Breaking: Special Ops Military Contractors Now Being Deployed to Ferguson

Cassius Methyl | The Anti Media

The Blackwater-esque military contracting company ‘Asymmetrical Solutions’ announced on Twitter yesterday that they are deploying special ops to Ferguson. Image credit: YouTube (Asymmetrical Solutions training video)


They refused to give the public necessary details about why they are capitalizing off of this civil unrest, saying “we cannot professionally hand out that information, regardless of client or location. We put a security team of former SOF personnel into the STL area at the request of a client.”

The company is comprised of tactical, deadly individuals hired for military operations, such as Navy SEALS, SEAL Team 6, Special Operations Forces, Army Green Berets, and more.

They say they are deploying a “high threat team in (their) own city”, as they are ironically headquartered in St. Louis.

How could any good possibly come from this? Are the powers that be trying to pour napalm on this raging fire that they created?

This is something that must very carefully be taken note of.

Who knows what the outcome of this could be. The tensions just keep rising by the minute, and with another man killed by police in St. Louis just a few days ago, the original fuel for the fire just keeps piling up.

It seems what we should do as activists is continue to be peaceful and deliberate in our efforts to shift the paradigm and stop the violence instigated by the police and the powers that control them, and continue to change the paradigm with as little friction as possible.

Please share this with absolutely as many people as possible, especially people who could get caught in the crossfire at Ferguson.

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