. Citation of sources is a standard that must be applied in every report. There must be a lack of opinion, and a straightforward sticking to the facts. In the editorial process, before publication of any article, there must be fact-checking and vetting or sources and the claims. The first rule of journalism should be to let the audience make up their own minds, report verifiable facts not opinions. Do not allow any piece to convey an implication of some particular opinion. Proper journalism must avoid reporting that is stained with confirmation bias.

    As for the stated purpose of this site, there are a few flaws in the premises. Logically speaking, the stated purpose implies that there are no reputable or reliable news outlets aside from this one. That is simply not true. While some media corporations, like Fox News (or MSNBC on the opposite side of the political spectrum) are obviously very biased, there are still other legitimate news sources. For instance, the BBC is generally fairly reliable, in the US PBS and NPR are quite reliable and reputable. The premise stated as the reasoning behind the purpose of this site is flawed, additionally, in that it implies all the media outlets are allied in a conspiracy. The fact is that with Fox News and MSNBC those two news outlets are at odds with each other, which contradicts the implication that all the media serves the same masters. The claim of a conspiracy requires evidence, which is lacking.

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  29. It's a pity you have this page. There is so much potential for citizen journalism, but you choose to publish garbage like the pharma article.

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  30. Great idea. Pity you don't mention the "J" word. LOLOLOL! With all the hostility below, it's clear you've hit a nerve. Go get 'em! Now, we need anti-Hollywood!

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  31. hahaha! Now there's some high quality reporting you can count on:fuck you! I mean "fuck you" without the punctuation.

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  32. John Scharnhorst " I like the fact that I know I am getting a point of view on a situation FROM A REAL PERSON" point of view with an agenda and motive to lie , and spread lies.

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  33. This entire website is satire right? Citations from place like Mercola, come on, seriously?

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  34. John Scharnhorst Well those were a couple of real adult ways to respond to a conversation. My late mother used to say that vulgar language and personal insults are the defense of the ignorant. In this case, I am inclined to agree with her.

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  35. CCA, GEO and others are making a lot money off incarceration in our nation. Do your research on "Privatization of Prisons" You will be amazed with the truth.

    Here is a video (see link below) that I made because I want everyone to know that good people's lives are literally being ruined on purpose. Don't let our leaders fool you into thinking they care.

    DVI- "Deuel Vocational Institution" is a prison where the institutionalized are practically forced to drink poisonous water. (Again, google it) That's just one horrible act of inhumane treatment from the "vocational institution" aka Prison in Tracy, California.

    Watch the Video and Inform by Sharing Link with Everyone:

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  36. I came in here to say thanks to the people at theantimedia.org for all they do to inform us about the corruption, not only with the common people, but with the leaders of our nation.

    Instead, I said what is a big issue on my plate and I wanted to share. I haven't posted this video anywhere until today Saturday August 2nd. It's been finished for over a year and I've just been waiting for some kind of sign or feeling to motivate me to share it.

    I hope you all learn from the video and your own research. You will see how people at the top are making money off of sending people to jail. (Yes, violent people need to be controlled, but someone to prison for six years to life for possession of Marijuana??

    That is an injustice to the convicted, to his wife, the kids, the family and to society in general.

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  37. Really? From looking around, it appears you do little more than write opion pieces around news and information you gather from other sources, and most of those sources are participating members of the very establishment you're cirtisizing. That's not a "new paradaigm", nor is it "real reporting", and it's certainly not a "bottom-up approach"- it's almost purely regurgitated and riding the coat tails of others, to include those you point fingers at.

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  38. and what would you suggest they do Antonio…get like 100 reporters backed by a few million from the Koch brothers so they can get funding to pay for first hand reporting. There is news in evalauting others news…facts can be found if you analyze multiple sources. In fact I would argue that is the only way to identify what is going on out there is to view many primary sources of "news" from multiple "viewpoints" as well as sites that arregate media and evlauate it with reason and conscience. What are you doing…I guess your busy making the world safe for democracy.

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  39. @Kevin A Williams: Do you realize how hollow your response is? YES, they DO need real journalists, who analycze FACTS, i.e., GO TO PLACES, INTERVIEW PEOPLE, AND INVESTIGATE RECORDS, LIKE REAL JOURNALISTS DO. They can reference multiple sources all they want, but when all their "sources" are the news media outlets their own branding pits them against, they're not "reporting" anything, they're writing an opinion blog, at best, and simply being repetitive, at worst. And, the guilt bit you added to the end was a nice touch- are YOU making the world safe for democracy? Doubt it. Not being on the front lines of politics or war, somewhere, doesn't mean one can't or shouldn't be critical. That sort of argument is just nonsense. (Really, if we're being honest, "full of shit" describes your response, adequately.) AGAIN, this "news" site is not a "new paradaigm", nor is it "real reporting", and it's certainly not a "bottom-up approach", as they, themselves, describe it. Anyway you slice it, from any angle.

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  40. Antonio Malcolm Exactly. As a retired tech journalist myself I'm depressed at the amount of utter falsehoods that are passed around as "facts" these days. The article on Dr. Folta is a damn disgrace and manages to employ at least one fallacy in the headline image without uttering a single word. Now that's hardly reporting the facts!

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  41. Thanks Antonio, couldn't of put it better. Antimedia just trys to work their paranoid, conspiracy-loving views into anything they can. Which I don't mind if they want to do, it just sucks that some people actually take this stuff seriously. Antimedia is more like The Onion for people with tin foil hats.

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  42. Hi Nick, I am a friend of your mom's. Anyway, I have thought about doing this same entreprenurial concept myself, particuarly after hearing a very interesting interview of a Chinese national doing his own, unbiased news on a website and broadcast, also a sort of anti-media guy. But imagine what will happen to him if he gets caught by his government! I wondered if you may have heard this story on NPR. It was several months ago and I cannot remember the man's website name or his (of course it may not have been accurate names so as not to alert authorities). Do you know about this person? His philosopy inspired me so much that I wanted to do what he is doing and what you are doing here! I wish you the best of luck in your endeavor. I am a past radio personality (many lives ago) and do some production work, just in case you need a hand.

    Take good care and continue to inform our society justly!
    Paula Silverfarb

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  43. But, Who are you, Dan Sanchez. Credibility in on this about page needs to list the connections and foundations of this company's foundations. There is nothing here.

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  44. Adrian Deserio Being "courageous" in life implies being able to face points of view that are not just "dualistic" — "with us" or "against us"?

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  45. Adrian Deserio No, Adrian, in Barbara's own words, she came to "say thanks to the people at theantimedia…" That's pretty simple, Adrian. Question: what about this site, the articles, the comments, everything here, do you consider "bullshit"? If you're going to come on this forum and write these things, it would be best to expand a bit.

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  46. But who are you exactly and who sponsors you? These questions are legit if you seek to give "another" view of "facts".

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  47. This tells e nothing about who you are. That makes you sketchy and suspicious, like a teabagger.

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  48. My suspicion is, that this "anti" media got something to do with Putin's plans. It's still good reading, but should NOT be considered as a full truth.

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  49. Rhetoric of crazy ass tea party idiots, stay off my feed, your idiocy puts the human race in a downward spiral

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    PRESIDENT BARACK OBAMA ,at http://www.petition2congress.com/18018/petition-to- us-congress-to-demand-immediate-investigation-crimes/


    For further detail, click on the following link,go to http://obamaordersassassinationofamerican.blogspot.com

    My name is Lori Zarlenga-Blaquiere. Please support this Petition for immediate investigation into Crimes Against Humanity Committed by President Barack Obama and the former President George W. Bush, among others who have aided and abetted in carrying out their unlawful orders. The former President George W. Bush and the current President Barack Obama, among others have violated the U.S. and International laws and have committed crimes against humanity. President Barack Obama and former President George W. Bush have violated my rights and liberties and have issued orders to assassinate me including but not limited to unlawfully wiretapping my telephones, hacking my computers, surveillancing me; used my family as informants or anyone connected to me. Law Enforcement has been unlawfully interrogating my 13 year old granddaughter on an ongoing basis at her school. Law Enforcement forced my granddaughter to answer intelligence gathering questions about me. Law Enforcement threatened my granddaughter that if she told anyone about unlawfully questioning her about me, my granddaughter would be in big trouble. Law Enforcement has terrorized and traumatized my granddaughter for life. .

    On January 22, 2006, I was kidnapped by Warwick, Rhode Island police officer Joseph Mee.
    There were other police officers on the scene including a plain clothes man who assisted officer Mee who was omitted from the warwick police dispatch log. There are other incidents of law enforcements pursuit to capture me and covering up their criminal activities. The criminal
    activities mentioned herein are ongoing and have continued to date.
    Law enforcement and the Police, among others have aided and abetted in carrying out President Barack Obama and former President George W. Bush unlawful orders to assassinate innocent American Citizens who threaten their political agenda including activists and peace groups.
    President Barack Obama and the former President George W. Bush, have used taxpayer dollars to assassinate innocent American Citizens. President Barack Obama and the former President George W. Bush have issued unlawful Orders carried out by Law Enforcement forcing ordinary citizens to act as informants, out of fear, to spy on innocent American Citizens who threaten their political agenda.
    President Barack Obama and the former President George W. Bush have issued unlawful Orders carried out by Law Enforcement using Physicians to act as informants to cause harm to innocent American Citizens who threaten their political agenda. My Mother’s World Renowned Physician aided and abetted in carrying out unlawful orders to prescribe a medicine to my Mother and used another drug that raised the blood level of the dangerous drug causing a drug interaction and permanent heart damage to my Mother who was a witness to my Kidnapping by Law Enforcement. Medical experts have stated that if my Mother had not refused to ingest any further dosages of the drug, my Mother would have died.
    On February 20, 2015, my Mother’s Physician’s office aided and abetted in carrying out unlawful orders to contact 911 Emergency West Warwick Police to gain entry into my home
    without a warrant or probable cause, using a bogus wellness check on my mother, as a pretext to gain entry into my home to carry out President Barack Obama’s unlawful orders to assassinate me. Police wellness checks, are one way police get around the Fourth Amendment by calling their search and seizure of a person a Police wellness check, or arguing that it was part of their community caretaking function. Police wellness checks are often a pretext to search someone without a warrant or probable cause. On February 20, 2015, 911 Emergency West Warwick Police were violently banging on my door; damaging my door and property. The 911 West Warwick police threatened to breakdown my door if I refused to let them in my home. President Barack Obama is no different from Hitler who unlawfully Ordered the Nazi’s to break into the homes of Holocaust victims to kidnap and murder them.
    When former President George W. Bush was in office, the West Warwick Police were violently banging on my door at my home in the middle of the night, while I was on the internet on my personal Computer, to stop me from exposing the truth to the Daily Kos, a social political website. I was posting on the Daily Kos exposing the truth about Law Enforcement carrying out Orders issued by former President George W. Bush to assassinate me. President Barack Obama and the former President George W. Bush are no different from terrorist countries who violate the rights of people to have access to social media or the internet.

    Police brutality targeting blacks, minorities, and activists is only a piece of the puzzle of the injustice in the United States. The injustice in this Country is much deeper and higher than the Police . The Police are carrying out unlawful Orders from President Barack Obama and the former President George W. Bush. The Department of Justice, United States Attorney General, and the Federal Bureau of Investigation, among other governmental agencies have carried out the unlawful orders of President Barack Obama and the former President George W. Bush and covered up their Crimes against Humanity. FBI Director James B. Comey, recently stated publicly that police are now afraid to do their jobs for fear of becoming the next viral sensation. Federal Bureau of Investigation Director James B. Comey is using a scare tactic on the Public to stop Americans from filming Police, inorder to cover up the fact that the United States is a Police State and a tyrannical government.
    Gerry Spence trial lawyer and author of “ Police State How Americas Cops get away with Murder”, stated that we need cameras on cops and citizen committees, an independent system review of cops. The United States Government wants to take away our 2nd Amendment right to bear arms to prevent American Citizens from protecting themselves against a tyrannical United States Government. Most famous quote attributed to Thomas Jefferson,
    “When governments fear the people, there is liberty. When the people fear the government, there is tyranny. The strongest reason for the people to retain the right to keep and bear arms is, as a last resort, to protect themselves against tyranny in government”. A prime example is cameras on cops. Cops are now fearful of We the People because we are filming police brutality.

    President Barack Obama and George W. Bush present themselves to the World as honorable leaders of a Democratic nation of the home of the free and the brave, while behind a veil of secrecy the Presidents are no different than Hitler who committed Crime against Humanity over 70 years ago. Obama, Bush, and Hitler have violated every law and principal of God and Man.

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  51. Sounds good but, From where does your funding come ? Who are you backers/sponsors? Really who are you? Background? Education ?What are the sources from where you draw your information? Are you just asking your readers (me) to blindly drink the Kool-aid without questioning the source? No doubt ,questioning the facts is the premise or basis for the founding of Anti media. However, it would be better served by presenting credible facts to show the alleged conspiracy of mainstream media and Our Government. Just one man's thought. In closing I suggest you establish your credibility first then arm yourself with credible facts. You already have established a vehicle to distribute your information. One leg of a 3 legged stool makes for an unstable position Much peace and Love in your endeavor

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  52. The funders, the sponsers, the backers, who they are, their background, education, information, source are from…… the community. He mentioned that. Like waze, and wikipedia.

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  53. the article clearly mention 'the community'. You and I can be the person who sponsors. So, this is like a democracy news system that the western is dreaming about.

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  54. the article clearly mention that this web is running by the community.

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  55. Joey Short, you have asked the multi-million dollar question. As they say, "follow the money." That always exposes the truth.

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  56. You're the kind of person this site wants to target. Not stupid, but still blinded by government propaganda. Your belief in government power is why this site exists. When people like you recognize that the USA is a police state and that our government is evil, then maybe you will begin to understand your own ignorance of these facts.

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  57. You should read more. Your "teabagger" comment shows you believe the government propaganda. Wake up.

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  58. Kilian Skinny Pannier Advertising banners, unfortunately, say nothing more than there is advertising opportunities on the site. Typically when a site allows advertising, they don't approve specific advertisers…it's a blanket opportunity fed by a 3rd party company. Often times a site can disallow a particular advertisor, but they have to see it first. All too often (and I know this from experience), you're told about an ad on your site and you had no idea that particular ad was running.

    That being said, yeah, I'd jump to questioning too if I saw something that looked like it was endorsing scientology.

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  59. After several questions of "who actually are you?" the response has been, "we, the community". If that's the case, do I write an article myself and submit it? How is it fact checked, and who does that? Is it restricted to America, or does it reach outside the borders (like Canada, for instance, my home)?

    Just saying the community sounds a bit ambiguous.

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  60. And Mark Nelson's grammatical error, disqualifies his credibility. Don't Hate the players, hate the game…

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  61. Which Dan Sanchez are we talking about?
    Libertarian Essayist and Educator

    my career as a commercial real estate broker

    Digital Marketing & Designer
    Salon owner

    Tattoo & Piercing
    Golfer / Athlete
    Actor Director

    I could go on, but when someone doesn't provide a profile, there is very little reason to listen. When people attack you personally, it means they don't understand the question. Providing the truth means stepping out from behind the curtain, and showing your true self. You may write articles that are “opinions” and not based on facts, you then lack creditability. If the articles are based on journalistic integrity and facts, show your sources, or provide collaborating evidence. Don't ask your thugs to to make disparaging remarks, and claim the “news” is written by the community. Which community are talking about, and how do they get their facts. Rush Limbaugh?

    There are people on the web, who provide credible fact based pieces of information. They put a profile of their contributors, both past and present. They claim to be non-partisan, and non-profit (factcheck.org) There are others, and sooner or later, there will be enough to find legitimate real facts and information.

    I could post about 50 to 100 articles tomorrow, but it wouldn't give me any credibility, if I didn't have a peer review and show who I am.

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  62. I agree Matt. Remember the scene in Citizen Kane when he announced the vision/ mission statement for his newspaper. All warm and fuzzy an inspiring. Then he leaves a trail of detritus. Anti-media sounds more pro status quo Media.

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  63. Arafat Ali so what a comment to say that you aren't a big company and don't need to be to spread propaganda – like CNN spreads propaganda?

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  64. Dale Fitzgerald Well Dale governments can't be "evil" they are only tools for us to use and apparently we haven't used them yet only large corperations have been. In the end it is all politics, nothing good nor evil because if every one of us was elected as a senate or a higher official who wouldn't act the same way as our current government? It's just politics in the end, if we really disliked our current government we can kick out our entire congress if we chose to, we prefer not to since we are used to them.

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  65. Why the constant anti-Trump propaganda? Is this really the DNC or George Soros?

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  66. "Nice. . . .In your comments above you are quick to point out the following: "Mainstream media is 90% owned by six very large corporations. These very corporations possess power over a number of businesses in a plethora of industries." However, nowhere do you disclose where your funding comes from. Now I'm wondering why you so conveniently left this important fact out? Could it be that ANTI-MEDIA is supported heavily by left wing Liberal sympathizers? Straighten me out please. Which way do you lean?

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  67. Propaganda and Islam: What you’re not Being Told – It is not the percentage that matters. To weed out the 1 out of every 106,000 Muslims to make a non-muslim country safe, costs hell of a lot of money and the citizens have to pay for in taxes. If Trump decides to reduce Muslim immigration, the cost of policing drastically will come down. What do you have to say about this Mr. Justin King?

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  68. You are a waste of time, Anti Media. We already have fox entertainment and hate radio doing what you are doing.

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  69. In the act of trust and transparency , who are your financial backers? How do you maintain an organization without funding ? Grassroots is a broad term. Since most mainstream news agencies and organizations are in the pockets of the big corporations and interests how does your news differ ? Who funds your funders ? Is not all the money rotating in a circle of self maintaning and economic co dependecies with those you dispise or even support finnancially with average every day living . No one is an island , off the grid and self determined unless you are a tribesman in the Amazon rainforest and have had no contact with civilization for the last 30,000 years. So how does this website consider itself beyond reproach and supporting the Anarchic and Left of Left open minded inspirations to contribute what they say is news but may very well be the news that you are allowed to release based on what they are willing to let you have. Ignorance can be bought as easily as Knowledge. Motives are motivated by interests , what are your interests backed up by and why are they so meticulously hidden from truth ? This isnt news , this is smokescreaned facinations rebuilt and presented as truth. Tsk Tsk

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  70. The DNS record for this domain name isn't helping their credibility. HINT: It's an anonymous registration..

    Domain ID: D165698511-LROR
    WHOIS Server:
    Referral URL: http://www.godaddy.com
    Updated Date: 2015-06-24T01:40:43Z
    Creation Date: 2012-05-30T23:51:15Z
    Registry Expiry Date: 2016-05-30T23:51:15Z
    Sponsoring Registrar: GoDaddy.com, LLC
    Sponsoring Registrar IANA ID: 146
    Domain Status: clientDeleteProhibited https://www.icann.org/epp#clientDeleteProhibited
    Domain Status: clientRenewProhibited https://www.icann.org/epp#clientRenewProhibited
    Domain Status: clientTransferProhibited https://www.icann.org/epp#clientTransferProhibited
    Domain Status: clientUpdateProhibited https://www.icann.org/epp#clientUpdateProhibited
    Registrant ID: CR114495527
    Registrant Name: Registration Private
    Registrant Organization: Domains By Proxy, LLC
    Registrant Street: DomainsByProxy.com
    Registrant Street: 14747 N Northsight Blvd Suite 111, PMB 309
    Registrant City: Scottsdale
    Registrant State/Province: Arizona
    Registrant Postal Code: 85260
    Registrant Country: US
    Registrant Phone: +1.4806242599
    Registrant Phone Ext:
    Registrant Fax: +1.4806242598
    Registrant Fax Ext:
    Registrant Email: THEANTIMEDIA.ORG@domainsbyproxy.com
    Admin ID: CR114495529
    Admin Name: Registration Private
    Admin Organization: Domains By Proxy, LLC
    Admin Street: DomainsByProxy.com
    Admin Street: 14747 N Northsight Blvd Suite 111, PMB 309
    Admin City: Scottsdale
    Admin State/Province: Arizona
    Admin Postal Code: 85260
    Admin Country: US
    Admin Phone: +1.4806242599
    Admin Phone Ext:
    Admin Fax: +1.4806242598
    Admin Fax Ext:
    Admin Email: THEANTIMEDIA.ORG@domainsbyproxy.com
    Tech ID: CR114495528
    Tech Name: Registration Private
    Tech Organization: Domains By Proxy, LLC
    Tech Street: DomainsByProxy.com
    Tech Street: 14747 N Northsight Blvd Suite 111, PMB 309
    Tech City: Scottsdale
    Tech State/Province: Arizona
    Tech Postal Code: 85260
    Tech Country: US
    Tech Phone: +1.4806242599
    Tech Phone Ext:
    Tech Fax: +1.4806242598
    Tech Fax Ext:
    Tech Email: THEANTIMEDIA.ORG@domainsbyproxy.com
    DNSSEC: unsigned
    >>> Last update of WHOIS database: 2016-03-04T18:57:53Z <<<

    "For more information on Whois status codes, please visit https://icann.org/epp&quot;

    Access to Public Interest Registry WHOIS information is provided to assist persons in determining the contents of a domain name registration record in the Public Interest Registry registry database. The data in this record is provided by Public Interest Registry for informational purposes only, and Public Interest Registry does not guarantee its accuracy. This service is intended only for query-based access. You agree that you will use this data only for lawful purposes and that, under no circumstances will you use this data to(a) allow, enable, or otherwise support the transmission by e-mail, telephone, or facsimile of mass unsolicited, commercial advertising or solicitations to entities other than the data recipient's own existing customers; or (b) enable high volume, automated, electronic processes that send queries or data to the systems of Registry Operator, a Registrar, or Afilias except as reasonably necessary to register domain names or modify existing registrations. All rights reserved. Public Interest Registry reserves the right to modify these terms at any time. By submitting this query, you agree to abide by this policy.

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  71. I call complete bullshit. You clearly lied to readers in the following article completely contradicting your self-righteous claims. If I am wrong then please publically respond how you didn't blatantly deceive the public for your own gain and views:


    To which I replied the following:

    Sorry but this was terrible writing and a fraudulent clickbait heading. They get that title from this information in the article:

    One owner went as far as to speculate that McDonald’s is literally “facing its final days.”

    So a single owner makes a wild speculation with the source not even reported and suddenly it's a news story? The writer writes "literally" for emphasis when they have no idea how to use the word. So all the McDonalds restaurants in the world "literally" have a chance to close down in the next few days?

    Then from this one wildly speculating owner, the title then fraudulently pluralises it by now claiming "franchise owners" so we could assume from the title it could be hundreds. Then the title says they "confirm" it… What? To confirm something somebody needs to present it in the first place! But it was just a single franchise owner making one statement, and the source wasn't even given.

    I'm not advocating McDonalds but this article was utter sensationalist crap. I guess getting clicks these days with bullshit headings is more important than journalistic integrity.

    How do readers not see through this shit?

    EDIT (from my reply): Okay I was already sickened by the dishonesty of this article but now I have read this company Anti-Media's mission statement I am positively nauseated. The author of this article Nick Bernabe is the founder of Anti-Media and their About Us states:

    "Would it be safe to assume that the power of the media is correlated to the state’s authority? The current media could be to blame for America’s internal and external (and not to mention unnecessary) conflicts and wars. The media doesn’t need this infamy."

    "At Anti-Media, we want to offer a new paradigm—a bottom-up approach for real and diverse reporting. We seek to establish a space where the people are the journalists and a venue where independent journalism moves forward on a larger and more truthful scale. All the while, this effort is driven and controlled by a community of journalists and truth-seekers around the world."

    If there's one thing more disgusting than corrupt businesses it is a corrupt business that hypocritically claims will save us from corrupt businesses. You blatantly lied in your title which was manipulated from an already unsourced quote to deceive the public to obtain views. In other words, you immorally deceived the public for your own self-gain. That's the very definition of corruption! How the hell do you have the nerve to claim the premise of your media organization is truthfulness amongst media you allege are corrupt and could even "be to blame for… conflicts and wars"? Jesus Christ.

    If you believe I am wrong and am accusing you unfairly then I would love for you to respond how on Earth that title is not fraudulantly deceiving the public for your own gain. I will contact you by email also requesting a public response.

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  72. Why should one trust you? Your page is riddled with ads just like main stream media. What makes you any different than main stream media? Are your sources truly viable? I don't trust either, your page or main stream media.

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  73. Why should one trust you? Your page is riddled with ads just like main stream media. What makes you any different than main stream media? Are your sources truly viable? I don't trust either, your page or main stream media.

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  74. I work with a bunch of inventive folk who are eager to bring clean energy, food and water tech to all people, and nations, as well as electric propulsion that will end our dependence on fueled systems. We also have access to nuclear remediation tech to render nuclear waste and materials inert, non-radioactive, ideal for tackling the growing threat posed by Japan's Fukushima Dai'ichi power plant, you may have noted there is a serious lack of current information on what is going on there. Some of my friends have received death threats, while in our country, so they left, due to their work on these advanced energy technologies, one was an Apollo astronaut, now dead from cancer. Now is the time to champion these advanced systems, and end the power of the global power infrastructure.

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  75. I was with u , until u got to the Part of not Voting in this Presidentual Election . Are you aware what the Negative Consiqences will be if Donald Trump Presidentof our Country , as well as the Damaging affect it will bring to this Planet? Humm sound Suspecious ? U got my attention and Love if your agenda is truly for the People. Otherwise I will mount campaign against U.☮

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  76. Cheryl Gatner How do we know that THIS is not propaganda? Some of certainly smells like it to me. I came here to check out this site after a friend posted on my page a virulently anti-Hillary piece, that used Fox's Napolitano as a creditable source. Someone who clearly hates Secy Clinton. So, what? You fish around for stories that back up an already-held theme on this site, and use WHATEVER, without even a nod to sourcing, facts or proof. That is doing NO ONE any good at all. It's just the flip side of the same coin. You claim the media is feeding us "lies", meaning information you don't agree with. So, you provide "your side", which is again, only ONE side. We should get information from a multitude of sources, DEMAND facts not opinion and above all, PROOF. If you can't do that, keep it to yourself.

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  77. Cheryl Gatner How do we know that THIS is not propaganda? Some of certainly smells like it to me. I came here to check out this site after a friend posted on my page a virulently anti-Hillary piece, that used Fox's Napolitano as a creditable source. Someone who clearly hates Secy Clinton. So, what? You fish around for stories that back up an already-held theme on this site, and use WHATEVER, without even a nod to sourcing, facts or proof. That is doing NO ONE any good at all. It's just the flip side of the same coin. You claim the media is feeding us "lies", meaning information you don't agree with. So, you provide "your side", which is again, only ONE side. We should get information from a multitude of sources, DEMAND facts not opinion and above all, PROOF. If you can't do that, keep it to yourself.

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  78. If there is no truth, there is no life!! If there is no life, then there is no light, if there is no light, then there is only darkness!!
    Who wants to live in a dark dungion?!! Not me!!

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  79. so glad someone mentioned "Citizens United" if only people really looked into that organization whose leadership and members wee responsible for the "Clinton Chronicles" and so much more of the Anti Clinton lies from the time he was gov. and it still goes on today.

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  80. Thanks for doing this. If we don't have truthful news media how can we possiably make intelligent decisions.
    Also when it comes to folks disagreeing with me, I welcome it because its usually the very best time to educate myself with new ideas, and its free !
    Bobby Ingram.

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  81. Is it wrong or a good idea to want to aboilish the first amendment? The media is a giant gasoline tanker truck spilling gas on a small campfire. These incidences are not uncommon but have been happening scince firearms were invented. It is bound to happen that accidental shootings, corrupt police, criminals trying to break the law, criminals violently fighting the law, has all been happening scince the invention of the gun and some of those things just listed have been happening for centuries. But mainstream media puts these "isolated incidents" on a pedestal. Maybe to take attention from something else like clinton not being accountable for her blatently illegal misconduct, or oil spills, or foriegn war, or foriegn policies. Or maybe just to boost views to make money. Im not in charge of any media outlets nor do i want to be. But i think that TRUELY unbiased news is the only news to watch or tune into. But that simply wont exist nor ever will as long as the first amendment is present. The United States needs a new movement, maybe intitled "what happened to we the people?" movement. Because we as a nation need to stand as one, not apart. Or else this country will fall apart. So i guess this is my proposal to start a " We the People" movement. Against social media, against companies filling our heads with false opinions and false hate.

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