Archaeologists Uncover 2,400-Year-Old Gold Bongs

John Vibes
June 2, 2015

(ANTIMEDIAThe drug war, in its current form, has been in effect for about a hundred years if you also include the prohibition of alcohol. However, drug use has been a part of human society throughout history, and it was actually far less dangerous and problematic when it was generally accepted and properly understood in society.

Archaeologists in Russia have recently confirmed that people were smoking marijuana out of bongs two thousand years ago. Not only that, but these ancients were so serious about their smoking that they made their bongs out of solid gold.

These gold water pipes were discovered in a mass grave in the Caucasus Mountains of southern Russia. The artifacts were traced back to the Scythians who ruled between 9th century BC and 4th century AD in the area of the Caucasus Mountains.

Anton Gass, an archaeologist at the Prussian Cultural Heritage Foundation in Berlin, told National Geographic that “these are among the finest objects we know from the region. It’s a once-in-a-century discovery.”

The Greek historian Herodotus was quoted as saying “Scythians used a plant to produce smoke that no Grecian vapour-bath can surpass and that “transported by the vapour, [they] shout aloud.” 

However, the Scythians were not the only group in history known to smoke marijuana and use drugs. Evidence of these practices can be traced back to the roots of any ancient culture.

The freedom of taking control of one’s own consciousness has been taken for granted since ancient times. Only in modern governments and a select few repressive ancient cultures have there been laws against the consumption of certain items.

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