France Deploys 10,000 Troops to Patrol Streets in Wake of Paris Attacks

November 16, 2015   |   Jake Anderson

Jake Anderson
November 16, 2015

(ANTIMEDIA) As the dust settles in the wake of the Paris terror attacks, the world continues to watch the reaction of the French government. Over the weekend, President Francois Hollande launched military strikes in coordination with U.S. forces. Additional measures announced include the deployment of 10,000 troops around the country; the amendment of state of emergency laws to allow for a three-month extension of house raids; and security operations in France, Belgium, Greece, and Germany in the manhunt for ISIS operatives responsible for Friday’s terror attacks.

The 10,000 soldiers will join the 7,000 already deployed after the January Charlie Hebdo killings, which took 17 lives. Following the 11/13 attacks, which have thus far killed 132 people and injured hundreds more, 4,000 to 5,000 troops will patrol the streets of Paris in a drastically expanded military presence in the French capital.

These soldiers will be granted relatively unprecedented powers as Parliament and President Hollande look to amend the 1955 State of Emergency law, which was last used in 2005 when the government looked to silence anti-police brutality riots. Historically, the law has been used to suppress Muslims in the country, and it’s unlikely the new iteration will prevent this.

Marking only the second time since the Second World War that the law has been enforced, the modifications will grant the French government the right to put entire neighborhoods on lockdown, including strictly enforced curfews, house raids without judicial oversight, weapons seizure, search and arrest of suspicious individuals, and broad powers of censorship. The law will also allow for the closure of theaters and meeting halls, as well as stronger control over France’s borders.

Jean-Hugues Matelly, lieutenant colonel of the Gendarmerie and president of the Association GendXXI, explained that during the state of emergency,

“Measures that are normally the responsibility of the judicial police, such as searches, may be applied [to other authorities].”

Meanwhile, the search continues for those responsible for the attacks, including an extensive manhunt in Belgium, where seven people have been arrested for possible jihadi links.

Political fallout continues, as well, with the more conservative opposition leader and former president Nicholas Sarkozy critiquing the current Socialist president. Sarkozy said weekend talks with President Hollande outlined moves to reform both France’s immigration policy and security strategy.

Many analysts believe the Paris terror attacks will force Hollande, an ardent opponent of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad, to shift his attention to formulating a more comprehensive military approach to the Islamic State.

In an article for The Guardian, French journalist Pierre Haski asked,

“Have the Paris attacks changed the rules of the game? Both Hollande and his prime minister, Manuel Valls, proclaimed in martial words that the enemy is ISIS, and that France’s response would be merciless. Has the shift been made from having two enemies to one?”

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Author: Jake Anderson

Jake Anderson joined Anti-Media as an independent journalist in April of 2015. His topics of interest include social justice, science, corporatocracy, and dystopian science fiction. He currently resides in Escondido, California.

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  1. That law should be used to surpress Muslims considering their 3rd century ideology have been the primary motivator of terrorist type attacks around the world in the past few decades.

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  2. Its a real shame France has had to do this-its "win" for ISIS when we have troops patrolling the streets!

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  3. Every thing you just wrote is 100% false. Try reading some facts before you spew ignorant bigotry.

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  4. Victor Cesario No everything your wrote is 100% false. Why dont you tell me why that is false, if you are even capable. I never read or hear about people getting beheaded by followers of Juaism, Buddhism or Christianity. Islam is a backwards religion that only seems to attract the most violent people among us into its fold.

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  5. Michael Rehmeyer
    Crimes done in the name of Christianity: Crusades, Inquisition, Witch Hunts, Catholic scandal, catholic collaboration with Nazis, occasionally bombing an abortion clinic (to be fair I hate abortion, too), and Hitler CLAIMED Nazism was a Christian movement (doesn't mean he was a legit Christian, but most of the people he recruited were) genocide of native Americans (done by mostly Christians, Some Christians used the Bible to justify slavery (and some used the Bible to condemn it), KKK, and more (normally I don't like it when liberals blame everything on Christians, but even thought I'm a conservative veteran, I don't like it when people blame everything on Islam. I served with 3 muslim US soldiers, thank you very much, and I'm pretty sure that ISIS has killed more moderate muslims and Christian arabs than Americans-we and Israel funded ISIS, btw. That's our fault.).
    Crimes done in the name of Judaism and/or atheism: The Pharisees (racial bigots, hypocrites, killing Jesus, possibly pedophiles), the genocidal conquest of Canaan, the massacre of people in persia, the massacre of greeks in the Macabean revolt, USS Liberty, Lavon Affair, what's going on in Palestine, FUNDING ISIS, promoting massive immigration of Muslims into europe, taking a leading role in the bolshevik revolution. The athiestic Jews that helped lead communism took part in the Russian Holodomor, which killed more people than Hitler's Holocaust. They killed millions of mostly Christian Ukrainians…gets very little attention, even though USSR killed more folks than Nazis. Guess who controls the fucking media. If you want things that are more specifically athiest, see what some communist countries have done (Voice of the Martyrs).

    Buddhist Burma
    BuddhistHuman sacrifices were still occurring in Buddhist Burma in the 1850s. When the capital was moved to Mandalay, 56 “spotless” men were buried beneath the new city walls to sanctify and protect the city. When two of the burial spots were later found empty, royal astrologers decreed that 500 men, women, boys, and girls must be killed and buried at once, or the capital must be abandoned. About 100 were actually buried before British governors stopped the ceremonies.

    Here's a list of some attrocities done in the name of religion besides Islam.
    Look dude. I'm not politically correct. I'm not a liberal. I was raised Christian and served in the army for 4.5 years. Intel. But I know more than what you're saying. I don't like left wing Christphobia, or right wing Islamaphobia. Blaming religion is a cop out.

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  6. Michael Rehmeyer PS Karma is a bitch. Whatever you push for to happen to somebody else, it will come back and hit you twice as hard. The reason why people like you shouldn't get your way, is because whatever is leveled at Islam for whatever reason, it will then be used to level against Christianity. It's already beginning to happen. You might be a government troll.

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  7. Forrest Carlton Lackey I understand that Xians also commit crimes in the name of their religion but they are few and random. Christians are also too 'diverse' in their interpretations of the gospel. It seems more of an outlier when they attack an abortion clinic other than part of a wider systematic attack against western values.

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  8. Forrest Carlton Lackey If i were trolling i would not be using a real fb account. I am not a Christian although that is the religion I was raised in and could care less if some Xian gets murdered half way around the world than if a Jew or Hindu got killed the same way. Please explain to me how adherents of Islam can embrase Western values such as freedom of speech while holding on to the values their holy book perscribes. The bible does espouse genocide to use a more extreme example than the suras that mandate good muslims behead the non-believers. If XIans were actively engaged in literal translations of their holy book, i'd probably be more sympathetic to Islam although most of them appear to have gotten over the more deplorable screeds of their gospel.

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  9. Michael Rehmeyer first of all I am very capable.
    Second you need to get another source of information other than Fox propaganda. Third Islam wasn't even around before the 6th century so you are 300 years off. Fourth there are 1.5 billion muslims of many differing sects so your blanket statement is totally asanine. Please pick up a book and read it if you are capable.

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  10. Victor Cesario Keep defending this backwards cult, it's not even a religion, that mandates death for apostacy. I'm sure you can name another religion that calls for this level of 'tolerance'. I may appear on the right to you left wing lemmings but critical thought seems to be your achiles heel so continue to drown in your cognitive dissonance and ignore the realities of this violent war on civilization by Mohammadean junkies. If that's important to you fine 700 AD or 200 AD makes no difference to me, i'm living in this century.

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