Watch: Time-Lapse Footage of Hurricane Irma’s Devastating Force

(ANTIMEDIA) British Virgin Islands — In terms of wind, Hurricane Irma’s sustained speeds of 185 mph make it the most powerful storm of 2017 thus far. The Category 5 hurricane devastated regions in the Caribbean and large swaths of Florida, including the Keys.

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One community that felt Irma’s wrath was Cane Garden Bay of the British Virgin Islands. A September 7 damage assessment of the area from Humanity Road, an organization dedicated to relief efforts following natural disasters, noted simply: “houses damaged, fuel station gone, bars gone.”

The day before, when Irma slammed into the area, Robert Knock was ready with a pair of cameras. He recorded the storm and uploaded time-lapse footage to the video-sharing site Vimeo.

One of the clips opens with the seemingly tranquil community of Cane Garden Bay, lush with greenery, as the hurricane is preparing to roll across. At a minute-and-a-half in, when Irma temporarily leaves before returning, viewers can already see what’s become of the area, with trees stripped bare and debris from damaged structures strewn about.

Footage from the second camera, which was placed at a different angle, shows even more clearly the pounding taken by the buildings of the coastal community. That clip also shows how Irma’s winds were powerful enough to rip the boards out of a poolside deck.

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