Banksy’s Hard-Hitting Christmas Card Might Just Change Your Perspective

December 21, 2015   |   admintam

John Vibes
December 21, 2015

(TRUEACTIVIST) Banksy’s classic Christmas card shows a picture of Joseph and Mary crossing the desert on their way to Bethlehem and are blocked by the infamous apartheid wall that separates Israel from Palestine and the West Bank. The card has recently gone viral again because of the holidays, but it is actually a few years old and seems to circulate around this time every year.

The piece first appeared at Santa’s Ghetto exhibit in London in 2005, which followed Banksy’s trip to the middle east.

Regardless of when the image was created, it sends a powerful message about how divided the middle east is on racial and ethnic lines, creating a massive refugee crisis, and widespread ghettos in many parts of the region. This current reality is obviously highlighted by the biblical story of Joseph and Mary, two refugees themselves who were said to travel across those lands thousands of years ago.

When the state of Israel was created instead of integrating the Arab and Jewish cultures together, the ruling class put policies in place that would force the Palestinian people onto unfertile ghettos, separated from water sources and food growing lands by giant walls. The Palestinians were also not given the right to organize, own property, or work, and without these basic freedoms, they remain refugees. These policies would result in a growing hostility between the two groups which eventually flared up in physical violence. This violence has spread all throughout the oil-rich Middle East and has allowed the western establishment to have a permanent involvement in the region’s affairs, just as they planned.

The Palestinians have been tossed out into the wilderness, displaced from their homes and most of them are only asking for the ability to work, trade and own property. To be given this freedom would prevent them from being displaced again and would establish a proper economy so the Palestinian people can have a fighting chance to become a thriving society. The American government, which is also a banker backed colony, used these same policies to wipe out the native people that inhabited North America. The Native Americans were also treated as exiles on their own land and were pushed further and further away from their homes until the only places left for them were small reservations that were mostly in the desert.

Banksy's Christmas card.

Banksy’s Christmas card.

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  1. What the present americans did to the original native americans and did and doing through Israel to the palisticians _and this is what they want to do with the rest of the world.but signs are very ominus for indian sub continent.

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  2. Its really an indication of the truth, a truth of the history which I guess most of the people in this time are not familiar with. I wish people can think the things having the feelings of real humanity. A powerful artwork it is!

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  3. Son of man: It is interesting that the Bible refers to Jesus as the "son of man" many times more than it refers to him as the son of God. The accepted story of Jesus is that he was the son of God, not the son of man.

    Which is it: the son of God or the son of man?

    Why is it even in the Bible? It contradicts the story. It is a sign for us to discover when we can understand its meaning. Religious books are full of signs.

    You become the son of man if you give birth to yourself.

    If you interpret “son of man” literally, that is the only thing it can mean. When you are born again in your current body, you become the son of man, the son of your own mind, the son of yourself. You become what the Bible says Jesus was.

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    When you learn the truth and the life, you become the offspring or creation of yourself, your own mind. Thus, you literally become the son of man.

    Jesus said, “Only men not born of woman will see heaven.”

    There are two signs in the following quote from the Bible: “Behold the man has become as one of us to know good and evil, now lest he put forth his hand and take also from the tree of life and eat and live forever.”

    Become as one of us: Why is that in the Bible? It basically says there is more than one god, and we can be one. It is exactly the opposite of what people believe the Bible says. They believe there is only one God, and the best we can do is live in his kingdom.

    "And GOD said, LET US make man in OUR image, after OUR likeness."
    Genesis 1:26

    Could it be more clear? Can you see what the Bible says?

    All the semitic religions, Jews, Christians, and Muslims, believe in the old testament of the Bible and are monotheists. They believe in one God, so why is that verse at the beginning of Genesis, the very first book of the Bible? When something is there that should not be, it is a sign that shows us the way.

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