Fox “News”: American Public Needs to be Trained to be More Sensitive Toward Police

Nick Bernabe
December 8, 2014

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(TheAntiMedia) I think I just got a few IQ points dumber after watching this clip, but it’s important to expose the propaganda being perpetuated by the corporate “mainstream” media.

Fox “News” host, Jeanine Pirro, closed out her segment of Justice with Judge Jeanine with an ‘Instapoll‘ asking their notoriously ignorant, neoconservative audience about police violence directed at the minority community. While the results of the poll from Fox viewers is not surprising, the utter stupidity of Fox and their out of touch viewers is rarely broadcasted in this raw of a form.

What was displayed in this short clip (posted below) can only be described as boot-licking statism with a little dash of racism. I won’t repeat what was said, but you can hear it for yourself. This is Fox “News'” response to the nationwide anti-police brutality protests that have rocked the entire country following the shooting death of Mike Brown, the choking death of Eric Garner, and the hundreds of other Americans that have been gunned down in the streets by police this year, many of whom were minorities.

Ok I lied, I will repeat some of this utter statism being spouted in the propaganda clip. Here’s my personal favorite:

“Cindy says: How bout everyone be taught to follow rules and laws! Wouldn’t that just solve the problem?”

Cindy, Hitler has a message for you.

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