Cop’s T-shirt Mocks Eric Garner’s Death Sparking Massive Backlash

Justin King
December 18, 2014

(TheAntiMedia) Corporal Jason Barthel of the City of Mishawaka Police Department decided that some of Eric Garner’s dying words were worthy of being mocked. The cop owns a T-shirt company that is producing shirts saying “Breathe Easy” along with a friendly reminder to “Obey the law.” Eric Garner repeatedly said “I can’t breathe” before he died at the hands of the New York City Police Department.

The subtext is pretty clear: Do what we say, or we will kill you and walk away without a trial.

If you would like to purchase one of these shirts, contact South Bend Uniform Co.

This  T-shirt is available for $13.
This T-shirt is available for $13.

Corporal Barthel probably didn’t count on the backlash from mocking a dying man’s last words. People tired of the growing police state have started a “Breathe Easier” campaign to ask people to pledge to stop filming and start fighting violent cops. They are producing their own T-shirt, which can be ordered here.

Barthel, for his part, says he wasn’t trying to inflame the situation. Of course, Barthel isn’t what anyone would call smart. In the same interview he manages to say that the “I can’t breathe” slogan is aggravating race relations, but his “Breathe easy” brand

“is going to continue to evolve into a sense of bringing people together.”

Seriously, he said that.

On his company’s Facebook page:

“For those upset, please understand when we use the slogan “Breathe Easy” we are referring to knowing the police are there for you!“

He expects people to believe that it was just a coincidence. These are the kinds of lies that stop cops from being indicted by grand juries. He has already said in an interview that it was in direct response to the “I can’t breathe” slogan. He went as far as to even cite the Notre Dame basketball players who wore shirts bearing the slogan. So in his responses he has proven himself to be a liar, of course, I have already said that he was a cop so I guess I’ve repeated myself.

This is why the Freedom of Speech is so important in the United States. It allows people to express their grievances against the government, and allows the agents of government to show themselves to be the lying thugs that most of them are.

Local officials have asked Barthel to stop selling the shirts. Since his store has done more than $60,000 worth of business with the city of South Bend, it’s likely he will comply.

Disclosure Notice: The author has openly supported the “Breathe Easier” response.

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