Court: Obama Can Continue Assassination Program in Secret, Even Against Americans

December 7, 2015   |   Derrick Broze

A federal appeals court has upheld the Obama administration’s secrecy surrounding the controversial targeted assassination program.

Derrick Broze
December 7, 2015

(ANTIMEDIA) Washington D.C. While much of the media has focused on the recent violence in Paris, Georgia, and San Bernardino, as well as the escalating conflicts in Iraq and Syria, another profound and troubling domestic issue seems to have been overlooked.

Indeed, the issue at hand was first reported on November 24th — and covered for roughly a day — before it was quickly forgotten in the daily barrage of news stories. But we should not be so quick to dismiss the possibility of a future president (maybe one with fascist leanings?) choosing to exercise “targeted killings” against the American public. This practice, of course, is embodied by the Obama administration’s program of assassinating individuals suspected of terrorism, also known as the “disposition matrix.”

The Washington Post first reported on the disposition matrix in 2012:

“Over the past two years, the Obama administration has been secretly developing a new blueprint for pursuing terrorists, a next-generation targeting list called the ‘disposition matrix.’

The matrix contains the names of terrorism suspects arrayed against an accounting of the resources being marshaled to track them down, including sealed indictments and clandestine operations. U.S. officials said the database is designed to go beyond existing kill lists, mapping plans for the ‘disposition’ of suspects beyond the reach of American drones.

“Although the matrix is a work in progress, the effort to create it reflects a reality setting in among the nation’s counterterrorism ranks: The United States’ conventional wars are winding down, but the government expects to continue adding names to kill or capture lists for years.”

For the last four years, New York Times journalist Charlie Savage has waged a legal battle against the Obama administration, seeking to reveal the government’s legal justifications for assassinating terror suspects without a trial. Specifically, Savage sued the Obama administration in an attempt to obtain details about the murder of al-Qaeda affiliated cleric, Anwar al-Awlaki. Al-Awlaki was born in New Mexico and eventually found himself on the U.S. government’s radar under suspicion of terrorism.

On September 30, 2011, drones sent by the CIA and Joint Special Operations Command flew into Yemen and bombed al-Awlaki and al-Qaeda propagandist, Samir Khan. The case drew public criticism not only because al-Awlaki was an American citizen, but because several weeks after his death, another American drone killed al-Awlaki’s 16-year-old son, Abdulrahman. He was also a U.S. citizen living in Yemen.

A 2014 ruling by Second Circuit court forced the release of a memorandum from the Office of Legal Counsel. The New York Times and the American Civil Liberties Union fought for the release of 11 other OLC memos, but the court protected 10 of them from release. The Times and the ACLU appealed the decision, but a three-judge panel from the Second Circuit denied the release of the documents.

This appeal, like the prior one, primarily concerns whether documents considering such lawfulness must be disclosed,” Judge Jon Newman wrote for the panel.

We strongly disagree that these crucial legal memos can lawfully be kept secret. In a democracy, there should be no room for ‘secret law,’ and the courts should not play a role in perpetuating it,” Jameel Jaffer, Executive Director of the ACLU, told Courthouse News.

The ACLU also stated the decision “[would] not be the last word in the ACLU’s quest for transparency surrounding the government’s targeted killing program.” It announced the release of an infographic (see below) that explains the dangers of the assassination program.

According to the ACLU, “of more than 500 credibly reported strikes, only nine have been acknowledged on the record. Of more than 4,800 credibly reported deaths, only 11 have been acknowledged by the government. We don’t know how many individuals are on a government ‘kill list.’”

There is a real possibility that an American president could use this program on American soil to eliminate individuals who have been deemed “terrorists” or “extremists.” While some may scoff at the notion, there areAmericans who currently support curbing civil liberties and human rights for groups of people who hold certain religious — and even political — beliefs. This is all driven by fear, nationalism, and xenophobia, which the media and political pundits are more than happy to exploit.

If the free people of this land wish to expose the tyrants and psychopaths in the American government, they should start by reducing their reliance on the institutions they oppose. Remove yourself from this crumbling empire and all its machinations. Keep fighting to shine light into darkness and expose government secrecy. In the end, truth always wins.

This article (Court: Obama Can Continue Assassination Program in Secret, Even Against Americans) is free and open source. You have permission to republish this article under a Creative Commons license with attribution to Derrick Broze and Anti-Media Radio airs weeknights at 11pm Eastern/8pm Pacific. If you spot a typo, email

Author: Derrick Broze

Derrick Broze joined Anti-Media as an independent journalist in July of 2014. His topics of interest include solutions to the police state, the surveillance state, economic inequality, attacks on Native communities, and oppression in all its forms. He was born in Houston, Texas.

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  2. Obama is a fascist liar, and so are those who let this fascist nut have that kind of power, Impeach the nut now, and fire those who would let another Hitler come to life.

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  3. Remove me from your future lists, God knows hatred and love too! And, now! Don't email me anymore whoever you are!

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  4. Where is the common sense in America ? on youtube. I just found Wild Bill on YouTube yesterday and every video he has says what most Americans are thinking and saying about the Obama, no, Barry Soetoro, muslim faction that we have allowed to infiltrate the Whitehouse and the ranks of congress, intelligence, and law enforcement, as well as our military. We as a nation must act now and not wait for the next scam election. You can bet your money that the criminal Hillary or some other controlled puppet will be foisted on us. Just like Obama was. Is. You can bet that until he or it can impose total gun control, we will keep seeing on TV more contrived gun incidents aimed at rallying the sheeple into a demand more guns. Its only because of guns that we havent fully been taken over by the New World Odor, and our elected officials are guilty in not upholding the Constitution, not serving the people, and its time people wake up to the lie that is democracy. We are a constitutional Republic, not a democracy. The so called elected work for the interests of corporations, not the people. We must take this country back through unity, community, strength in numbers, and a just, united cause. And while Im on my soapbox, we must end the federal reserve, end our entanglement with the UN, bring back real paper ballot voting, end the abuse of and end welfare for illegals and non disabled career welfare abusers, deport illegals, uphold all our constitutional laws, prosecute violaters in office, and end Islam in America. Yeah, offensive, get real and get it done. We have a choice at this dangerous crossroads. We can come together and undo the communist change this imposter POS has brought upon us, or we can keep being patient and hoping for someone or something else to save us which makes me sick. We the people are not cowards or non compassionate, we are the greatest nation and we are going to have to fight for it again or forever lose the best country in the world. Quit watching TV, spread info throughout the communities, get a family plan, and prepare for the coming all out attack on our lives and rights and liberties. In case you dont already know, we are at war already on our soil. And we must purge the infiltrators that have invaded us in office. Watch WildBillforAmerica on YouTube. He is retired LEO and ex marine with down to earth commen sense and a plan to restore America and take out the trash. We. cant keep waiting. This is way past the danger point

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  5. So let me get this right. If someone gets on the no fly list as a terrorist by "mistake" as we know has already happened, they would be on the terrorist "list" as well, even if they are an American citizen, using "secret information" that may be inaccurate, they can be assassinated and it is all perfectly legal? There are many many millions of us informed thinking American citizens that know this is a very dangerous policy and that the rest of the American population had better wake up, and soon. We are headed down a road that any American for any political reason that runs contrary to the insane liberal left can be snuffed out in a "legal" manner. WAKE UP PEOPLE!

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  6. Well said. We cant wait for another shame election. The people of America need to wake up to whats going on around them. Take action and impeach all incumbents.

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  8. Hill-bill have "allegedly" lost a number of friends. Vince Foster is 1 example.

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  9. would be nice, but you see how much has changed after the 2014 election, and how long speaker ryan kept his big boy pants on.

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  10. Its not just Soetero….but several before him and all who will come after.

    So this is that "free and open society" that the HNIC blathered about last Sunday? The one that can detain you indefinitely, assassinate you at will (all based on "secret" evidence"), a congress that has to pass bills before they can tell you whats in them, can seize land on a whim.

    Yeah…..sounds reeeeally free and open to me. Your founding fathers went to war with another Empire over a whole lot less. But then again, they didn't have DWTS, Fantasy Football or Honey Boo-Boo to distract them.

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  11. Sandra Y. McGinnis
    Congress works for the same global coporations that Soetero does. After all, they (s)elected him.

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  13. If Americans are abroad and are living with, acting with terrorist, they are in my book terrorist! If you are cohorts of terrorist then you deserve what you get! Those that have been targeted were Muslims living a radical Islamic life and they don't ďeseŕvè a trial! Now Americans on American soil is a different story!

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  14. the real reason that they don't impeach uncle Oboil is, he lines their pockets with taxpayer money.. they are living high on our cash and are doing nothing to earn it.. now be honest with yourself and all wh are reading this! would you turn down a job like that???? I don't think so! so, too get rid of Oblister and all who love the crap that he is doing to America, has to start with the illimination of congress and put all new faces that want this parasite gone. I do mean all of them, including kerry, clinton, pelozi.. all of them!!!!!

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  15. except for that pesky 5th amendment….oh wait….you don't believe in the american constitution apparently.

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  16. Obama will go after American citizens who disagree with his terrorists buddies bet on that. If we had a real Congress that terrorist loving nut wouldn't be in our white house. I urge everyone who loves America to vote every single one of those fools out next election.

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  17. problem? illegal voters padding the ballot box. how do you fix that? And how do we know they will live up to their word 'this time' they '''all''' campaigned on 'we will change things' and did they???? status quo you know?

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  18. Do obama murder that reporter that had the goods on him ? The one that had the fatal car accident.

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  19. Hll , hes doing it now FINANACIALLY. Look at the lives this clown has destroyed. The ranchers in Texas & along the border that was suppossed to be guarded & the fence put up. The fence has been paid for for years now & the electronics that turned out to be JUNK, paid for but to my knowledge not been repaired or replaced yet. Obama has done nothing to strenghen this country but everything to tear it down. How can a president be so inept & conniving & still be in office. No one can say a bad word about him for fear of retaliation, loss of job & put on a black list. He is the WORST thing that has ever happened to this country , a Benedict Arnold of our time.

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  21. This is very convenient for him, as he can put anyone he chooses on that terrorist list.

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