Israel Blamed For Five Nuclear Engineers Murdered In Syria

John Vibes
November 12, 2014

(TheAntiMediaThis week, five nuclear engineers were killed just outside of Damascus in Syria. Four of the engineers were Syrian and one of them was Iranian.

According to the Associated Press, the engineers were shot and killed while they were traveling in a small convoy that was headed for a research center near Barzeh.

Both Syria and Iran have been under strict nuclear regulations from the United Nation’s atomic agency (IAEA) for decades, and neither country is not allowed to build nuclear reactors of any kind, under threat of UN invasion.

No person or organization has taken credit for the attack, and there have been no clues pointing toward any particular suspects. However, Haaretz reported that Hezbollah is blaming Israel for the murders, saying that the engineers were killed in a planned ambush.

We can confirm that five scientific experts were martyred by terrorists as part of the ongoing plots of the Zionist entity. We have long determined that the Zionist entity works closely with a number of the so-called rebel groups for anti-Hezbollah and anti-Syrian regime operations,” an unnamed Hezbollah commander told the Sydney Morning Herald.

If his words are true, this would not be the first time that nuclear scientists have been killed by covert Israeli operations.

In January and May of this year, two separate military and scientific research centers in Damascus were attacked, and both of those attacks were later attributed to Israel.

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