Israel Closes Investigation of Killing of Four Palestinian Children Without Any Convictions

Sydney Barakat
June 22, 2015

(ANTIMEDIA) Four Palestinian children were killed on a Gaza beach last summer during Israel’s “Operation Protective Edge.” The children—who were all boys and cousins—were playing on a beach west of Gaza City when they were killed in the airstrike. They were ages nine to eleven years old.

The Israeli army announced late last night that they had closed the investigation. No convictions  were made and no actions were taken to condemn those responsible for the killings. Instead, the Israeli military insists that the boys were mistaken for Hamas gunmen and that no laws were violated.

And so it is apparent that Israel’s internal investigations come with no justice for Palestinian lives lost in Israeli attacks. It would appear that the investigations only help to cover up and excuse poor choices made by members of the Israeli army.

Furthermore, as stated by Al Jazeera:

Israel has, in the past, pointed to the credibility of its internal investigations as proof that the involvement of the ICC was unnecessary.

If, in fact, the contrary is true—and Israel’s investigations prove to have no credibility—then Palestinian action to present these war crimes to the International Criminal Court is absolutely crucial in order to to seek justice where justice has otherwise not been served.

The names of the boys killed in the attack on the Gaza beach were Ismael Bakr, Mohammed Ramiz Bakr, Ahed Atif Bakr, and Zakaria Ahed Bakr. Their names are now listed here and are among thousands of other Palestinians killed by Israeli forces since last summer’s attack on Gaza.

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