Anonymous Launches Campaign to End Media Blackout of Jill Stein

(ANTIMEDIA) United States — Anonymous has launched a campaign against the veritable media blackout of Green Party candidate, Dr. Jill Stein.

Though, as the video announcing #OpJillStein notes, the collective comprises such a varied group it could never be unanimous — and would not endorse any political candidate — Anonymous has “always had a mission to create an informed public, to expose corruption, and to circumvent censorship.”

With mainstream, corporate media’s devotion to the presumptive Democratic nominee, Hillary Clinton — an apparent result of coordination with her campaign — many viable third-party candidates, like Stein, have been denied coverage. Bypassing the media that abandoned her, Stein instead launched a successful campaign blitz through social media — but that, alone, cannot possibly match the power of a corporate media blitz.

That’s where Anonymous comes in.

After several #Ops exposing corruption, media blackouts, and scandals surrounding several establishment candidates, the announcement continues:

“Sanders’ supporters have accused us of showing bias by ignoring U.S. presidential candidate Dr. Jill Stein, and we agree. This candidate has not only been censored and ignored by the mainstream media, by Google, and by Twitter, she was even arrested and held in a black site during the 2012 election for trying to attend a debate.

“In the interest of avoiding mainstream media’s bias against third party candidates, we endorse this suggestion for #OpJillStein.”

Anonymous encourages everyone to disseminate as much information as possible about Stein and her policies, and “to insist she has a voice in future debates” and receives proper media coverage.

Support for Stein surged following the absurdly comical crowning of Clinton as the presumptive Democratic nominee by the Associated Press, which had the purportedly desired effect of discouraging voters in California’s primary from turning out for Bernie Sanders — himself the subject of a dearth of media coverage.

Stein capitalized on the burgeoning disgust over establishment politics, denigrating the idea of changing the system by voting for an only partly anti-establishment candidate — subtly pinging Sanders’ supporters for not going far enough in their desire for change — in two tweets, which stated:

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