Cops Say Video of Police Shooting Near Ferguson Shows Suspect Pulling Gun, Except it Doesn’t

Cassius Methyl
December 24, 2014

(TheAntiMedia) Why do the circumstances around Ferguson and in inner city America continue to end in the police killing people?

That is a very complex question, and I have no answer for you. I’m not here to tell you what to think, I only asked so that you would ask yourself and think about it. This article is to encourage you to objectively determine what you will about this incident if you care, and to present you with available facts.

Antonio Martin, an 18 yr old black male was shot and killed by police last night near Ferguson. Police have released a statement claiming the man was allegedly armed with a handgun.

Surveillance footage of the shooting can be viewed below.

In the footage, however, it is very difficult to make out anything. Despite the fact that the video is so far away and the quality is so low, there is almost a universal reporting by the corporate media claiming this as concrete proof that corroborates the officer’s story. Also, the officer involved claims he did not have his body camera turned on at the time of the shooting. Another discrepancy is that dashcam footage would apparently capture this encounter at close range, however there is no word as to whether this camera was also turned off or if the footage will be made available to the public.

All I ask that you do is objectively run through the evidence, and with an open mind, understand the implications of this if you feel so inclined to care.

In every single shooting by police, you have to ask yourself ‘was murder really the very last thing he could do?’, ‘was the cop actually being threatened?’, ‘where is the evidence for the claim that he was armed, and how do we confirm the existence of this evidence as the public?’ among a million other questions.

Please share this with anyone who would find it relevant. This may spark another uprising in Ferguson area protests.

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