New Coca-Cola Ad Refers to Nazi Germany as “Good Old Times”

March 4, 2015   |   ANTIMEDIA

March 4, 2015

(ANTIMEDIA) Coca-Cola has recently released a television commercial to commemorate the 75th anniversary of the soft drink, Fanta. The advertisement, which is in German, neglected to mention the origin and history behind the orange soda.  

The narrator of the ad delivers the following lines over a quirky and innocent looking visual. “75 years ago, resources for our beloved Coke in Germany were scarce. To celebrate Fanta, we want to give you the feeling of the good old times back.”

Fanta was developed in Germany in 1941. What the narrator fails to notify the viewer of is that the “scarcity” referred to in the commercial was a result of World War II. Due to embargoes and other sanctions, Coca-Cola Deutschland was no longer able to acquire the ingredients to make Coca-Cola. Instead of halting production, Coca-Cola Deutschland created a new drink with domestically available ingredients. That drink was Fanta.

The “good old times” mentioned are the midst of the holocaust.

Coca-Cola was forced to remove the video after an online outrage ensued. The Atlanta based company has since reposted the ad, this time without the phrase “good old times”.

This latest controversy comes on the heels of another blunder involving the soft drink empire and Hitler. Coca-Cola recently tweeted out the beginning of Hitler’s Mein Kampf from the company’s official Twitter page.

The original video – which was saved and uploaded to Vimeo – can be viewed below.

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  1. this is just pathetic, they're talking about the fanta being "good old times" not nazi Germany….

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  2. You guys are bait and switching by using Facebook preview to show swastika, but when you watch the video there is no swastika. You fabricated it.

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  3. This is a little out of hand, its obvious to anyone that watch the video and understand german, that it has absolutely nothing to do with Nazi Germany, only the drink Fanta. There is no need to discuss the politics behind why coca cola wasnt sold in Germany in that time periode, since we all should know that, but to say that refering to the old classic fanta, refers to the good old nazi times, are a new low and disgusting. People keep seeing old ghosts everywhere, if there is one nation that do not wish to re-live that periode of time, trust me its the German people.

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  4. "How many people do you think got fired over this?" By this you mean this pathetic excuse of an article right?

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  5. Pathetic post! If you'd understand German at all you would realise there are no issues at all! Sensationalism galore

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  6. Nick Slaughter It wasn't part of the Coca-Cola commercial. There was absolutely zero reference to Nazism. That's the point. The Anti-Media added a false element to the story to increase traffic and thus profits – which is exactly what all the other conventional media outlets do.

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  7. Exactly! what I was thinking!

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  8. We need an Anti- Antimedia website. This has nothing to do with the Nazi's.

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  9. the history is that fanta was made so coke could sell soft drinks to Nazi occupied Europe but OK

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  10. 75 yrs ago was 1939 that was the high point of Nazi germany thats the point.

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  11. Well, I completely agree with the article. The commercial is distasteful and ignorant. The people who made this were obviously so much occupied with gaining more profit, that they overlooked the controversy.

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  12. ah Nazi Germany the germans had good ideas, misunderstood and heavily lied about in history books

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