Berkeley Protesters Begin Destroying Cop Cars and Smashing Banks

Nick Bernabe
December 8, 2014

(TheAntiMedia) The anti-police brutality protests that have rocked America (and the world) have taken a wider perspective and protesters in Berkeley have taken the streets and began vandalizing banks, smashing cop cars, and destroying ATM machines.

This shows a widening airing of grievances from what started as strictly police related protests in Ferguson, MO in August. As I noted in my article Youth in Revolt: America Rises Up Against Police State and Drug War, the police are simply the face of Big Government and the oppressive state, and protests are beginning to show more depth which reflect this fact.

The cops are the face of the state, the one part of it that is tangible in our everyday lives, therefore they bear the brunt of the angst that the public holds against the government as a whole, besides the police brutality.

The banks, the Fed, large corporations; these have become the backbone of the state, the financiers of tyranny. It seems protesters are now ready to begin striking at the root of the problem. And let’s not forget who got bailed out in the 2008 financial crisis and who didn’t. Below you can see some of the damage done to Chase Bank and Wells Fargo in Berkeley.

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