Israel Bombs Syrian Military Target, Syria Fires Back With Surface-to-Air Missiles

(ANTIWAR.COM— The latest in a growing number of Israeli airstrikes against Syrian territory appears to have been one of the most ambitious yet, striking deep into the Homs Province, near the Lebanese border and destroying what was said to be a weapons depot for the Syrian military.

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The attack destroyed the site, and provoked retaliatory fire from Syrian air defense, who fired a number of surface-to-air missiles at the Israeli warplanes. Israeli officials say none of their planes were hit in the incident.

This is just the most recent of several attacks by Israel in the last few weeks against Syrian military targets. Though Israel used to be very coy about their attacks on Syria, in recent instances the Israeli press seems to have no problem getting official confirmation.

Where this is all leading is another matter, however. Israel has been very public about being upset that the Assad government is winning the Syrian War, and with ISIS and al-Qaeda both on the ropes, Syria may not feel so overwhelmed by existing fights that they feel incapable of retaliating. Likewise, Russia’s patience with Israeli attacks has always been tentative, at best, and could quickly dry up.

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  • Ray Wagner

    Off subject but an interesting point, The Russians have armed Syria with their so-called deadly SS300 and SS400 series of surface to air missiles. Yet Israel can attack Syrian targets with impunity. So much for Russian and the presses claims about the effectiveness of their weapon systems.

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    • Bozidar Vavich

      Not entirely correct. The challenge is that the distance is so close so that Israeli jets don’t usually enter Syrian space, but instead fire from Lebanon or Israel itself. It’s hard to fire at Israeli jets when they are not physically in Syrian air space. Second, the S 400 are only there to protect Russian asserts. Most of the anti air craft missiles in Syria are 1970s Soviet S200. I