Gay Black Republican Becomes First to Sell Guns for Bitcoin

Mike Cargill is the first gun store owner in the U.S. to accept the electronic currency Bitcoin. He’s also an openly-gay black Republican.

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Emerson Rensink | The Anti-Media

While black market guns-for-Bitcoin trades happen on websites like Silk Road, in January, proud Texan Mike Cargill became the first to do so aboveboard. Cargill says that when he opened up his business to accepting Bitcoin, requests came flooding in, leading him to start selling online in addition to his Austin-based storefront.

Cargill installed a Bitcoin ATM in his Central Texas Gun Works shop, only the second of its kind in the U.S.

Cargill told Forbes Magazine that his decision to accept Bitcoin comes from his libertarian beliefs and distrust of the financial system. “It’s about taking that financial responsibility upon yourself and controlling your finances yourself, and not depending on the banking systems who are too big to fail.”


In the above interview with Forbes, Cargill says, “There are two things we like in Texas. We like our financial stability–we like our financial freedom–and we like our firearms.”

In fact, the issue of gun rights caused Cargill to change his political affiliation from Democrat to Republican in 2013.

According to a story by AOL, Cargill grew up in a family and community that was distrustful of gun culture. However, at the age of 22, his views changed when his grandmother was brutally mugged and raped while walking home.

He now believes that guns can save lives. In addition to running his store online and offline, Cargill leads certification classes through which he teaches thousands of people a year how to properly use guns for self-defense.

To find out more, Cargill’s online store can be accessed at

Photos gleaned from Mike Cargill’s Twitter account.

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