Finally Bipartisanship: Nearly Every Member of Congress Votes to Move US Closer to WWIII

December 6, 2014   |   ANTIMEDIA

Eric Zuesse
December 6, 2014

(TheAntiMedia) Did your state representatives vote ‘Yes’ on the bill for Obama to send weapons to Ukraine?

It’s a bill authorizing Obama to supply weapons to the bankrupt Ukrainian Government to exterminate (and/or drive out into neighboring Russia) the people in the areas of Ukraine’s southeast that had voted 90% for the Ukrainian President, Viktor Yanukovych, whom Obama overthrew in a bloody coup in February 2014; but, of course, that’s not how it’s worded.

Here is how it’s worded:

Here’s the vote, on December 4th:

Here’s the discussion of it (prior to the vote):

There were 411 votes for the bill, 10 votes against it.

These were the 10 votes against:

California’s George Miller (D)

California’s Dana Rohrabacher (R)

Florida’s Alan Grayson (D)

Florida’s Alcee Hastings (D)

Kentucky’s Thomas Massie (R)

Michigan’s Justin Amash (R)

North Carolina’s Walter Jones (R)

Tennessee’s John Duncan (R)

Texas’s Beto O’Rourke (D)

Washington’s Jim McDermott (D)

Here’s the relevant recent polling on this matter:


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Investigative historian Eric Zuesse is the author, most recently, of  They’re Not Even Close: The Democratic vs. Republican Economic Records, 1910-2010,  and of  CHRIST’S VENTRILOQUISTS: The Event that Created Christianity.


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  1. More people need to open their eyes and realize that the people who truly hold power in the global economic system use the media and the Democratic-Republican party to keep us focused on issues of division. This allows each wing of the Dem-Rub party to claim to be the voice of opposing sides, while they really focus primarily on the interests of their primary funders, to who's think tanks/universities/lobbying firms/law firms etc. they accept well paid positions in after their terms in office are complete.

    The whole "conservative vs. liberal, Democrat vs. Republican" thing is part of a larger scam, laced with buzzwords like "socialism", "capitalism", "freedom", "racism", "terrorism", and all kinds of other-isms, often vaguely defined and/or understood, used in ways that bypass logic and target emotion. This scam, usually called "divide and conquer", is one of the oldest scams in the world, if records left by ancient civilizations can be believed.

    Right now, there is a completely decentralized effort of people unknowingly working together toward educating the public about this problem, and the fact that it cannot be solved by voting for people who speak with silver tongues but don't really represent the interests of anyone or anything but personal gain. We must use the internet, while we still can, to educate ourselves, as well as to field and support candidates from within our own ranks.

    You can fully join this effort simply by using the internet, while you still can, to research everything you can about the current global economic structure, its history, the people involved in its evolution and maintenance, and particularly, where the money goes. Follow money trails. They are informative, not only about what monetary interests a candidate may have, but also about who benefits in the end from everything in the global economic system, and who loses.

    Try to find sources that most people will look upon as reputable. There is still, for example, a vast treasure of declassified government documents as well as those never classified in the first place, many still available freely on government web sites. Most importantly, and I can't stress this enough, SHARE WHAT YOU LEARN and ENCOURAGE others to investigate on their own and draw their own conclusions.

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  2. You CLOWNS are Clueless!!! Yanokovich stole the election during the Orange Revolution. Ukrainians Very Bravely took to the streets and ensured that the hijacked gov't would not open. Yanokovich stole the election that brought him to power as well.. he is a protege of the biggest kleptocracy imaginable, Putin's Russia.. do you realize that Putin may well be the worlds wealthiest person?!? Yanokovch took cronyism and corruption to an entirely new level in UA! You guys need to shut yer pie-holes and speak only of things in which you have an inkling of understanding. During last winter's Maidan uprising, again Brave Ukrainians took it to the ice-cold streets all winter! Putin's pricks started sniping them, assuming that it would disperse the brave folks in Kyiv.. it had the complete opposite effect! Why is the world unified, with the exception of you sadly misinformed big-mouths, in sanctioned Putin? No Russian speakier in UA has ever been threatened! The majority of Ukrainians speak Russian themselves! Putin is counting on twits like you all… Who shot-down that Malaysian airliner?!? (at least America finally paid restitution to Iran when the USS Vincennes did the same)… so youre calling the Dutch and Aussies liars when they state the trutth about this too?!? SMDH!!!

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  3. T.Chriatian R. is a TROLL Hope you are dealt with the same way those basterds that voted for sending weapons will be when justice is upon you and the other war loving shits

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  4. Telling people to shut their pie holes and questioning their understanding before calling them misinformed big mouths looks rather odd coming from someone who asserts that Putin may be the world's wealthiest person. Furthermore, it is just as conducive to helping people to understand your position as Russian troops sniping Ukrainian protesters helps Putin win the hearts and minds of the people of Ukraine. Ess-im-dee-aich.

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  5. Dismiss it then. You were taught to ignore all information that contradicts your beliefs. If the information isn't charming, it is wrong, even evil.

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  6. I think that the leaders of whatever country had better think about what they sow, even they may not like what the seed produces, then what?

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  7. Well said. Bush and Obama both prove that neither the Ds or Rs work for the people. It's time to vote them out of office.

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  8. Hey, Honore, Have you ever even been to Ukraine? I have and I met T.Christain there and he is no troll. He has lived there for 7 years, speaks fluent Russian, is married to a woman from Belarus and since his daughter was born there she is Ukrainian. The Ukrainians are bravely fighting an impossible situation against Putin's attempt to re-create what's left of the old Soviet Union. I would have no problem with this except that the majority of the UKRAINIAN people have stood up against it. They have little money because their former leader who they themselves ousted, Yanukovich, was Putin's proxy to steal money from them and left the country virtually bankrupt. I am not for war either, but war is necessary sometimes when extreme oppression is encountered. The Ukrainian people need help in standing up to Putin and are willing to do the fight themselves, they just need the weapons support to do it more effectively because they already are doing it. When someone is willing to stand up to a bully, they are not a "war loving shit" they are merely a group of people who can no longer live under the oppression forced upon them and are bravely willing to fight for a better future as that is the ONLY way it can happen as shear force is the only language guys like Putin understand and will yield to. The only "troll" here is YOU!

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  9. Hey Miles, all this "evidence" and "fact" you have attached is all from a freaking blog and is nonsense. The OSCE official did not say he saw "conclusive evidence." He said he saw "what almost looked like" machine gun fire, and he said that he saw no evidence of missiles damage, THEN quickly added that he was not a expert on the subject. He is not a forensic plane crash expert! There is also no evidence offered that the pilot has any expertise in plane crash forensics, and he hasn't even been to the site! I drive a car, that does NOT make me an expert on car crashes. The "analysis" here doesn't even reach level of Amateur Hour. Also, have you ever even been to Ukraine? I have and I met T.C. Royce there. He has lived there for 7 years, speaks fluent Russian, is married to a woman from Belarus and since his daughter was born there she is Ukrainian. If the Russians did not shoot down that Airliner why did they refuse ACTUAL EXPERTS access to the crash site? Why did they have men cutting up the Aircraft's remains with freakin chainsaws and hauling it away? It is obvious what happened, but guys like you just go with forgone conclusions and look for "anything" to support it. Try "introducing" YOURSELF to some facts! T.C. Royce knows more "facts" about Ukraine than you can dream of and that is exactly what the "source" you have attached is: A DREAM!

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  10. Jeff Best Ha, dear Jeff, I live next door and my reality is 180 degrees of yours. The US and EU ousted the government. And they are warmongers to try to sustain worldpower. Look at your history it happens every hundred years or so. Please take time to study the situation from more then one point of view. No real person wants a worldwar III. I feel that your defense for your friend makes you as worldy as he is.

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  11. Honoré de Balzac, you live in Berlin, Germany which is NOT "right next door"(as you say) there is a country called Poland in between YOU and Ukraine. However, since you live so close, I again ask you, have you EVER ACTUALLY BEEN to Ukraine? Yes, it is true, you are 180 degrees of my point of view, however, I would NOT call it "reality" as you did, but a dream claiming the US and EU are "behind" the revolution there. I have been to Ukraine 3 times including one of those times to Crimea. EACH time I was there, EVERY person I talked with hated Yanukovich and wanted him removed. It was the UKRAINIAN people themselves who bravely stood up for themselves in Kiev and elsewhere who ousted the Government. To be honest, the Leaders of both the US and EU would rather this would all just go away as it is politically a hot potato for them to deal with. It is the Ukrainian people themselves who are keeping the fight going as they literally have NO CHANCE for any type of meaningful future under what Putin wants to re-install. Yes, you are right though that no real person wants WWIII, however, that is no reason to just roll over and let Putin do what he wants for fear of WWIII. If we "look from history" (as you wrote) we can plainly see that strategy absolutely did NOT work with a previous World Leader named Adolf Hitler and in fact only gave him the time needed to strengthen his Nazi war machine to almost succeed in WWII. Seriously, what is YOUR solution to the problem? Maybe let Putin do what he wants unopposed, for fear of WWIII? Leave the Ukrainian people to once again be dominated by Moscow and the KGB as they were in Stalin's time? because it is clear that Putin is absolutely KGB all the way. Easy for you, with freedom provided by your own country's military and mine, to sit back and basically say fuck Ukraine cause I don't want WWIII. Putin is watching our response and if left completely unopposed in Ukraine he will definitely be knocking on other former Soviet Republics door and maybe more. Putin has claimed many times how much he admires Yuri Andropov and Yuri Andropov's strategy for keeping the former Soviet Union together was publically stated many times that only absolute sheer force can hold the Soviet Union together. This is Putin's idol, and it is clear he follows his teacher well. To appease Putin is merely showing him weakness which he will absolutely exploit to the max. Now THIS is ACTUALLY looking at history and what it can teach us!

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  12. Marc Alemany Gotor I made an objective observation based upon my knowledge of current events. You made the impossible assumption that you know what I was taught, followed by a pretentious bit of fluff meant to minimize my statement. I dismissed nothing. I only stated a fact. I have no idea and don't care in what sphere you are working in.

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  13. I sincerely hope that Russia is able to take power and somehow(maybe with the help of the Chinese) overthrow the American government and seize power not only of the Ukrain but America as well. Puttin may be our last hope to get out from under this oppressive corrupt Zionist controlled regime.

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  14. I voted for Gary Johnson

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