Americans Hate Brown People So Much They Want to Bomb Disney’s Aladdin

December 18, 2015   |   S.m. Gibson

SM Gibson
December 18, 2015

(ANTIMEDIA) If you thought society was bottoming out the last time you heard Donald Trump was rising in the polls, you thought wrong. There is no floor to this well.

According to a new poll conducted by Public Policy Polling, 30% of Republicans are in favor of bombing the city of Agrabah. If you aren’t familiar with this region of the world, do not fret. The reason you do not recollect ever hearing about it in geography class is because it doesn’t exist. It is a fictitious town from the Disney animated film, Aladdin. It’s not real.

By my own admission, I would not have been able to tell you whether Agrabah was from Aladdin or Police Academy 4 if you asked me about the make-believe city prior to this poll. But since I’m not a lunatic (at least most days), I would never have raised my hand if you asked whether I thought people in that country should die.

But don’t get too boastful, Democrats. According to the same research, 19% of your kind are in favor of murdering cartoon families, too.

Thirteen percent of Republicans and 36% of Democrats said they outright opposed bombing the city.

It is unknown how Americans would respond to the crisis in Jakku.

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Author: S.m. Gibson

SM Gibson joined Anti-Media in December of 2012. He currently resides in Birmingham, Alabama, where he was born and raised.

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  2. that tells us a lot about the education level of some people who can easily be manipulated by the bias media.I think the plot of turning americans against muslims is having a fertile ground with so many ignorants who are willing to believe everything the media would tell them.the question is .who is behind the media ? let me give you a starts with a Z.

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  4. And of course spouting off poll numbers like it is fact. Until you ask every person, I dont buy it. Way to perpetuate the dumbing down of America. This is an orchestrated plan. All of the stupid shit you see is medi doing what they aee told. Why is it I never see this sort of stupidity in real life?

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  5. Because you aren't looking? Hang out in a retail store for a day and you'll see it in droves.

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  6. Because you aren't looking? Hang out in a retail store for a day and you'll see it in droves.

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  7. Alfonso Cuadra I don't think about the color of a persons skin. I never have understood the hatred of an entire group of people based on their geographic locaton and color of skin. Except I see people hate Jews and those people are usuallyt he ones talking about tolerance.

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