FBI Issues Urgent Warning About ‘Evil Geniuses’ Threatening Public Safety

(ANTIWAR.COM— Privacy and security interests in keeping personal data away from prying eyes continues to be a source of severe concern for the FBI, which wants to be able to access any data off of any device, and considers encryption they can’t break as an “urgent public safety issue.

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FBI officials have been so desperate to vilify the idea of personal data encryption that they are using increasingly extreme rhetoric, with forensic effort Stephen Flatley recently referring to Apple Computer as “evil geniuses” for making it harder to break into their devices.

Flatley went on to complain that Apple was deliberately trying to “thwart law enforcement,” suggesting that they are “jerks” for having done so.

Beyond the FBI being mad, it’s not clear what they propose to do. They want to have absolute unfettered access to Americans’ data at a moment’s notice, but encryption makes that completely impossible.

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  • Joyce Gaynor

    Personal encryption should be recognized as a right. Breaking encryption by the government shouldn’t be attempted without a warrant. The back doors our CIA, NSA and others install into everything networked should be removed.