Companies Donate $40k Worth of Marijuana to People Displaced by California Fires

(ANTIMEDIA)  — A California cannabis dispensary announced this week that it will be opening its doors to those affected by the wildfires tearing through Northern California, as well as donating medical cannabis to patients who have been evacuated or displaced.

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California’s largest medical cannabis manufacturer, CannaCraft Inc., is temporarily donating 12,000 square feet of its office space in Santa Rosa, as well as phone and internet service, to the American Red Cross to use as its Regional Headquarters for Northern California fire relief. There, more than 200 volunteers from the American Red Cross will coordinate 24-hour relief efforts for those displaced by the fires.

Cannacraft said Wednesday they will donate $40,000 in medical marijuana to California residents who do not have access to their medication due to the horrific wildfires that have left at least 31 dead, approximately 400 missing, and destroyed more than 3,500 homes and structures. An estimated 25,000 people have been evacuated, and over 120,000 acres of land have been scorched by the fires in the past few days.

The company has partnered with other dispensaries that will be distributing the free medicine, including Mercy Wellness in Cotati, SPARC/Peace in Medicine on Dutton Avenue in Santa Rosa, Emerald Pharms in Hopland, and Soulful in Sebastopol.

“These fires have affected every member of the CannaCraft family, so we are particularly committed to helping with fire relief efforts as we are able,” Dennis Hunter, CEO of CannaCraft CEO Dennis Hunter said.

He added:

“We are thankful that our headquarters remain intact and operational, making it possible for us to support the American Red Cross by donating much-needed space. We will continue to evaluate our resources including vehicles, property, facilities, equipment, and product to determine how to best serve our community at this time. We will be providing more information on these efforts as they develop.”

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