Albuquerque Police Promote Cop Who Burned Off Homeless Man’s Ear to Use of Force Instructor

May 17, 2014   |   Pig Mine

May 16, 2014 – The Albuquerque Police Department is PROMOTING an officer found guilty of excessive use of force to a new position meant to address allegations that the department frequently demonstrates excessive use of force. After a video of a homeless man being shot and killed by officers in March sparked protests, the Department of Justice investigated the city’s police and found systemic violations and improper behavior. To make reforms, the APD created the position of Major and appointed Timothy Gonterman, it announced Thursday. A judge ruled the city had to pay $300,000 to a homeless man in 2006 after finding Eden had used excessive force with his stun gun.

From:  RT America

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  1. Regarding Donterman's statements: No, asshole, you didn't "take responsibility for it". Did you pay the guys medical bills? Did you work out something to reimburse the Citizens of Albuquerque the $300,000. you cost them? I sincerely doubt it.

    You did what all political minions do: Issued a freaking press release, and got a promotion that lets the Citizens you "protect" and you fellow officers know that as long as you spout the right bull-shit and go to a few classes, It's ALL GOOD! Let the shooting and beating continue!

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  2. Good God. How does this happen? The head of the APD need to get fired ASAP!

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  3. Our PD has been known for this type of behavior several times over the years. Is this man by chance a Freemason?

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