Witness: Cop Shot 16 Year-Old Jessica Hernandez Before She Backed Car Into Him

Cassius Methyl
January 28, 2015

(ANTIMEDIA) A few days ago we reported on the horrific killing of 16 year old Jessica Hernandez of Denver, Colorado.

She was shot and killed by a cop in a car full of other young girls, after the police came up on the car they allegedly believed was stolen. It still has not been specified who the car was stolen from, or if the car was actually stolen at all. The details on this murder are very scarce and sketchy.

Now, a witness has come forward who was in the car when her friend was killed. She said the cop shot Jessica multiple times before she ‘backed the car into the officer’, and she only did that because she was dead and no longer in control of the car.

Before it was reported from a very different narrative; the police and mainstream media alleged that Jessica Hernandez backed a car viciously into an officer and he had no choice but to kill her. The only witness yet to come forward says that is completely untrue.

“When the cops walked up, they were on [Jessica’s] side of the car, and they shot the window and they shot her,” the witness said. “That’s when she wrecked, and that’s when the cop got hit.”

It seems the father of the slain girl did not think the car was stolen, and he couldn’t imagine his daughter backing a car into a police officer.

“She’s always happy,” the father told The Denver Post. “You know what her sister says? She wouldn’t even kill a fly.”

It was previously speculated that the car was taken from her parents, but that was not the case. Who the police think it was stolen from still has not been specified.

Protests are occurring in Denver, family and friends are grieving, and the police are mostly silent and facing of course, no real consequence.

An Inquisitr article about this incident said, “According to the parent of one of the other teenagers in the car, the group had been sitting in the car most of the night, talking and listening to music, not acting fearful that they would be caught in a stolen car.”

This incident was not an anomaly for this particular department either; it’s the fourth time in the last 7 months where Denver police shot at people in vehicles.

Details on this incident are simply scarce — the police really aren’t saying much at all. I highly recommend you do research and stay up to date with the details released on this killing.

Police certainly kill a lot of people these days and get away with it, but this particular incident is sparking unprecedented waves of emotion, sorrow, agony, and outrage. Police also shot and killed a 17 year old girl from Longview, Texas 4 days before this incident.

I ask that you share this information, in whatever medium you choose, with as many people as you possibly can.

This is our society, and police are getting away with killing completely innocent people still. The truth is glaring at us as boldly as it was in late 2014, if not more intensely now. It’s just going to get worse before we solve this problem of police misconduct, and that involves more than just talking about it.

I urge you to consider with genuine depth, what can be done about this. What can we as a society do to prevent the police from killing completely innocent people with impunity?

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