“The Interview” Co-Director Says The Sony Hack Was Probably An Inside Job

December 20, 2014   |   John Vibes

John Vibes
December 20, 2014

(TheAntiMediaEvan Goldberg, co-director of the controversial film “The Interview”, recently said that the Sony hack which caused the film’s cancellation may have actually been an inside job. In a recent discussion with “Straight” magazine, Goldberg revealed that many knowledgeable tech experts at Sony actually believe that the job could only have been pulled off by someone on the inside.

My gut instinct was, ‘Oh no, is it the North Koreans?…For two seconds it was the North Koreans, and then the younger guys in our office who know way more about computers were, like, ‘No way. You’d have to know Sony’s network, it has to be somebody on the inside,” Goldberg said.

These comments were made over a week ago and went largely unnoticed by the mainstream media. However, Goldberg isn’t the only one who thinks that the hack was an inside job.

This week, computer security expert Vinny Troia told Fox News “America’s Newsroom” that there was much more evidence for an inside job than there was for a cyber attack from North Korea.

“I think that in the event that this turns out to be either a disgruntled employee or an inside job, there is so much attention around this right now, they need to point the finger at somebody else,Troia said Friday, adding that it was “almost impossible for this to occur completely from the outside.”

Although many experts and Sony employees are saying that this was an inside job, the US government is still insisting that North Korea is responsible for the cyber attack, and that a future retaliation is being planned.

While government officials are talking about how to respond to this alleged transgression from North Korea, the FBI is actually thoroughly investigating Sony’s IT department for suspects in the case.


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Author: John Vibes

John Vibes joined Anti-Media as an independent journalist in October of 2014. His topics of interest include agorism, anarchism, consciousness, the Drug War, and spirituality. Born in Philadelphia, he currently resides in Maryland.

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  1. If the FBI finds anything on the inside, you bet your ass it will be covered up; just like anything else that's true and matters.

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  2. please spread this info,don't let them use this situation to destroy net neutrality that's what i think their really after this is a ploy

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  3. Uncle Sam is up to something again. It's a pretext to attack N.Korea. "Future retaliation is being planned".

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  4. who was it that first received any of this hacked information?

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  5. N.Korea? Ha! Ha! Ha!

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  6. Well the one thing we know for sure is, we can't trust this administration including the FBI, CIA, NSA, DHS. They are all famous for their false flags designed to manipulate.

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  7. There was a comment on a IRC board that it was a an employee that gave passwords to a group of script kiddies. It was being laughed about. Noticed that it its gone quiet now that they realise the Gov and FBI and media are taking such a massive interest.

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  8. Last weeks No Agenda Show already pointed this out. 7000 people fired by Sony of which 2000 in the digital division. Maybe a few guys were pissed off? listen here. http://www.noagendashow.com for thursdays show. Tomorrow for sundays show.

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  9. After watching the movie, I right away thought that this was probably an inside job, ingenious trick to gain huge attention from the people.. because otherwise, this movie was a joke, and barely anyone would have watched it in the theatres anyway.

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