Every Person Killed by American Police in the Month of June

Lou Colagiovanni
July 14, 2015

(ANTIMEDIA) The following is a list of people killed by police in the United States of America during the month of June. It is not meant as an indictment nor a defense of police, but as a mere collection of facts. The reader may find cases where police killings appear justified while others seem wholly unjustifiable.

The terms “alleged,” “allegedly,” and “police say” are used because nearly all of the cases described below will not be heard in a courtroom. Without the findings of fact from a judge or jury, and without convictions of guilt, the only accounts available are from police.

June 1

Joseph M. Ladd, 23, of Greece, New York was reported missing by friends and family. Police spotted Greece’s vehicle in a mall parking lot and made contact. Police say Ladd was aggressive and in possession of a pistol. He was shot numerous times inside his vehicle and died. A gun was found inside the vehicle after a search was conducted.

Billy J. Collins, 56, of Louisa, Kentucky drove his vehicle off the road in view of a Kentucky police officer who was attending a graduation ceremony. Collins was allegedly belligerent and taken into custody. He then escaped control of police while inside their facility and barricaded himself in a room with nowhere to run. After a standoff, Collins was tased twice and struck numerous times by police with fists and batons. Collins was taken to the hospital for his injuries, where he later died.

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James D. Bushey, 47, of Palestine, Texas was accused of stealing beer from a local Walmart. Bushey is alleged to have fled the scene to a nearby Applebee’s, where police confronted him. Bushey was allegedly carrying a pistol, pointed the weapon at police twice, and was killed by multiple gunshot wounds.

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June 2

Usaamah Rahim, 26, of Roslindale, Massachusetts had been under surveillance by the FBI with suspected ties to terrorist organizations. Local police made contact with Rahim outside of a CVS store, without weapons drawn. Rahim is alleged to have pulled a large knife while moving towards police. Police opened fire on Rahim, who was struck twice. He was transported to a hospital and pronounced dead upon arrival.

Kamal Dajani, 26, of Azle, Texas is alleged to have been in the process of stabbing his grandmother in her home when police responded to a 911 call. Dajani allegedly refused to drop his knife or move away from his grandmother. Police shot and killed Dajani. His mother and brother were also wounded before police arrived.

June 3

Ronald Neal, 56, of Laurel Trail, New Jersey barricaded himself in his home after police were called by a neighbor because they heard gunfire. Neal was in possession of two guns and is alleged to have repeatedly told police to shoot him. After a short standoff, Neal allegedly raised a shotgun towards police and was shot a single time in the torso. He was transported to a hospital and died later that day of his injuries.

Miguel A. Martinez, 18, of Texas was pulled over for a traffic violation, along with his friend Daniel Dankert, 23. Police say Martinez and Dankert struggled with the officer on the scene and somehow stole the officer’s SUV. Martinez was driving and led police on a 3-hour chase through Texas before he was cornered. A standoff ensued. Dankert committed suicide inside the vehicle while Martinez allegedly told police, “I’m getting out and I’m shooting you guys.” Martinez was shot and killed at the scene.

June 4

Lorenzo Garza Jr., 46, of Delano, California was involved in a high speed chase with police after fleeing the scene where he allegedly committed a drive-by shooting. Garza is alleged to have fired at police during the chase, prompting police to return fire. Garza was struck an unknown number of times and died at the scene.

Sherman Byrd, 24, of Chester, Pennsylvania fled from police on a bicycle after he was contacted for allegedly robbing a person at gunpoint. Byrd led police down an alley on his bike, is alleged to have lost control, and was run over by a police cruiser. Police say a gun was found at the scene. Byrd was transported to a hospital, where he died of his injuries.

Rudy Baca, 36, of Los Chavez, New Mexico was contacted by police after his mother called 911 due to Baca’s drinking. Baca allegedly wrestled with the responding officer, who opened fire. Baca was transported to a hospital and later died from his injuries.

June 5

Andrew Ellerbe, 33, of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania allegedly attempted to rob a pizza parlor—along with an accomplice—where an off-duty police officer happened to be picking up a meal. Ellerbe allegedly held his gun to the officer’s head and forced the officer to the ground. Ellerbe then focused on the other patrons and the officer drew his weapon. Ellerbe allegedly opened fire, but apparently the gun’s bullets were blanks. The officer returned fire, striking Ellerbe, who collapsed in a nearby parking lot. He was pronounced dead at the scene.

Donald J. Pinkerton-DeVito III, 23, of San Francisco, California was riding his bicycle when he came into contact with a moving police vehicle. It is not known if Pinkerton-DeVito or the police made contact first, but Pinkerton-DeVito was killed due to the collision.

Jesus Quezada Gomez, 50, of Santa Maria, California was inside his girlfriend’s home when police were called because a neighbor heard screams. When police approached the home Gomez is alleged to have opened fire, with police shooting back and striking Gomez from outside. When police gained access to the home, Gomez was dead, as was his girlfriend, who died from numerous stab wounds.

June 6

Demouria Hogg, 30, of Oakland, California was asleep inside his BMW on a highway onramp. Police made contact with the vehicle because it had allegedly been identified as the same vehicle involved in a burglary police chased 12 hours prior. While outside of Hogg’s vehicle, police say Hogg had a loaded handgun in the passenger seat, along with a 30 round clip. The windows in the vehicle were smashed by police to wake up Hogg, who still remained asleep. The official record then loses an hour, but sometime in between Hogg’s windows being broken, he woke up and a struggle ensued. Police allege Hogg reached for a weapon and was shot and killed inside his vehicle.

Damien James Ramirez, 27, of Colorado was involved in a high speed chase with police after allegedly stealing at gunpoint the vehicle he was driving earlier in the day. Ramirez led police on a chase at speeds of over 100 mph before they forced his vehicle off an embankment. Ramirez exited the vehicle and allegedly opened fire on police. He was subsequently shot a single time in the chest and died at the scene.

Alejandro Campos Fernandez, 45, of Watsonville, California was being surveilled by police due to warrants. Police attempted to make contact with Fernandez as he exited his home, but Fernandez allegedly ran. Police say Fernandez opened fire on them, striking an officer in the torso. Police returned fire, killing Fernandez.

Christie Cathers, 45, of Morgantown, West Virginia was alleged to have been brandishing a knife, when police were called to the scene. Police say Cathers then attempted to run the responding police officers over with her vehicle, but only struck an officer’s cruiser. Police fired on Cathers while she was still inside her car, striking her once. She was pronounced dead at the scene.

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Joe Don Nevels, 42, of Midland, Texas was inside a liquor store whose employees had called police due to Nevels’ allegedly suspicious behavior, citing his arms being covered with what appeared to be knife wounds. When police arrived Nevels was allegedly not listening to police commands and charged officers with a box cutter. Nevels was shot by both responding officers and died at the scene.

June 7

James Smillie, 53, of North Port, Florida was involved in a domestic abuse call, according to police. Smillie exited his home while holding a rifle, but was persuaded by police officers to drop the weapon. Smillie then is alleged to have reached for other weapons he was carrying in his pants, and was subsequently shot. He died at the scene from his injuries.

Gene Marshall, 58, of Woodland, Washington had 911 called by his wife, who stated he was threatening to kill her and himself with a handgun. When a police officer responded to the call, Marshall allegedly walked towards the officer with a gun and the officer fired on him. Marshall was struck once and died at the scene.

June 8

Matthew Wayne McDaniel, 35, of Melbourne, Texas was allegedly connected to a string of armed robberies where police say his face was present on surveillance footage. Police had undercover units surveilling McDaniel, who was outside of a Burger King they believe he was planning to rob. Officers boxed in McDaniel’s car and he allegedly drew a weapon. Police shot and killed McDaniel in the Burger King parking lot.

Rene Garcia, 30, of Anaheim, California was involved in a routine traffic stop by a police officer riding a motorcycle. Police allege that Garcia, unprompted, exited his vehicle carrying an 8-inch kitchen knife. Two police officers opened fire on Garcia, striking him numerous times. He died at the scene.

James Johnson, 54, of Beech Grove, Indiana is alleged to have been on his front porch waving around a handgun. Neighbors called police. Upon their arrival, Johnson refused to put down his weapon and according to witness statements, said, “Shoot me! Shoot me! Kill me! Kill me!” Further witness statements say police told Johnson to drop his weapon at least 25 times. Johnson allegedly began to point his weapon at police and a single officer shot was fired, striking and killing him.

Mario Ocasio, 51, of the Bronx, New York was allegedly attempting to attack his girlfriend while she was in a shelter. 911 was called by both the girlfriend and the shelter’s manager. When police made contact, Ocasio was allegedly holding a pair of scissors, which he refused to drop. After a 30 minute standoff, Ocasio was tased. He was then taken into custody and EMTs administered Versad, a pain killer, and Narcon, a drug that reverses the effects of heroin, as it was believed Ocasio was high on heroin. After the drugs were administered, Ocasio went into cardiac arrest and was transported to a hospital. He died an hour after arriving.

Richard Warolf, 69, of Sun City, Arizona allegedly told family members he was feeling suicidal. Police were called. Warolf was known to own guns and after a four hour standoff, Warolf allegedly pointed a gun at police and was shot. He later died at the hospital.

June 9

Jeremy John Linhart, 30, of Findlay, Ohio was involved in a traffic stop at 3 a.m., where he was the passenger. He and the driver were told to exit the vehicle, but police allege Linhart attempted to reenter the vehicle. Police opened fire on Linhart for taking this action, killing him. Police say a weapon was located inside of the vehicle after a search was conducted.

Gregory Scott Hartley, 45, of Tomball, Texas was allegedly involved in a high speed chase with police, striking three vehicles. Hartley exited his vehicle in front of his grandmother’s house and allegedly pointed a shotgun to his head. Police say Hartley then pointed the shotgun at them and multiple officers opened fire killing him at the scene. Hartley was wanted for a felony warrant.

Ross Anthony, 25, of Dallas Texas was allegedly behaving erratically, and police say they received ‘numerous’ 911 calls about him. When police made contact with Anthony, he was inside his vehicle. Police allege Anthony was not compliant with their commands, and he subsequently was tased. He was then taken into custody and began to show signs of cardiac arrest. An ambulance took Anthony to a hospital but he was pronounced dead upon arrival.

QuanDavier Hicks, 22, of Cincinnati, Ohio had police called on him by a female neighbor who said he was threatening to kill her. When police arrived at Hicks’ residence, they allege Hicks opened the door carrying a rifle and pointed it at officers. One of the officers claims to have grabbed the barrel of the rifle, and the other officer opened fire on Hicks striking and killing him. He was pronounced dead at the scene.

Ryan Keith Bolinger, 28, of West Des Moines, Iowa was involved in a traffic stop that allegedly turned into a low speed pursuit. A second officer responded to the scene, and Bolinger is alleged to have pulled up next to him, blocking his driver’s side door from opening. Bolinger exited his vehicle and allegedly walked toward a police officer’s vehicle with what police describe as “purpose.” Bolinger was struck by a single shot fired from the inside of a police cruiser, shattering the cruiser’s window. Bolinger was transported to a hospital where he later died of his injuries. No weapon was found after a search of Bolinger’s vehicle was conducted.

June 10

Isiah Hampton, 19, of the Bronx, New York allegedly threatened to kill his girlfriend and 911 was called. When police made contact, Hampton fled into an apartment with his girlfriend, who he was allegedly holding at gunpoint. Police entered the apartment and say Hampton attempted to fire his weapon at his girlfriend three times, but the weapon jammed. Police opened fire on Hampton, shooting 25 times. He was killed at the scene. The girlfriend was also struck by police fire, but she only suffered a superficial grazing wound.

June 11

Fritz Severe, 46, of Miami, Florida was homeless and camped out in a local park. Police asked Severe to leave, and Severe allegedly began to swing a metal bar at them. An officer opened fire on Severe, shooting seven times. Severe was transported to a local hospital where he died of his injuries.

Raymond K. Phillips, 86, of Columbia, Tennessee was alleged to be mentally unstable and threatening suicide. Police attempted to contact Phillips to confirm his safety. He was found inside his vehicle. When Phillips exited his vehicle, he allegedly raised a gun in the direction of police, who opened fire and killed him at the scene.

Charles Allen Ziegler, 40, of Pompano Beach, Florida was allegedly involved in a bank robbery. Police made contact with Ziegler outside of a dentist’s office, where Ziegler was still inside his vehicle. Officers say a struggle ensued. Police allege Zieger fought four officers, who lost control of him. Ziegler allegedly attempted to reach a handgun hidden under his vehicle’s floor mat and four officers fired on him simultaneously. He was pronounced dead at the scene. A weapon was found inside Ziegler’s vehicle.

Raymond Peralta-Lantigua, 22, of Hackensack, New Jersey was allegedly involved in a domestic dispute with his mother. A 911 tape revealed the mother said her son had taken a knife from the kitchen, broken her television, and was physically assaulting her. This call resulted in police arriving at the residence. Police say Peralta-Lantigua was carrying a knife and refused to drop the weapon. Peralta-Lantigua did not speak English. He allegedly walked towards officers with the knife in his hand and was within ten feet of them before police opened fire. He later died of his injuries. Peralta-Lantigua’s mother said her son had a long history of mental illness.

Mark Flores, Jr. 28, of Bexar County, Texas had allegedly been arguing with his father when police responded to a 911 call. Flores is alleged to have opened fire on police and his father. Police say Flores shot an officer and his father during the altercation, with neither shot being fatal. Flores was shot and killed by police at the scene. Flores’ father said his son had a long history of mental illness.

June 12

Shelly Lynn Haendiges, 17, of Kokomo, Indiana is alleged to have attempted robbing a convenience store. A police officer responded to the scene and made contact with Haendiges, who allegedly refused to drop her weapon and instead pointed it at a police officer. Police opened fire, striking Haendiges multiple times. She died at the scene. A later investigation proved Haendiges was brandishing a BB gun.

June 13

James Lance Boulware, 35, of Dallas Texas is alleged to have opened fire on a Dallas police station, shooting 40 rounds at the building from a van. A chase ensued, leading to a Jack In The Box parking lot, where Boulware was shot inside his vehicle by a sniper. He died at the scene. Police could not collect Boulware’s body for several hours as they feared his van was rigged for explosives due to pipe bombs being found near the police station after the initial attack. Rather than move Boulware’s van, police instead used their own explosives to destroy the vehicle.

Anthony W. Hodge, 46, of Fort Wayne, Indiana was in his home when police arrived due to a report of domestic violence.  Hodge is alleged to have answered his door while carrying a handgun. Police say they told Hodge to drop his weapon multiple times, and when he refused, they opened fire. Hodge was pronounced dead in his home. Police have not said whether Hodge pointed the weapon at them.

Deng Manyoun, 35, of Louisville, Kentucky matched the description of a suspect in an assault. Police made contact with Manyoun, who was allegedly behaving erratically. Police say Manyoun approached them carrying a metal pipe and allege he swung the pipe in their direction, striking a police vehicle. Police responded by opening fire on Manyoun, who was taken to a hospital and pronounced dead upon arrival.

WDRB 41 Louisville News

June 14

Kenneth Garcia, 28, of Stockton, California was beating his girlfriend inside a vehicle, according to police, before he allegedly sped off and led police on a highspeed chase the wrong way down a freeway. When police were able to corner Garcia, it is alleged that he refused to exit his vehicle and instead drove it at officers on the ground. Police opened fire, striking and killing Garcia.

Kris Jackson, 22, of Sacramento, California was in a hotel room when police were dispatched due to reports of a woman screaming. Police allege Jackson attempted to flee the hotel room through a back window. An officer claims to have “perceived a threat” and opened fire on Jackson, who was thought to have a weapon. Jackson died of his injuries and no weapon was found on his person or in his hotel room.

Zane Terryn, 15, of Palm Bay, Florida was at a gas station with his girlfriend, Morgan McNeil, 16, who was driving. Police made contact with the couple for a routine traffic stop relating to the vehicle’s headlights. Terryn allegedly opened fire on the police officer, who was hit by Terryn’s shot. The officer returned fire, striking Terryn, who was killed at the scene. McNeil fled in the vehicle before being stopped shortly after. She has been charged with attempted murder of a police officer. Police allege Terryn and McNeil had stolen the vehicle—along with money and the gun—from relatives. They were reportedly were planning to leave the state so they could commit suicide together.

June 16

Jermaine Benjamin, 42, was allegedly “acting crazy,” according to family members who called 911. Police arrived and used non-lethal force to subdue Benjamin who, after being handcuffed, exhibited symptoms of cardiac arrest. Benjamin was taken to a hospital, where he died.

Christopher DeLeon, 28, of Visalia, California is alleged to have shot a man in the neck in a dispute over a bicycle. Police were called to the scene and made contact with DeLeon, who police say was carrying a gun and refused to drop it. Two police officers fired multiple times at DeLeon, who was pronounced dead at the scene by EMS.

June 17

Joe Charboneau, 31, of Spirit Lake Indian Reservation in North Dakota, was killed by police after they came to a residence where Charboneau was trying to arrest someone else. Few details are known about this case because it took place on an Indian reservation—other than the fact that Charboneau was killed during an “altercation.” It is not known if Charboneau was alleged to be an aggressor or if he was struck in a crossfire. The FBI has launched its own investigation.

June 18

Wendy Michelle Chappel, 40, of Maylene, Alabama was allegedly threatening to shoot her husband while they were in a car together. The husband exited his vehicle and made contact with a police officer stationed in a construction zone. The officer attempted to pull over Chappel, who is alleged to have led multiple police units on a high speed chase. During the chase police say Chappel brandished a firearm. After Chappel’s vehicle was disabled with spike strips, a standoff occurred and Chappel allegedly opened fire at police, who returned fire killing Chappel at the scene.

Kenneth Lanphier, 48, of Hobbs, New Mexico was threatening suicide, according to family members. When police arrived at Lanphier’s residence, he allegedly shot at them multiple times. Police returned fire, killing Lanphier. A bystander outside of the home was struck by stray fire and also died. Forensics later showed the bullet came from Lanphier’s weapon.

Oleg Tcherniak, 58, of Brooklyn, New York is alleged to have been arguing with an elderly woman in a subway station stairway. When police engaged Tcherniak, they allege he attacked an officer with a knife, cutting the officer’s neck and shoulder. The injured officer pulled his weapon and fired twice at Tcherniak, killing him at the scene.

June 19

Trepierre Hummons, 21, of Cincinnati, Ohio called 911 to report a person behaving “belligerently” with a gun. This, police say, was a lie to lure officers to his location as Hummons intended to commit suicide using the police. When police arrived, Hummons was standing in the street holding a pistol and is alleged to have opened fire on police, striking and killing an officer. Police returned fire, killing Hummons at the scene.

Louis Atencio, 50, of Greely, Colorado is alleged to have been found standing in the street holding a handgun when police arrived in the neighborhood to investigate a 911 report that a woman had been shot. Police say Atencio refused to drop his weapon and was subsequently shot and killed by officers. The female victim confirmed Atencio had indeed shot her, and her injuries were not life threatening.

Santos Laboy, 45, of Boston, Massachusetts was wanted for outstanding warrants when police spotted him walking. Laboy is alleged to have fled officers attempting to detain him, when he encountered a state police officer who was nearby. Laboy allegedly was carrying a knife and was ordered to drop it, and instead aggressively moved towards police who shot and killed him.

June 20

Zamiel Kivon Crawford, 21, of Leeds, Alabama was wanted pending an outstanding warrant in connection with a string of armed robberies. Crawford allegedly led police on a high speed chase and crashed into multiple police vehicles. Eventually, Crawford’s vehicle was disabled and police say Crawford refused to exit his vehicle. Crawford was tased while still inside his vehicle when police say they spotted a handgun. No shots were fired by Crawford or police. Crawford was transported to a hospital and died.

Kevin Bajoie, 32, of Scotlandville, Louisiana was allegedly involved in a street fight. Police responded to a 911 call and attempted to subdue Bajoie with a taser. Two separate officers fired tasers at Bajoie, both striking him. Bajoie was rushed to a hospital after being taken into custody, where he died from “unknown reasons,” according to police.

June 21

Adrian Simental, 24, of Azusa, California is said to have been behaving erratically when his family called 911. When police arrived, Simental is alleged to have been attempting to break in a neighbor’s home by smashing out several windows. Upon police making contact with Simental, they say they found him in the neighbor’s home. Police shot Simental, though no weapon was found on his body or at the scene. He later died from his injuries.

Charles David Marshall, 49, of Houston, Texas was allegedly threatening to kill himself when police arrived as his residence. Police say when they made contact with Marshall he was holding a power drill and threatening to commit suicide. Marshall is alleged to have refused to drop the power drill, instead walking towards officers. Police shot Marshall multiple times and he died at the scene.

June 22

Tyler James Wicks, 30, of Augusta, Georgia was allegedly involved in a domestic dispute when police were called by other people in the home to help “calm” Wicks. After he was notified police were called, Wicks allegedly said he would use his assault rifle to shoot any police who responded to the call. Police say that when they entered the home they encountered Wicks, who was holding an assault rifle, and that he refused to put the weapon down. Police shot Wicks for non-compliance.

James Monroe Barrett, 60, of Jonesville, North Carolina was allegedly involved in a domestic dispute when police were summoned to the scene after a 911 call reported shots being fired. Upon arriving, two wounded individuals approached police to say they had been shot. According to police, Barrett had fled the scene—but not before setting a house on fire. When police made contact with Barrett, he opened fire on an officer, striking him in the shoulder through the officer’s vehicle’s windshield. Officers returned fire, killing Barrett at the scene.

Tyrone Harris, 20, of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania was allegedly involved in a string of crimes before an explosion of violence. Police say Harris robbed an individual and shot at several others, injuring bystanders. He then, according to police, carjacked a person and shot at a police officer while he attempted to flee the scene. Police were able to stop Harris’ vehicle—and Harris is alleged to have continued firing at police, who returned fire and killed him.

Robert Kenkel, 38, of O’Fallon, Missouri had 911 called by his mother, who said her son was hallucinating. Police made contact with Kenkel, who was standing in the street when police arrived screaming for help. Kenkel was placed in an ambulance and was on his way to receive medical care when he leapt from the moving ambulance and began to run. Police quickly found Kenkel in a backyard, where he was alleged to be aggressive. Police say Kenkel eventually responded to their commands and dropped to the ground. When police attempted to place handcuffs on Kenkel, they say he became combative and started to kick at them. Reports say the police attempted to “calm” Kenkel, without elaboration. The official police report then says that Kenkel, “suddenly became quiet and ceased resistance.” Kenkel was rushed to a hospital where he was pronounced dead upon arrival.

June 23

Eduardo Reyes, 35, of Citrus Heights, California was allegedly beating his girlfriend in their home when neighbors called 911. Police arrived at the scene, where they say Reyes opened fire on several officers from his balcony on the second floor. Four officers returned fire, striking Reyes multiple times. He died at the scene.

Jonathan P. Wilson, 22, of Hutchinson, Kansas was reported to police via 911 by a caller who said Wilson confessed to recently murdering a woman and that he was threatening to harm those around him. When police arrived, they say Wilson was irate and refused to leave his home. Instead, he began breaking windows. Wilson then allegedly began throwing items out of the broken windows at police, including a kitchen knife. Police say the knife being thrown prompted several officers to open fire at Wilson, killing him. It is believed by investigators that Wilson may be responsible for the murder of a woman who was found in a creek-bed several days before his death.

Randall Waddel, 49, of Fort Worth, Texas fell in the median of the street and EMS responded to treat him. After EMS assessed Waddel’s condition, he allegedly pulled a knife on them before walking away into a clothing store, where he stayed. Police soon arrived on the scene and made contact with Waddel. In what has been described as “a confrontation” by police (without further detail), an officer opened fire on Waddel, striking him once. EMS was obviously present to treat Waddel, but he died at the scene.

Joshua Dyer, 34, of Huntington, Indiana was the passenger in a vehicle involved in a pursuit with police through a residential neighborhood. Matthew Cole, 41, was behind the wheel. Police say Cole smashed through several backyard fences before his vehicle stopped feet from crashing into a house. The vehicle was then surrounded and Cole allegedly exited the vehicle momentarily before jumping back in and throwing the vehicle in reverse. This is when police opened fire on the vehicle, striking Dyer. Dyer died at the scene. No weapons were found in the vehicle.

Allen K. Hernandez, 23, of Homedale, Idaho was involved in a car accident in a residential area. Police say Hernandez walked into a home without being invited and was confronted by the homeowner. The homeowner says he allowed Hernandez to use the home phone to call 911 but then asked him to leave. Hernandez allegedly attempted to steal a cell phone off of a table and was stopped from exiting. It is alleged that Hernandez then became physical and struck an occupant of the home with a frying pan. This sparked a brawl in the home. Police arrived and took control of the situation, restraining Hernandez, who they say resisted arrest. While an officer was on top of Hernandez, he suddenly stopped breathing. Hernandez was taken to a hospital and transferred to a second facility where he later died.

June 24

Damien A. Harrel, 26, of Newport News, Virginia was a wanted felon with multiple warrants out for his arrest. Police say they contacted Harrel during a routine traffic stop and that he was uncooperative in refusing to show identification. During the stop it is alleged that Harrel attempted to draw a handgun. An officer fired at Harrel inside the vehicle six times, striking Harrel, who died from his injuries.

June 25

Spencer Lee McCain, 41, of Baltimore, Maryland was allegedly involved in a domestic dispute with Shannon Sulton. Police described McCain as an “estranged associate” of Sulton. Sulton’s 10-year-old child called their grandmother about the fight, leading the grandmother to call 911. Police entered Sulton’s home without knocking and say they encountered McCain in a “defensive position” that made them believe he was carrying a weapon. Several officers opened fire on McCain, shooting 19 times. McCain was struck multiple times and taken to a hospital, where he died from his injuries. Sulton was found with swollen eyes, cuts on her mouth, and defensive scratches on her forearms. No gun was found at the scene.

Alfontish Cockerham, 23, of Chicago, Illinois was walking down a sidewalk on June 20 with a group when police made contact because the group may have fit the description of individuals reported to have been brandishing guns. Cockerham is alleged to have run from the scene and encountered officers in a foot pursuit. Police say that while chasing Cockerham, an officer saw Cockerham holding a handgun and yelled multiple times to drop his weapon. Then, according to police, Cockerham turned and raised his gun towards the pursuing officer. The officer fired on Cockerham, who was struck multiple times. A handgun was found at the scene. Cockerham survived the shooting and was taken to a hospital, where he was charged with assault and bail was set at $100,000. Cockerham died on June 25 from his injuries.

Gilbert Jake Vanderburgh, 61, of of Fine Gold, California was inside his home when it was entered by a wanted felon named Kyle Patrick Sniples, 29, who was attempting to hide from police after allegedly stealing a vehicle. Police say Vanderburgh’s home was surrounded and that Vanderburgh was uncooperative, refusing to come outside. During the standoff, it is alleged that Vanderburgh pointed a rifle outside of his home’s window and police shot twice, striking and killing Vanderburgh. Police then entered the home and did not find Sniples. The connection between Sniples and Vanderburg, if any, is unclear at this time.

June 26

Richard W. Matt, 59, was a convicted murderer who dismembered the body of his boss after attempting to rob him. Matt escaped from prison with fellow inmate, David Sweat, 35. After leading local, county, state, and federal authorities on a prolonged manhunt, Matt was shot to death by a federal agent during an exchange of gunfire. Sweat was later apprehended after being shot by authorities. He lived and is now back in prison.

Joe Angel Cisneros III, 28, of San Antonio, Texas was being pursued by police on foot after allegedly fleeing his vehicle during a traffic stop. Police were conducting an investigation in the area regarding burglaries and say Cisneros’ vehicle was suspicious. Police allege Cisneros attempted to jump a fence and dropped his handgun in the process. Cisneros then attempted to retrieve his weapon and officers told him to stop. When Cisneros continued moving toward the weapon, a single officer opened fire on him, striking Cisneros three times. He was pronounced dead at the scene.

June 27

Joshua P. Crittenden, 35, of Tahlequah, Oklahoma was allegedly involved in a fight when police responded to a 911 call. Crittenden fled into a nearby house and hid in the attic. Police made contact with Crittenden in the attic. They reportedly attempted to tase him when an officer noticed Crittenden was holding a gun. This is when police shot at Crittenden, striking him multiple times. Crittenden was transported to a hospital where he died of his injuries. A handgun was found in the attic.

June 29

Alan Lee Bellew, 29, of Portland, Oregon was standing by a vehicle in a supermarket parking lot along with two others when the group was contacted by police. During the contact, Bellew is alleged to have opened the front passenger door to retrieve what was believed to be handgun, pointing it at police. Officers opened fire, shooting 10 bullets through the vehicle’s windshield and striking Bellew multiple times. Bellew died of his injuries. A search of the vehicle found the weapon to be a starter pistol used in track and field events.

June 30

Richard LaPort, 51, of Edinburg, New York called 911 saying he wanted to kill himself and that he had a gun. Police responded to LaPort’s home, where he was uncooperative. A standoff and negotiation occurred for forty minutes, after which LaPort is alleged to have pointed a long gun towards police. Officers opened fire, striking LaPort a single time. He died at the scene.

Clay Alan Lickteig, 52, of Hayesville, North Carolina was wanted for a probation violation after being convicted of dealing heroin and other narcotics. Lickteig was outside of a home when police arrived. It is alleged that Lickteig refused to comply with the police’s commands and was tased. While Lickteig was under the influence of the taser, police say he reached for a gun and opened fire. Police returned fire, striking Lickteig, who was pronounced dead at the scene.

Jimmy Payne Jr., 51, of Dayton, Ohio was riding his motorcycle when he was struck by a police officer’s vehicle on June 13. The officer was leaving a gas station parking lot, and according to a preliminary report, turned left using an exit where that type of turn was prohibited. The officer was responding to a property damage crash in the area. Payne’s motorcycle caught fire after the crash and he was taken to a hospital, where he died of his injuries on June 30.

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