Democratic Party Continues to Prove It Has Lost Touch With America

(ANTIMEDIA) – As President Trump’s presidency continues to spiral toward failure, mainstream opposition continues to follow the same path. Despite the president’s dismal approval rating, the Democratic Party can’t seem to come up with a meaningful strategy to appeal to millions of Americans who are dissatisfied with the country’s current leadership.

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Their predicament was apparent this week when the Democratic National Committee sent out a press release scolding Trump for failing to keep his promises on his proposed border wall. According to a screen shot tweeted by Business Insider reporter Allan Smith, the DNC attempted to stir inspiration by asserting that “Trump has failed to deliver on his signature promise to build a border wall and have Mexico pay for it.

The Hill reported further, noting the DNC response to Trump’s failure to build the wall:

REALITY: Construction on Trump’s border wall had not begun as of August 2017, and it had not even received funding yet.”

Though the DNC made it clear they do not support the wall plan, but rather, were attempting to highlight Trump’s lies, the attempt was lambasted on social media.

“If your strategy requires you to twist yourself into this big of a pretzel, it might be time for a better strategy,” tweeted Mike Casca, New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio’s communication director.

The DNC also failed on a separate occasion this week — this time with a DNC mailer attempting to collect donations for the party. The shot of the envelope, tweeted by Business Insider reporter Andrew Saturn, displayed “FINAL NOTICE” stamped on the envelope.

The Democrats proving how disconnected from the working class they truly are: sending out donation pleas that look like collection letters,” Saturn, a self-described leftist, commented. He then claimed that though he didn’t have the full notice to tweet, it “start[ed] out like a collection letter than [sic] [slid] into generic DNC fundraising form letter.” Though one Twitter user argued it was likely a marketing firm that sent out the notices — and therefore, it wasn’t the DNC’s fault — the DNC’s lack of oversight in such a theoretical incident is just as damning.

Indeed, the DNC’s evidently misguided tactics are not translating into funds. New Republic reported this week that the party is lagging far behind the RNC when it comes to fundraising:

In July, the DNC raised $3.8 million, lagging far behind its Republican counterpart, which raised $10.2 million in the same month. This is the worst haul for any month since January 2009, when Barack Obama was first inaugurated. Overall, during the first half of 2017, the RNC has pummeled the DNC, raising $75.4 million to the Democrats’ $38.2 million.

Though the party is attempting to paint itself as the “resistance” to Trump and has earned funds for congressional elections in 2018, they are overall failing to garner significant financial support. Some of this is a result of the perception that they lack substance beyond opposing the president.

But it’s also over the party’s continued push toward the center as it ignores more progressive elements of the left. This is the exact tactic they used during the primary, when grassroots support overwhelmingly went to Bernie Sanders, a candidate the DNC intentionally undermined in favor of Hillary Clinton, one of the most loathed political figures in U.S. history. This caused many Democratic loyalists to leave the party.

For example, the DNC opted to place Tom Perez, an establishment Democrat, in charge of the DNC over Keith Ellison, a Berniecrat with a progressive agenda.

Their pick to make establishment politician Sen. Chuck Schumer the minority leader in Congress further reflects their unwillingness to budge and adapt (ironically, Schumer previously received thousands of dollars in campaign donations from Trump). So does an apparent push in favor of Kamala Harris, who is currently rising in the party. Many progressives skeptical of her ties to Wall Street swiftly rejected her.

As the New Republic wondered this week:

Are they the party of transparency and small donors? Or will they continue to rely on wealthy individuals and corporations, under the cover of loose campaign finance laws that the party opposes in principle?

Though the outlet noted it’s ultimately too early to tell just how serious the Democrats’ fundraising problem is, the Democrats’ outreach efforts are clearly falling short in the Trump era when they should have supporters flocking to them.

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  • Jeff Biss

    The Democratic Party is a big disappointment. It’s problem is that it has lost touch with progressivism and liberalism in its attempt to keep up with the GOP in the campaign donation war. To win, it MUST stop trying to be compassionate conservatism. It MUST become progressive/liberal and not act like GOP-lite.

    Conservatism has caused our problems and so is incapable of solving them, so stop trying to appeal to conservatives to any degree.

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    • tom kricos

      While the DNC appears to be out of touch, and not the “Progressive” (do you really think the word hasn’t been translated into what it really means, that people like you know is “Socialist” which you are afraid to use, lest it turn off some of your own ignorant voters?) leftists you want, the nominal ‘republicans’ are de facto socialists, too?

      You people don’t even know when you are winning the ever increasing drift to the left, (or you do know and you pick out some inane bullshit like “Gay marriage” and seriously schizoid men and women who are so screwed up that they don’t recognize themselves in the mirror and should be in mental institutions) to create more panic in the party, lest you lose even more votes in 2018.

      100 “millenial” people were polled on the New York City streets the other day and they were asked if they thought equality of income should be the goal of government, that a top NBA player, shouldn’t receive any more money than garbage collector. They all answered that their incomes should be equal but that garbage men should earn what an NBA player does. I think that pretty well sums up where the brains of at least 100 youngish people now are, at least in NYC. It doesn’t any better than that for claiming victory by the left.