EXCLUSIVE: Cops reportedly leave strip club and fire weapon randomly out car window

Justin King
January 14, 2015

(ANTIMEDIA) Florida Cop Watch has undertaken an investigation into two Broward County Deputies that allegedly left a strip club on Okeechobee Road and fired a weapon from the window of their vehicle striking a Walgreens and almost hitting a Palm Beach County Deputy.

An anonymous message by someone identified only as a Palm Beach County employee was sent to Florida Cop Watch detailing the events of January 5, 2015. The email relayed the story of two off-duty Broward County Deputies wildly firing their weapon from a vehicle after going out drinking at a strip club. Multiple shots were fired, one struck a local pharmacy. Another round whizzed by a female Deputy of Palm Beach County. The Palm Beach Deputies performed a felony traffic stop on the vehicle. After finding out the shooters were cops, the Broward County Sheriff was allegedly notified and showed up on scene. The cops were not charged.

An anonymous Facebook message isn’t entirely reliable, so Florida Cop Watch opened an investigation into the events. A spokesman for Florida Cop Watch told the Anti-Media that Broward County Internal Affairs would not confirm or deny the incident because it’s an active investigation. That active investigation by internal affairs should be a clear indication that at least part of the story is true.

The first time Cop Watch called the Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Department, they were told: “I don’t know what you’re talking about. Whatever you’re talking about must not be true because I haven’t heard about it.” Email exchanges between Florida Cop Watch and the Palm Beach County Department finally confirmed the incident, and the fact that two Broward County Deputies were interviewed.

Screenshots obtained by Florida Cop Watch.
Screenshots obtained by Florida Cop Watch.

Florida Cop Watch told the Anti-Media that the Palm Beach County Department employees volunteered details that confirmed the story told by the anonymous tip. There are no news reports of the incident that is being kept under wraps. Both departments are apparently stonewalling efforts to obtain information, and are most likely attempting to conceal the incident from public scrutiny. In other shootings that don’t involve members of the thin blue line, details are immediately available, arrests are made, and the news is notified.

Spokesman for Florida Cop Watch, James Butler said:

“It’s a double standard. Justin, if it was you and I that had shot up a Walgreens, we’d be sitting in jail until the lawyers could figure it out. We wouldn’t be waiting at home to see if anyone noticed.”

Indeed, Butler is correct. The illegal firing of a firearm in Florida carries a minimum mandatory sentence of 20 years. The State’s Attorney should release all pertinent information immediately in the interest of transparency and public safety.

Florida Cop Watch is asking citizens to contact the departments and demand the incident report. The phone number for media relations is 561-688-3082.

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