Clinton Campaign in Big Trouble as Bernie Sanders Surges in Latest Polling

January 13, 2016   |   Claire Bernish

Claire Bernish
January 13, 2016

(ANTIMEDIA) United States — Bernie Sanders has now taken the lead from Hillary Clinton in Iowa, garnering his highest support yet — with just 20 days to go until the country’s first caucuses.

Sanders now leads with 49% over Clinton’s 44% in the latest Quinnipiac University Poll, which is a 9-point gain for the Vermont senator and a 7-point drop for the former Secretary of State — in less than one month. In fact, Sanders leads by double digits in New Hampshire, as well. Iowa’s caucus and New Hampshire’s primary are often viewed as critically important in the presidential race, due to massive media coverage that can bring as much attention as primary events in all other states, combined.

Clinton’s campaign might be feeling strain from recent allegations of war crimes and a call from former federal prosecutor Joe DiGenova that she be charged accordingly. Another blow to her presidential bid was delivered Tuesday by political group, when it announced its official endorsement of Sanders. And Clinton’s top aide told supporters in an email he was “nervous” about Sanders’ advertising strength in Iowa and New Hampshire, according to ABC News.

Recent dueling over gun control hasn’t helped Hillary, either, as Sanders’ aides made a point of calling out her lack of commitment to either side of the issue. Jeff Weaver, Sanders’ campaign manager, told CNN‘s Chris Cuomo in an interview, “People will remember that Secretary Clinton has been all over the map on guns, she’s been very conservative on guns, she’s been very liberal on guns.” He added, “I think her argument would be much more compelling if she had a consistent record on the issue.”

Though only slightly above the margin of error, Sanders’ new lead seemingly proves his assertion of being the more “electable” candidate, with 68% of Democrats — 11% more than last month — agreeing Sanders stands a good chance of winning the general election.

“After three months of Secretary Hillary Clinton holding an average 10-point lead among Iowa Democrats, the playing field has changed,” said Peter A. Brown, assistant director of the Quinnipiac University Poll. Sanders also ranked higher than Clinton in several “character traits,” including honesty and trustworthiness, that he “cares about” people’s “needs and problems,” and “shares their values.” People’s perception the two candidates possess strong leadership qualities were virtually tied.

Potential voters preferred Sanders to Clinton for handling the economy — which was their top-ranked issue for this election.

“Sen. Sanders’ surge seems based on the perception by Iowa Democrats that he is a better fit for Iowans,” Brown explained. “They see him, by double-digit margins, as more sharing their values, more honest and trustworthy, and viewed more favorably overall than is Secretary Clinton […] Iowa may well become Sen. Bernie Sanders’ ‘Field of Dreams.’”

Making matters even worse for Clinton, Iowa polling suggests that much of her support derives from voters who are not experienced in Iowa’s difficult-to-maneuver caucus process, where Sanders’ more experienced supporters are likely to perform even better than poll numbers show.

Perhaps Sanders really will pull off a quasi-coup, after all.

“Iowa Democrats like both major candidates personally,” Brown said. “They just like Sen. Sanders more.”

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Author: Claire Bernish

Claire Bernish joined Anti-Media as an independent journalist in May of 2015. Her topics of interest include thwarting war propaganda through education, the refugee crisis & related issues, 1st Amendment concerns, ending police brutality, and general government & corporate accountability. Born in North Carolina, she now lives in Cincinnati, Ohio.

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  1. Don't forget Trump calling out Bill as a sexual predator and Hillary for helping to cover it up and attack his victims. This is a story the under 30 crowd has never heard. I am sure they are also unaware of the then media fawning over Bill's ability to get away with it. Trump brought all of this back to the front page and Hillary's free fall began thus.

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  2. Hillary as been at a slow but steady decline for the last two months. She just dosen't have the support that Bernie has. I think the polls are showing that people are switching sides because they feel that Bernie will be a better commander and cheif. He has had the same message and the same talking points as when he ran for mayor in V.T..

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  3. I disagree. I think this has more to do with Bernie gaining followers and momentum then Hillary's "scandle". She just dosen't have the appeal that he has.

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  4. As the writer Thom Hartmann wrote a number of months ago (He & his wife live in NYC but have a place in upper Vermont), he was amazed that his conservative neighbors had Bernie signs in their lawns. When he asked why, his neighbors said "Bernie is a straight shooter….NO BS!". Bernie wins elections with EIGHTY PERCENT of Rs in Vermont voting for him. Now that is something! There is a general disatisfaction prevelent in the country. The lower, working class folks are for Trump. The Middle, UM and quite a few of the lower upper folks are for Bernie……but their collective complaints are the same. I hope Bernie wins Iowa and NH, because the media – which has ignored him basically – is going to have to start covering him. And when they do fairly, I think that a bunch of those working folks will turn to Bernie

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  5. Jones Lapmen-Shpleen No offense but do you really think the Moneyed Powers that control the DNC would consciously allow Bernie anywhere near the reigns of power. Look at the Big Bank's Donations the last two election cycles. Most of their money went to the DNC.
    Of course not. Bernie has been telling the same, sad, repacked, communist rhetoric since I was a young man (I am 52).
    I hope Bernie is the candidate though. Trump/Cruz will simply run tales of the horrors of Communist Cuba that Ted's father came of age in (and fought for, for a time) against Bernie's fawning over Castro and Cuba. A 48 state blood bath awaits.
    The DNC ship sailed once Biden didn't run.

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  8. No way. America has always hated the Commie Left and always will. Go back and look at both Clinton campaigns and both Obama campaigns. They were the most conservative candidates on the ballot and spoke that way. Tax cuts, marriage is one man and one woman only, if you like your paln you can keep it, etc.

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