Cop Shoots Elderly Dog In Face While She Is Playing In Family’s Fenced Backyard

M. David and S. Wooten
February 24, 2015

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(Countercurrent News) Recently a New York family’s elderly dog was shot in the face by a Suffolk County Police officer. The cop had responded to a call that claimed a dog was tied to a tree in the bitter cold, according to CBS New York.

That dog was not tied up, and had only been allowed outside for short durations to relieve itself and run around for a few minutes before being let back in.

The dog is named “Black” and had been playing with a ball in her fenced-in yard when the officer came on to the private property and shot her in the face.
A local friend of Black’s owners, Darell Baldwin, saw the whole thing because he was dog-sitting at the time. Baldwin said that when he ran outside, the female officer claimed: “Your dog attacked me, I had to let off a round.”

After the dog was shot in the face she ran into the house, whimpering. Not only was she not tied to a tree, the back door had been cracked for her to enter as she pleased.

The dogs owners explain that now “she needs a wire put in her jaw, she has to have all her back teeth on her left side removed and that’s going to cost about another $6,000,”

“My house is so quiet without her, my house feels broken.”

Do add insult to injury, the officer responding should have realized that there was not even a single tree on the property in question for the dog to be tied to. Still, instead of investigating with the property owners, or simply leaving, the officer decided to shoot an elderly dog in the face.

Police tell us an investigation is underway.

Tweets from the family show Black doing much better than might be expected… in spite of the brutality and recklessness she faced from the officer who shot her.

This article originally appeared on Countercurrent News and was used with permission.