Do Christians Love Donald Trump More Than Jesus?

Michaela Whitton
May 4, 2016

(ANTIMEDIA) Despite Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump regularly inciting violence, committing serial lies and media gaffes, and promoting calculated misogyny and rampant xenophobia — including a pledge to ban all Muslims from entering the U.S. —  it’s no secret millions of right-wing evangelicals fully believe in the power of lord Trump to make America great again.

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That said, not all Christians worship at the altar of the buffoon-like Republican.

A new statement has been released claiming resistance to Trump is a Christian obligation. Issued by a multi-racial group of Christian ministers and scholars, the statement has been signed by dozens of leaders, including Jim Wallis, Fr. Richard Rohr, Shane Claiborne, and Dr Barbara Williams-Skinner.

Called to Resist Bigotry —  A Statement of Faithful Obedience” evolved from a shared belief among the faith leaders that the Trump phenomenon challenges Christians at a core moral level. “This is no longer politics as usual, but rather a moral and theological crisis, and thus we are compelled to speak out as faith leaders,” the statement reads.

Claiming churches — and indeed, the U.S. itself — are facing a moral threat, the statement asserts the very worst values of America and its history are on display. It adds that the racial, religious, and gender bigotry — which is never far from the surface in American politics — is being brought into the painful public light.

“The ascendancy of a demagogic candidate and his message, with the angry constituency he is fueling, is a threat to both the values of our faith and the health of our democracy,” it reads.

“Donald Trump’s message and the way he communicates it is the antithesis of Christian values, and it is time for faith leaders to say so.”

Referring to Trump as “a celebrity from the worlds of real estate and reality television,” the leaders accuse the tycoon of shamelessly using racial resentment, fear, and hatred to fuel a movement against “the other” that targets other races, cultures, ethnicities, nations, creeds, women, and a whole global religion.

Claiming the Republican presidential candidate directly promotes racial and religious bigotry, disrespects the dignity of women, harms civil public discourse, offends moral decency, and seeks to manipulate religion, the statement continues:

Trump’s highly visible and vulgar racial and religious demagoguery presents a danger but also an opportunity — to publicly expose and resist the worst of American values.”

Adamant that instead of learning from his mistakes, the front-runner’s list of obscenities keeps on growing, it also includes an appendix listing a host of Trump’s offenses the signers believe require specific condemnation and resistance.

Accusing him of coarsening political discourse through threats, vulgarity, and vile personal attacks — consequently giving justification for his followers to engage in similar vitriol — the statement calling for American Christians to resist Trump and the danger he represents adds:

“By confronting a message so contrary to our Christian values, our religious voices can help provide a powerful way to put our true faith and our better American values forward in the midst of national moral confusion and crisis.”

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