Who Is Actually To Blame For The Deaths of Two NYPD Cops?

SM Gibson
December 21, 2014

(TheAntiMediaOfficers Wenjian Lu and Rafael Ramos were sitting idle in their NYPD patrol car on Saturday afternoon when Ismaaiyl Brinsley approached the window of their cruiser, pulled out a firearm and fatally shot both policemen at point blank range. Brinsley was dead moments later by a bullet from the same gun which had just taken the lives of the two NYPD officers. The self inflicted shot came on a subway platform just steps away from the Brooklyn street corner where Brinsley had fired the shots that echoed, not just around New York City, but across the entire nation.

The shootings, as the whole world has heard by now, were in retaliation for the recent non indictment decision in the Eric Garner case. While it is completely obvious that justice was not carried out in the case of Eric Garner, an eye for an eye will still leave the whole world blind.

Before all details were even released, politicians and pundits alike started pointing fingers. If you ever needed more proof that tragedies in the United States are used as opportunities to shove some flimsy agenda down the throats of the people, this is it.

Casting blame on those not involved is a security blanket for the insecure.


Radio host Sean Hannity took it upon himself to blame protestors. Hannity said in a tweet that protestors ‘had blood on their hands’ for the murder of the two officers. If the Fox News fearmonger was correct in his assessment, then wouldn’t he also have blood on his hands for thousands of children overseas? After all, this is the same man who has championed war all over the Middle East, including vehemently supporting the recent Israeli siege on Gaza that left over 500 innocent children dead.

Although Sean is a despicable cheerleader for state sponsored death, he has never ordered the first military strike, ergo I don’t blame him for the deaths of thousands of innocents.

A few hours later, former Governor of New York George Pataki took to the popular social media platform to Tweet his ‘casting of stones’ in the direction of Attorney General Eric Holder and New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio. While I am no personal fan of either Holder or de Blasio, blaming them for the deaths of Officers Wenjian Lu and Rafael Ramos is not only laughable, it is a pathetic & desperate political play by a washed-up politician which proves once again, that partisan lines run deeper with these people than common decency or logic.


Want to know what the real problem is?

Everyone in the United States wants to blame everyone or everything for the troubles or tragedies in this country except those actually responsible. It’s time we took a long hard look in the mirror and stop making excuses for murder. We need to stop blaming the victims, laws, or even protestors. While certainly there are entities in this nation that cultivate tense environments, apply pressures, and encourage justice not to be served (police unions would definitely be included on that list, but that is an entirely different topic all together), these outside parties are not responsible for the actual deaths.

Michael Brown did not kill Michael Brown. Altering statements by witnesses did not kill Michael Brown. Stealing a cigarillo does not warrant the death penalty. Darren Wilson killed Michael Brown.

Tamir Rice did not kill Tamir Rice. Not following orders or holding a BB is not a death sentence.  Timothy Loehmann pulled the trigger that took the 12 year old’s life.

Eric Garner did not kill Eric Garner. Eric Garner’s weight did not kill Eric Garner. Selling a loose cigarette is not a death sentence. Daniel Pantaleo did choke out and kill Eric Garner.

Kelly Thomas did not kill Kelly Thomas. Mental illness did not kill Kelly Thomas. Jay Cicinelli, Manuel Ramos, and Joseph Wolfe killed Kelly Thomas.

And the two NYPD officers shot and killed in their patrol cruiser did not kill Eric Garner, nor should they have suffered the consequences of doing so.

Protestors did not kill the two slain officers. Politicians, grand juries, or police unions did not murder them either. Ismaaiyl Brinsley killed the two police men and he alone is the one with blood on his hands.

I don’t mourn the tragic loss of Officers Wenjian Lu and Rafael Ramos because they wore a uniform and a badge to work. I mourn for them and their families because they are human beings that were needlessly struck down; human beings just like Michael Brown, Tamir Rice, Eric Garner and Kelly Thomas.

It’s time that all people start taking personal responsibility, accept the consequences of their and other’s actions, and stop shifting blame or playing political games.

If we can expect justice for the death of some, why can’t we have justice for all?

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