How the Alt-Right and White Nationalists in the US Were Co-Opted by the Russians

(TFC) — The League of the South, David  Duke, Jared Taylor, Sam Dixon (Richard Spencer’s lawyer), Kevin McDonald, the American Freedom Party, and the Traditionalist Youth Network. It reads like a list of attendees for a conference of Alt-Right and White Nationalists. Add the Syrian Social Nationalist Party, Golden Dawn of Greece, Issuy-Ka of Japan, Dayaar Mongol of Mongolia, The Russian Imperial Movement, and a litany of other groups from around the world and it’s a collection of nationalist organizations that have nothing in common except nationalism. Each organization proclaims they are the defenders of their respective nations. Except they do have one thing in common; they have membership histories in a single organization: The World National-Conservative Movement.

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Editor’s Note: A document dump provided exclusively to The Fifth Column by “Spartacus”, an activist engaged in activities similar to those described in a recent article by TFC, provided context for seemingly unrelated events. To protect the identity of the source, The Fifth Column has located many of those same documents, or documents showing the same evidence, online. They are linked throughout the article. 

A roster of people and organizations involved in the movement was provided to The Fifth Column. Almost identical rosters can be found on the Russian watchdog The Sova Center’s website, the Vanguard News Network’s forums (a news organization sporting the tagline: “No Jews. Just Right”), and on the Nordic Resistance Council’s website. The Nordic Resistance Council declined to join the movement formally but was “open to cooperation”. According to Spartacus and renowned scholar on the Far-Right, Anton Shekhovtsov, The World National-Conservative Movement (WCNM) sprang forth during the International Russian Conservative Forum in 2015.

The WCNM seeks to create a worldwide nationalist movement in which each nation’s groups act as a state subordinate to the movement. In other words, The nationalists are really globalists. Seeking to create a Nationalist World Order. The organization’s manifesto states national differences should be put aside so global cooperation can begin:

Between many of us remain many unforgotten historical grievances, religious disagreements, territorial claims and other conflicts. However, in the presence of such serious menaces on the global scale, as a result of which we all suffer, these conflicts are less important to the existence of our nations, cultures and religions.

Victory of the conservative revolution even in one country without fail will provide an example for other countries. For this reason it is necessary to support each other in terms of information and organization. For that purpose it is necessary to form a worldwide national-conservative movement.

According to Shekhovstov WNCM is a different breed than typical nationalist groups because it is transnational and because it seeks to create “training camps”:

In particular, the WNCM is going to create an information network consisting of the web-sites and pages on social networks as a platform for exchanging information and experience, defend “persecuted national-conservatives and activists” by petitioning the governments, provide “humanitarian help” to Serbs in Kosovo, Christians of the Middle East, and “inhabitants of Novorossia” – a region in Eastern Ukraine occupied by Russia-backed separatists. It should be noted that, in April 2014, Rodina and the Russian Imperial Movement formed the All-Russian Social Movement “For Novorossiya” that called for the annexation of not only Crimea but most of Ukraine’s territory too.

A more frightening part of the programme is the intention of the WNCM to organise “joint camps for military and athletic instruction” and form volunteer international brigades that would be used in zones of military conflict. This is hardly surprising that one of the organisations invited to take part in the WNCM is “Unité Continentale” that was formed in summer 2014 by French and Serbian ultranationalists who volunteered to go to Eastern Ukraine to support Russia-backed separatists. Moreover, in July-August 2015, the Russian Imperial Movement advertised a week-long military camp called “Partisan” and invited men to learn survival techniques, urban guerrilla tactics, military topography, as well as practicing with Kalashnikovs and other weapons.

Spartacus concurs with the assessment and pointed to a recent raid on a paramilitary training camp in Germany.

As mentioned earlier, the idea for WNCM is believed to have its genesis at the 2015 International Russian Conservative Forum (IRCF). A second IRCF was held in April of this year. Indeed many of the organizations on the roster were present at the 2015 event, as revealed in emails of the British government released under the Freedom of Information Act.  According to the emails:

St Petersburg hosted the “International Conservative Forum” over the
weekend of 21-22 March, a gathering of European far-right political parties
organised by Rodina (Russian right wing party). The aim of the event
according to the organisers was to unite Russian and EU conservative forces
“in the context of European sanctions against Russia and the US pressure on
European countries and Russia”. There were representatives of far-right
political parties or organisations from the following countries:
2. Nick Griffin and Jim Dowson (a Scottish anti-abortion campaigner) formed the
UK delegation. The French National Front was absent, reportedly because
they felt attendance could jeopardise results at the forthcoming French
municipal elections.

Although the United States was not listed in the British emails, The Fifth Column obtained a copy of a resolution signed at the conference. It bears the signature of a Jared Taylor representing the American Renaissance. Both Jared Taylor and American Renaissance are on the roster for the WNCM.

This document begins to set the tone for what may be the greatest Russian intelligence operation of all time. A .pdf of the document is available on the IRCF’s website. The entire text of the document is meant to establish Europe as a Russian sphere of influence. It calls for an end to NATO and for the creation of a European collective security organization. Then it makes certain to note that Russia is “a member of the extensive European family”. The document’s “main goal”, however, is to establish a “progressive world order”. All of this was done against the backdrop of the 2015 Ukraine crisis.

Shortly after this conference, one of the driving forces behind the WNCM, the Russian Imperial Movement, began funding nationalist groups in other countries. It should be noted these same people provided 30 million Rubles in “humanitarian aid” to far-right fighters in Ukraine. The aid consisted of drones, combat boots, and communication equipment.

The Czechs have had their own issues with the WNCM and the IRCF. On page 23 of a document detailing Russian connections to far-right paramilitary groups in their country, it begins spelling out the connections between WNCM, the IRCF, and Rodina (a Russian political party):

ND joined the “World National-Conservative Movement” in 2015. According to Anton
Shekhovtsov, 46 the political party Motherland (Rodina) stands behind the creation of this movement.
A member of Motherland Yuriy Lyubomirskiy is the chair of the organising committee of the World
National-Conservative Movement. Its members are far-right political parties and organizations from
Europe and the USA, such as the Golden Down, Falanga, the National Democratic Party of Germany,
Jobbik, British Unity and the American Freedom Party. It has more than 50 members altogether.
Some of the parties invited to participate in the Movement had already been participants in the
International Russian Conservative Forum, which took place in St. Petersburg in March 2015. The
forum was organized by the party Motherland (Rodina), which was founded by current Deputy Prime
Minister Dmitry Rogozin.

While Russian backing of far-right paramilitaries is known in intelligence and some academic circles, the Western reader may be surprised to find out the Kremlin’s activities are not limited to Eastern Europe, or even Europe at all.  In 2016, the Kremlin paid tens of thousands of dollars to put up secessionists from not just the thought of places like Northern Ireland, Basqueland, Catalonia, and so on; but also from Texas, California, Puerto Rico, and Hawaii.

Unremarkably, Alt-right and white nationalists groups have championed the same cause. Matthew Heimbach of the Traditionalist Workers Party was headed to Cleveland around that same time in 2016. A contemporary article mentions his organization’s goals:

“Heimbach’s party promotes a handful of hard-right goals, ranging from the creation of ethnically separate polities to the revocation of birthright citizenship in the US. It also seeks the removal of US authority from “occupied territories” – including states like Hawaii.”

Heimbach spoke of attending a nationalist conference organized by the Russian Imperial Movement in the same article. Heimbach said it was the “first step towards creating an official nationalist umbrella organization for Traditionalists around the globe.”

In the past, Heimbach has called for the breakup of the United States to create white-only nations.

At this point, the connections between White Supremacists in the United States and the Russian Imperial Movement are plain, admitted, and exposed. The reader can’t visit many of the Alt-Right’s or White Nationalist’s websites without finding some article praising the Russian Imperial Movement. So, what is the Russian Imperial Movement?

It’s the Russian government. As noted above in the Czech document, the Imperial Movement was the brainchild of the Rodina Party. One of its co-founders was Dmitry Rogozin, a Russian Ambassador to NATO and Deputy Prime Minister for Defense and Space Industry in Russia. In fact, when a member of the Legislative Assembly in St. Petersburg objected to the IRCF being held there and asked for an investigation, she was shut down by the prosecutor’s office. The IRCF brags about it on their site:

“St. Petersburg Prosecutor S.I. Litvinenko did not find ‘reason to initiate in front of the Russian Federation General Prosecutor’s Office the issue of recognition activities of such organizations undesirable in the Russian Federation.’”

To recap, elements within Russia’s defense apparatus founded Rodina, which in turn founded the Russian Imperial Movement. The Russian Imperial Movement funds far-right militants all over the world and pressures them into signing documents that support the creation of a Russian sphere of influence in Europe and a weakening of the United States. Prominent Alt-Right and White Nationalists have ties to the Russian Imperial Movement, and at least one has signed such a document. These are verifiable facts.

Just as the United States intelligence community seeks out and sponsors dissidents in foreign countries to spark rebellion and increase the US sphere of influence, the Russian government does the same thing. In this case, it appears it built a movement incorporating nationalists from all over the world and conned them into becoming tools of Russian foreign policy.

Groups whose members consider themselves patriots have been co-opted by the Russian government and are simply fulfilling the wishes of Moscow. Those in the Alt-Right and White Nationalist movements who consider Russia an ally should remember the moment they allied with the Russian Imperial Movement, they became intelligence assets for the Russian government. Intelligence assets are used and then discarded. Whether intentional or not, these “patriots” have given up on their country and are serving a foreign power’s wishes.

Incidentally, the only advertisement on the IRCF website is a permanent ad in support of the campaign of now President Donald Trump. It directed users to a website that has been taken offline but is archived here. Readers will notice the only two links on the site are a link back to the IRCF page and one to GoDuma.Ru.

A special note to members of these co-opted groups: Our sources and informants were able to put this together. Why wasn’t your leadership capable of doing the same?

By Justin King / Republished by permission / The Fifth Column / Report a typo

This article was chosen for republication based on the interest of our readers. Anti-Media republishes stories from a number of other independent news sources. The views expressed in this article are the author’s own and do not reflect Anti-Media editorial policy.




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  • Ezra Cornell

    you know why I voted for Trump, because I was a registered Democrat for 20 years. I got sick of broken promises, corruption, and selling me dreams just to get my vote to then be forgotten about until the next time I was to show up at the polls. I am a Latino American, I am sick and tired of other Latino’s giving me a bad name. I work hard for my living, I don’t ask or take handouts. No Russians influenced my vote, it was the Democrat party that influenced me. Here’s another thought for you, who cares if Russia did hack the emails, what part of the emails should the American people not have known about? So stop chasing your Russian Tooth Fairies and get off your White Supremacist crap, because it doesn’t exist. Sure there’s racist white people, just like there are racist blacks, latinos, jews, italians etc. Guess what, I will vote Trump in 2020. Next!!!

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    • James Terry

      It seems you completely missed the point of this article. The point of the article is to show that the people who claim to be sticking up for white people are, in actuality, really leading them towards another dead end. If you knew a thing or two about the alt-right and white nationalist scene, you’d understand the implications of this article, and that this is a bad thing (To name 1 example, look up Alexander Dugin and what Duginism is, and see his connections, from Zbigniew Brzezinski to David Duke), but since you are probably not white, you might not understand that, or the various perils that white people face (I want to ask you, Ezra Cornell, just because I’m curious: are you a Spaniard or a Mestizo?).

      Also, Ezra Cornell, do you realize that Donald Trump and the Republicans are a dead end, too, just like the Democrats? Think about it: How many promises did Trump make and brake so far? He escalated the conflict in Syria, the army and marines are present there, he has ordered attacks on the Syrian Government a number of times, all of which are illegal and put us all in risk of direct conflict with Russia, provoked tensions in the Korean Peninsula for no reason, helped made the situation in Yemen even worse (Did you know that Trump quadrupled the amount of airstrikes in Yemen after taking office? What about him qua), sent troops into Somalia and Kosovo, provoke Iran by enacting new sanctions and other unnecessary things to this country that’s done no harm to anyone, and overall, bringing us all closer to World War 3 by way of doing these things that provoke Russia and China, and that’s just a number of things that go quite contrary to Donald Trump saying we shouldn’t be the world’s policeman and that America will stop trying to do regime change, wars and all. Also, how about that 350 Billion Dollar Arms Deal with the Saudis, who are actual supporters of terrorism, promoters of an extremist ideology known as Wahhabism, and are currently waging a horrific war against Yemen, just to name a few? What a great ally the Saudis are, right? They certainly do care about our freedoms! Do you see Iran doing any of the following Saudi Arabia has done? Of course not! And what of our supposed “greatest ally,” Israel? May I suggest reading up on the 1967 USS Liberty Incident for starters, Ezra Cornell?

      Also, how about that wall? Where’s the wall? If there’s no wall then, there’s no reason to think there will ever be one, and even then, why need a wall, when you can just bring the troops home and put them at the border, rather than using them to go inflame regions and have them fight in conflicts that we shouldn’t be involved in at all? Ever thought of that? Or how about this: Let’s say, somehow, the wall’s built, but after Trump leaves office, that wall would be used to keep us in. Ever imagined that scenario could happen? What about draining the swamp, when Trump’s cabinet is full of crony plutocrats who are part of that same swamp Trump said he’d drain. Also, what about not cutting Medicaid? Well, guess what, he’s planning to do that for the 2018 fiscal year. Did you also know that, during his first 100 days, Donald Trump played more golf than the first 100 days of Bill Clinton, George Bush and Barack Obama put together? Same thing with the private getaways, as well! Did you also know that his travel expenses so far exceeded that of Obama’s after at least 2 years and climbing? How about that Chicago gun grab thing that’s going on right now under Trump and his administration? Why are the conservatives and the NRA silent about that? Did you also know that Donald Trump donated to the Clinton Foundation, and has been friends with the Clintons for quite some time? I could go on and on, the list is more comprehensive than this, and at this point, one has to wonder: “What is denial like?” Tell me, Ezra Cornell, what is denial like?

      You must understand that Republicans are not the answer to anything, just like how the Democrats are not an answer to anything. They’re both the same thing, funded by all sorts of nefarious people that don’t care about you and the common people at all. I would think by now, people would understand, once and for all, that voting is not an answer, and that we’re not about to vote our way out of this mess, and that we should stop voting altogether. I urge you to read up on all of these things further, Ezra Cornell! Surely, you don’t think the internet is just for porn, right? I mean, you found your way to the Anti-media website, so surely, you’re able to read up more? Because if you did, you certainly wouldn’t be spouting nonsense, like “Trump 2020!!! MAGA!!!” Sure, Obama sucked, Bush sucked and Clinton sucked, but the current guy is quite awful, too. Know that you’re being corralled into another dead end by going over to Trump and the Republicans. You’re falling for the “problem, reaction, solution” cycle they set us all up for time and time again.