Arsenio Hall Refused to Snitch on Uber Driver Whose Car Smelled Like Weed

John Vibes
January 25, 2016

(ANTIMEDIA) Washington DC. — Arsenio Hall, the popular comedian and former talk show host, recently drove in an Uber car where the smell of marijuana was “overpowering.” Hall was amused by the situation so he posted about it on Twitter, a decision that he may have regretted later.

After several hours of his fans having fun and making jokes about the situation, Hall was contacted by Uber via Twitter, who asked him to snitch on the driver. Hall refused to give them any additional information about the ride or his account and basically expressed that he had no complaints about the ride.

Arsenio Hall is obviously a down to earth person who doesn’t want to see anyone get in trouble, and luckily for the Uber driver, he took the high road in this situation, no pun intended. However, this encounter highlights the potential dangers of posting online about employees that we come across in our day to day activities.

Without even realizing it we can be jeopardizing someone’s job. This does not mean that we can’t post about our day and our interesting encounters, but it does mean that we should try to be more conscious of the ripple effects our actions may cause.

One easy way to avoid implicating an employee online is to be vague and non-descriptive about the specific business that they work for. Using Arsenio Hall’s encounter as an example, it may have been more tactful for him to say “The smell of marijuana in this rideshare car is overpowering. #contact,” instead of mentioning Uber by name. This allows Hall to share his story without running the risk of getting anyone in trouble.

In the age of social media a simple post about a stranger can have far reaching consequences, so for the sake of their safety and privacy, it is usually best to be vague while describing them unless you have their permission.

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