America is Blowing up its Own Weapons in Iraq

September 9, 2014   |   ANTIMEDIA

Aaron Nelson (TheAntiMedia)
September 9, 2014


(Conflict Armament Research)

According to a study released on Monday by the London-based small-arms research group named ‘Conflict Armament Research‘, ISIS has captured  “significant quantities” of US military weapons from Syrian rebels. The report includes over a dozen photos showing the weapons are the “Property of US Govt.

How will the American public react to this? We’re talking about the same weapons the U.S. government has been giving to ‘moderate‘ Syrian rebels over the last three years.  As recent as June 26th, Obama proposed $500 million to arm and train the Syrian rebels. The arming of these militants was controversial from the start.

This shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone who has been paying attention. We already knew the majority of weapons Washington was sending into Syria were ending up in the hands of jihadists because we read about it in the New York Times.

The same ‘freedom fighters‘ we’ve been warning against arming since the beginning of the conflict, are now admitting links to terrorist groups such as Al Qaeda. Not only that but the FSA admits they actually conduct joint military operations with Al Nusra. In May of this year, PBS interviewed Syrian rebels who were trained by the U.S. in Qatar.

Not only this, but as I’m sure most of you already know, US-made Humvee’s and heavy artillery were seized by ISIS from the Iraqi military this summer.

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  1. Biden is full of it. HOW did 800 ISIS rout 30,000 Troops?
    Obama-. $500Mil Aid Syrian Rebels:
    US Confirms Syrian Rebels are Al Qaeda:
    ISIS: US-UK-NATO-Israeli-Saudi:
    CFR states Rebels Need Al Qaeda:
    US backs Extremist Musliims:
    US-All Parties Back Conflict:
    US Bombing LIES to Cover Attacks on Syria & Iran:
    US Fights all sides: Iraq, ISIS & Syria:
    Iran Arms Kurds against ISIS:
    ISIS History:
    McCain Conducts ISIS:
    ISIS US trained & fed:
    US Architect of ISIS Chaos in Iraq, Syria, Libya:
    CIA & Mossad Trained ISIS:
    NSA Reveals ISIS Leader US-UK-Israeli Asset: Op US Caught Training ISIS:
    UK Supports ISIS:
    Russia works out US Ploy to use ISIS excuse to Attack Assad:
    *US Supports Syrian Al Qaeda:
    Operation Cyclone: &

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  2. The French were also arming Syrian Rebels…ISIS is the paramilitary wing of NATO what would one expect…

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  3. All these small factions are funded and trained by the CIA, right?

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  4. Quite frankly this is not 'new news' the US Government also left weapons in IRAQ for those they trained, and ISIS has those as well.. And many of us do speak out against it..but called are "Conspiracy theorist"

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  5. These countrys buy and pay for the weapon and this money is placed in the war chest of the U.S. yeah the C.I.A. are involved and also gets to do some under hand stuff , like hide chips in the weapon and track this stuff and zero in on them later ,,, and Bamb!

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  6. How about this. Say we want to take out an entire region that is hassling one of our "allies" but the governments aren't stupid enough to push back. What do we do to destabilize the area? We train & supply individual militants groups even though we know that in the future we will have to take them out when we fund and supply their enemies. Why? Bc it throws the entire region in chaos. It keeps them fighting & killing each other. Slowly but surely, the US is decreasing population in the Middle East. Kind of divide & conquer on steroids, really. As messed up as it is, it keeps the military industrial complex in business which is actually our (US) foreign policy. Again. Messed up but true.

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