The Corporate Media Is Basically Ignoring the FCC Plan to Kill Net Neutrality

(COMMONDREAMS) — With just over two weeks left until the FCC is set to vote on chairman Ajit Pai’s plan to decimate net neutrality, a new study published on Tuesday by Media Matters for America found that corporate cable and broadcast news coverage of Pai’s proposed net neutrality repeal has been sorely lacking—and, in some cases, nonexistent.

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Based on an examination of television segments aired on major news networks since November 20—the day Politico reported that Pai was planning a “total repeal of net neutrality rules”—the study found that NBCABC, and CBS have devoted just over two minutes combined to net neutrality.

Corporate Media Sucks

Of all the major corporate networks Media Matters examined, MSNBC devoted far and away the most coverage to the FCC’s “scorched-earth” attack on the open internet.

“In the wake of the breaking news, MSNBC represented 90 percent of all cable coverage” of net neutrality, the study found.

Media Matters goes on to observe that both NBC—which “has not covered net neutrality at all”—and MSNBC are both “owned by internet service provider Comcast, which stands to benefit from the repeal.”

Since Pai unveiled his long-awaited plan to scrap net neutrality rules last week, a large and disparate coalition has come out in opposition to the Republican-controlled FCC’s proposals.

Civil rights organizationsconsumer advocatesenvironmentalists, a group representing over 500 businesses (pdf), massive tech companies, and even some right-wing publicationshave denounced Pai’s effort to eliminate “the internet as we know it.

Pai’s plan “ignores the will of people from across the political spectrum who overwhelmingly support these protections,” Matt Wood, policy director at Free Press, concluded in a statement. “It ignores the law and the courts, which have repeatedly upheld the 2015 Title II rules. And it ignores the vibrancy of the internet marketplace following adoption of that 2015 order, with incontrovertible economic data showing that both investment in networks and online innovation are flourishing under the very same rules Pai wants to destroy.”

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    • Joyce Gaynor

      The current Republican chairman at the FCC, is brought to us by President Obama. This is copy / paste from the FCC website “Ajit Pai is the Chairman of the Federal Communications Commission. He was designated Chairman by President Donald J. Trump in January 2017. He had previously served as Commissioner at the FCC, appointed by then President Barack Obama and confirmed unanimously by the United States Senate in May 2012.”

      Trump made Ajit chairman, but Obama made put him on the FCC.

      The case law developed for the about to be retired neutrality regulation can be found at United States Court of Appeals for the District Of Columbia Circuit case 15-1063 decided May 17, 2017. It contains the following on Page 16 of the decision ‘While the net neutrality rule applies to those ISPs that hold themselves out as neutral, indiscriminate conduits to internet content, the converse is also true: the rule does not apply to an ISP holding itself out as providing something other than a neutral, indiscriminate pathway—i.e., an ISP making sufficiently clear to potential customers that it provides a filtered service involving the ISP’s exercise of “editorial intervention.” ‘

      From the above decision by the DC appellate court, which was not reviewed by the Supreme Court, and as such is a final ruling by a federal court on this issue, allows any ISP to opt out of net neutrality by just saying so. What is being taken from us is a placebo. Congress must fix this. Many are in fear of losing something that was voided by our federal courts.