Federal Police Take Control of 13 Mexican Towns, Tensions Rise Over 58 Missing Students

Cassius Methyl
October 20, 2014

(TheAntiMedia) In a recent development in Southwestern Mexico, in the aftermath of the massacre of an estimated 58 students by corrupt police working hand in hand with the gang Guerreros Unidos and some other powers, the federal police have taken control of 13 towns all in close proximity to Iguala, the site of the massacre.

Protests in response to the suspected
massacre of 58 students by police and drug cartels

It is now being said that the police rounded up the estimated 52 students who were protesting, and handed them over to the gang Guerreros Unidos to be murdered, but that seems a little bit incomplete.

To fully understand why this happened, one would have to simply ask who benefits from the death of all these people protesting?

Surely this gang can’t benefit from these students being dead unless they are being paid, functioning as mercenaries. Clearly some other power in this equation made the hit, got the gang to take the task.

So who really orchestrated this? Would you not suspect possibly some people in the Mexican government, given that the corruption down in this area has been deep and has involved the federal government, the local police, and the local gangsters for a long time?

I’m sure no one who actually resides in this Southwestern corridor of Mexico believes the federal forces coming to take over their towns are going to do any real justice.

Are the conditions in Mexico set by the federal government not what bred the massive, violent drug war there in the first place?

In any case, it is being reported that 13 towns are under federal control now, because of the obvious corruption present between the local police and cartel affiliates. Towns included in the list are Taxco and Ixtapan de la Sal.

About 50 people have been detained recently, from gangsters to cops to other people involved in the violence.

Police Chiefs are being ‘sent to special centers for certification’ and some things are happening in secret.

In Iguala and Cocula,  a total of 36 police officers were arrested by federal forces recently. It appears federal forces are ‘arresting’ entire police forces and then no one on the outside knows what happens.

Who knows if the feds are also corrupt or not, whether or not they are just playing a game to keep the Mexican people from taking matters into their own hands.

On Friday, the alleged leader of the Guerreros Unidos gang was arrested.

Thousands of people in Mexico have protested the Mexican government’s actions in response to these tragic events, on the streets of Mexico City and Acapulco and other nearby towns.  On Wednesday, October 22nd, there will be a global protest against the corrupt Mexican authorities, called #‎JusticeForAyotzinapa‬.

A large government building in Chilpancingo, capitol of Guerrero was recently burned in response to all of this.

Mexico also has been experimenting in ‘self-rule’, organizing self-defense groups, which have recently kicked out government, police, and cartels from large swaths of the state of Michoacan. This situation is a bad one for both the Mexican government and drug cartels, which could be inspiring their cooperation to suppress social justice organizing.

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