16 Scenes That Prove All Hell Is Actually Breaking Loose in Charlottesville

(ANTIMEDIA Updated) — A protest in Charlottesville on Saturday, the largest gathering of white nationalists in recent years, turned so violent the governor declared a state of emergency. Earlier in the day, the Virginia National Guard arrived as at least a thousand police officers were deployed to arrest those who refused to clear the area.

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Around noon, an attendee of the white nationalist rally rammed his car into a crowd of anti-racist protesters, severely injuring numerous people and killing one. It is still not clear how badly they were hurt, and several local hospitals have not returned phone calls from those seeking information on the victims. Two Virginia State troopers were also killed when their helicopter crashed while they were monitoring the situation.

The large white nationalist gathering, billed as a “Unite the Right” protest, was the climax of more than a year-long debate in Charlottesville over the fate of the Robert E. Lee statue.

Below are 16 highly disturbing scenes from the Charlottesville chaos of today that underscore the degree of tension and division currently plaguing American society:

You can follow live updates on Twitter by using the hashtag #Charlottesville.

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  • James Batman

    How ironic that all these people get all wrought up about the Civil War and very few have really done any serious reading on the subject, not to mention that NONE of them were participants. It wasn’t entirely where you were born as officers and soldiers went to the other side for multiple reasons, yet today everyone goes by their birth state. There is no reason to ever glorify (and that these monuments did) a movement that did its best to rip the country in two by firing on federal troops without cause.

  • Lacy Weeks

    So sick of the medias false news… We are not stupid…!!!! Antifa and black Lives Matter ARE racist…! How in the hell can you not see that…! And assholes are calling for Black Panthers…? Try it… you will NOT like the outcome… Your playing with a very dangerous time bomb… We are white and we are proud and we are not just a tiny little group …

  • I think we need the help of the new Black Panther party to shoot these stupid rednecks the next time they get out of line! These NAZI retards can come see me at my office at CarMax and I will kick their white asses back to the trailer park they were born and raised in, useless Nazi retards!

    Show 1 Replies
    • James Batman

      So you want to kill them? Exactly how is your hate any better than their hate? Hatred is hatred and wanting to kill someone over their beliefs is a bit much. Calm down, used car salesman. Too funny that a used car salesman looks down his long nose at those in trailer parks.

  • Free Oregon

    I suppose now we ought to dig up all the bodies buried in Arlington National Cemetery because it was Robert E Lee’s farm.

    Why not leave monuments alone and learn from history instead of trying to change or airbrush the past. Reframing is a healthy mental exercise. Killing over assumptions about history is not healthy, physically or mentally.

    Show 1 Replies
    • James Batman

      Because those monuments were put up to celebrate the myth of the “Lost Cause”. Those monuments celebrate men who did their best to rip the Union apart. This is not the kind of people who should EVER have been celebrated by putting up monuments of them. These monuments are not about history. They are about celebrating the Confederacy, which is something that should never have been allowed in this country.

  • Carrie Marc

    Via Deneen Raptor: I just watched police let Richard Spencer and other nazi’s push their line back.The police didn’t gas them or even resist and they didn’t attempt to arrest any of the people pushing them back.If this were POC pushing the police they would all be dead.