Photos: This Festival That Thanks Dogs for Being Our Friends Is the Best Thing You’ll See Today

(ANTIMEDIA) — Humanity has been struggling, plagued with war, oppression, corruption, and hatred. But in Nepal, humans are doing at least one thing right. On Wednesday, Hindus held a celebration to honor dogs, who, for many, are objectively more likable than people in 2017.

Millions of people around the world celebrated the Diwali festival of light last week, and in Nepal, the festivities included several days to honor animals. Kukur Tihar is intended to honor dogs specifically, and participants perform the rituals for pet dogs and strays alike.

As the Indian Express explained:

For the festival, pets and strays are treated alike and are decked with garlands, which is a way of showing respect. The dogs are also adorned with red tika or tilak, with kumkum or gulaal along with rice and yogurt, very similar to any tilak ritual in Hindu tradition. After the puja, the dogs are given special treats and lot of food to eat. As far as dogs are concerned this is the best part of the festival for them — the treats include milk, eggs, meat, high-quality dog food or anything that one likes.

As the Huffington Post noted, the festival in their honor serves “highlight the strong bond between human beings and canines.”

Dogs are relevant to Hindu mythology and tradition. “[I]t is believed that dogs are guardians of the lord of the dead and also guard the gates of the afterlife,” the Huffington Post explained.

As in many cultures, Hindu beliefs regard dogs as loyal companions, so it’s no surprise the tradition is spreading to other areas, from Bangalore to Michigan.

Dogs are not the only animals who receive a special day in the Nepalese festivals. Other days of Diwali in Nepal include celebrations for crows, ravens, cows, and oxen.

Truly Mans Best Friend ?❤️ #Lucky #KukurTihar

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A house is never lonely where a loving dog waits. <3 #Kukurtihar Pic : PraBesh Acharya

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Our artisans in Nepal are taking some time off for a special holiday- Diwali, the festival of lights, or "Deepawali" as called by the Nepali people. It is a time where people celebrate the triumph of light over darkness. But the Nepalese Hinduism is unique in celebrating this holiday as they designate days to honor not just humans and gods, but also all animals like Crows, Dogs, Oxen. ⠀ ⠀ The second day, Kukur Tihar, is dedicated to worshiping and appreciating dogs. Adorned in flower necklaces, and bright tika powders, dogs are honored for their special friendship and loyalty with humans. ⠀ ⠀ Love this so much ✨✨ wishing our friends in Nepal a wonderful holiday. Give your pups some extra love this week ;)⠀ .⠀ .⠀ .⠀ .⠀ .⠀ #deepawali #dogs #kukurtihar #mansbestfriend #doglover #diwali #nepali #nepal #nepalese #wanderlust #festival #honor #love #light #compassion #friends #support #

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Kukur (dog) Tihar, the 2nd day of the Tihar festival was observed across Nepal yesterday. Dogs are decorated and given a feast fit for royalty – even street dogs! There is a very special relationship between people and dogs in Nepal as they were one of the first domesticated animals. ?Follow link in bio to learn more about the role dogs play in the Tihar (or Diwali) Festival . . . . #australiandoglover #dogherostories #KukurTihar #dogfestival #dogcelebration . #dogsofaustralia #dogsdownunder #dogloversofaustralia #dogsofmelbourne #melbournedogs #dogsofsydney #sydneydogs #dogsofbrisbane #brisbanedogs #dogsofsunshinecoast #dogsofgoldcoast #dogsofperth #dogsofadelaide #dogsofhobart #dogsofcanberra #ilovemydog #furbaby #kukurtiharfestival #amazingnepal #dogsofnepal #dogsofkathmandu

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Day of respect and thanks to the dogs in Nepal #kukurtihar #nepal #dog

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#thedogandthebaby #kukurtihar

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