City Outlaws Panhandling, Police Chief now Threatening to Ban Giving to the Homeless

Cassius Methyl (TheAntiMedia)
September 12, 2014

Giving On The StreetIt’s just not good enough for it to be illegal to panhandle in San Antonio; now, the chief of police wants to ban giving to the homeless too.

In this economic black hole we find ourselves in with no way out, there are more people on the street every day without a lot of choices on how to get food, how to scramble for federal reserve notes to survive.

To make matters much worse for the homeless of San Antonio, those people struggling for federal reserve notes and food may now find generosity much more rare as it could become illegal for people to give to them at all.

If the police chief of San Antonio has his way, the police of the city will soon be granted the ability to force people giving to the homeless to give to the state; tickets, citations, robbery on yellow slips of paper.

Can anyone reading this think of this in a not malicious light? How can this possibly do anyone any good except the state?

Apathy runs deep within the minds of average Americans struggling themselves for federal reserve notes.

These apathetic people choose to work incredibly hard towards the goals of the people at the top of hierarchical structures, corporations they work for, and because they work so hard to not become homeless themselves, some of them are downright offended at the concept of a homeless person asking them for their money.

This apathy must be targeted and shifted towards understanding to combat this whole class of problems in our society.

Not everyone in America obviously are as apathetic as workers for corporations, but don’t you see that the underlying problem here is apathy?

Many cities in America have essentially made it illegal to be homeless. This is just one more foot in the grave.

Please share this with as many people as possible, for the sake of the understanding that apathy is the root of many social problems in America, and that must be confronted. Effort must be put forth to shape our paradigm and world we live in, or by default, the world we live in will be influenced by corruption instead.

Also, here’s a petition to show the bureaucratic ‘leaders’ of San Antonio that we do not want this law to be put in place.

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