Video: Digging Has Begun so You Never Have to Sit in Traffic Again

(ANTIMEDIA)  Los Angeles, CA — On Wednesday, Elon Musk announced via Twitter that his tunnel-digging project is officially underway and that the first segment of a tunnel in Los Angeles has been completed. The entrepreneur announced plans for the Boring Company to build the underground roadway system in January as a way to alleviate traffic.

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“No longer waiting for Godot. It has begun boring and just completed the first segment of tunnel in LA,” the tech mogul tweeted, referencing the tunneling machine he named after the 1953 Samuel Beckett play, Waiting for Godot.  Musk followed the announcement with a series of tweets expressing his love for tunnels and floors.

Musk discussed the project with Chris Anderson back in April at TED2017. When Anderson joked that the project is more like a hobby, the entrepreneur agreed. “I mean, it really is, like — this is basically interns and people doing it part time. We bought some second-hand machinery. It’s kind of puttering along, but it’s making good progress,” he said. As for the scope of the tunnels, Musk said, “I think there’s no real length limit. You could dig as much as you want. I think if you were to do something like a DC-to-New York Hyperloop, I think you’d probably want to go underground the entire way because it’s a high-density area.”

According to Musk, the Hyperloop could possibly break speed records. “We’re cautiously optimistic we’ll be able to be faster than the world’s fastest bullet train even in a .8-mile stretch,” he told Anderson.

Not too bad for a hobby.

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