What to Expect at the 2014 Million Mask March in Washington DC

Justin King
October 21, 2014

(TheAntiMedia) The Million Mask March is quickly becoming the collective’s largest real-world operation. Last year’s event took place in cities all around the globe and succeeded in bringing the loosely knit network together for a day. The DC event is the flagship rally in the United States.

Last year, Anonymous activists showed up well in advance of the 5th of November and began operations feeding the city’s homeless. On the morning of the 5th, marchers met at the Washington Memorial then proceeded to march to Lafayette Park across the street from the White House. Officers attempted in vain to contain the protest. Several arrests took place over the course of the day, while most were minor “catch and release” arrests, some officers trumped up charges against an Anonymous activist that cut a police line. Thanks to video evidence, the officer’s blatant lies were discovered and all serious charges were dismissed.

After a few tense moments following the first arrest, marchers took their protest down Pennsylvania Avenue, shutting down the nation’s most famous street. Along the way marchers stopped by the Department of Justice building and DOJ employees closed the doors and stayed inside until the marchers left. The protesters continued down the road to the Capitol and protested on the steps. Afterward, marchers took over the streets of DC again and headed back to the White House. Before arriving, the Anons made stops at the World Bank, Monsanto, and several other notable buildings.

The unpredictable mobile protest led to difficulty for DC officers, some of whom were trying to conduct surveillance and attempting to intimidate, while others simply did their best to keep marchers from getting hit by cars. Surveillance operations at the march were conducted by both law enforcement officials and corporate entities.

1014049_175145362685755_2003052558_nThis year’s protests are attracting some big names. Lee Camp and Immortal Technique will reportedly be attending the DC march, while Adam Kokesh has committed to attend the Denver March. Steve Grant who filmed a music video at the DC march last year, will be returning this year. Stewart Rhodes of the Oath Keepers has been invited, as well as Bobby Seale of the original Black Panther movement. The Million Mask March seems to be accomplishing its goal of uniting various activist movements from all over the political spectrum. Representatives from civil rights, LGBT, veterans, food awareness, and media corruption movements are expected.

The Anti-Media spoke with John Fairhurst, a coordinator of the Million Mask March, about this year’s event.

“I think this year is going to be more intense than last year. Due to the current state of international affairs as well as ongoing domestic issues. I think this year will be somewhat different because as cliche as it is: people are sick and tired of being sick and tired. The overreaching arm of the government as well as the militarized police state is blatantly obvious even to those who are not ‘awake’.”

This year the March will begin at 9am at the Washington Monument and then proceed to the White House at 10:30am. After that, it’s anyone’s guess. Organizers seem to be capitalizing on the unpredictable nature of Anonymous in an attempt to keep everyone guessing as to what will happen next. Organizers are advising people to bring “water, protein bars (non-GMO), and cool heads.” Fairhurst stressed the collective’s commitment to nonviolence, and added

“The time is now people. All over the world the shift is happening; now or never. It’s time to go beastmode. It’s time to make a decision, a very important one, probably the most important. Make it now. The rEVOLution will not be televised. It will be in your front yard.”

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