Cops Who Framed Mentally Challenged Man For Rape and Murder Ordered To Pay Him $7 Million

Moreh B.D.K.
February 4, 2015

(COUNTERCURRENT) Antony Caravella had to wait 26 years for justice. The 46-year-old was wrongfully imprisoned after being framed by two Miramar police officers for the rape and murder of 58-year old Ada Cox Jankowski.

Jankowski was in fact brutally raped and stabbed over a dozen times, but the mentally challenged Caravella had nothing to do with the crimes against her. Still, back in 1983, Caravella was framed by two police officers William Mantesta and George Pierson.

Caravella was released from prison back in September 2009 and was cleared of any and all involvement through DNA testing. But now, a federal appeals court has ruled Officers Mantesta and Pierson, must pay Caravella $7 million directly. That’s right, the city is not being told to foot the bill for these rogue officers: the cops are being told to pay Caravella themselves.

When Caravella was arrested back on December 28, 1983, Officer Mantesta and Officer George Pierson spent hours alone with him, telling the 15 year old information about the Jankowski crime scene, and then tricking him into repeating the information back in a way that they said amounted to a confession. Caravella had an IQ of 67, and was considered mentally challenged.

The jury who awarded Caravella the $7m claim against the officers, found that both had, “while acting under color of state law as members of the City of Miramar Police Department acted with malice or reckless indifference to Caravella.”

The court decided that the now retired Officer Mantesta is liable for $4 million and the similarly retired Peirson is liable for $3 million.

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