Fox News Says ‘Minority Communities’ Need To be ‘Trained’ To be ‘More Sensitive To The Police’

Jackson Marciana
April 13,2015

(COUNTERCURRENTNEWS) During an episode of Justice with Judge Jeanine on Fox News, the show’s host Jeanine Pirro asked her viewers whether the problem is with police officers or with “minorities.” In an “Instapoll” conducted by the show, she asked whether cops need to be retrained to be more sensitive to the needs of so-called “minority” communities, or whether those communities need to be “trained” to be “more sensitive” to the police.

Can you guess the results of the “Instapoll”?

Specifically, the poll question asked: “Do police need to be retrained on how to be sensitive to the minority community?”

Pirro made a finger gesture in the air when saying “minority,” but it is unclear why. She was not, apparently, commenting on the fact that those groups in the United States which are often designated as “minorities” are in fact the global majority.

Whatever her reasoning for the “air quotes,” Pirro noted that the results of the poll were “overwhelmingly in favor of law enforcement.”

She quoted Fox viewer Jeff who answered, “Why is it always necessary to tip toe around the minority community?”

She added another comment from a viewer named Larry, who said “No. Enough is enough. The general public needs to be more sensitive to the police and show them the respect they deserve.”

To this comment, Pirro exclaimed: “I agree.”

Pirro “agrees” that “the general public needs to be more sensitive to the police.”

Feigning the illusion of the network being “fair and balanced,” Pirro quoted a dissenting opinion from a viewer named Jordan who disagreed, saying “Yes. Those cops were racially profiling.”

But far from quoting a comprehensive and compelling argument against the Fox host’s position, the short quote from Jordan was used as a springboard for Pirro’s personal diatribe.

“Hey Jordan, you don’t even know what racial profiling is,” she barked.

That’s when race is used to engage law enforcement in the minority community,” Pirro added. “But offender profiling is when an offender is ID’d by a description including his race, which is the only way to investigate some of these cases.”

Watch the disturbing Fox News video below, uploaded by Raw Story:

This article originally appeared on Counter Current News and was used with permission.