John McCain and 200 Other War Mongers Banned from Entering Russia

March 24, 2015

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(ANTIMEDIA) Washington, D.C. — Russian state media sources have announced that the Russian government has banned at least 60 American politicians and public figures from entering the country.

The report cited by RT, included another 140 non-U.S. persons seen as openly hostile toward Russia,

According to Izvestia, the new list includes mostly politicians, civil servants and other public figures known for their openly anti-Russian activities. About 60 people on the list are from the United States. Among these are Deputy National Security Advisor Caroline Atkinson, presidential advisers Daniel Pfeiffer and Benjamin Rhodes, Senate Democratic Leader Harry Reid, House of Representatives Speaker John Boehner, Chairman of the Senate Committee on Foreign Relations Robert Menendes and Senators John McCain, Daniel Coats and Mary Landrieu.

The notoriously bloodthirsty and irate McCain responded defiantly to the travel ban, telling Politico that “I couldn’t be more proud of being sanctioned by Vladimir Putin for standing up for freedom and human rights for the Russian people and against Putin’s deadly aggression in Ukraine. I will never stop my efforts to support democracy, free speech, and the rule of law in Russia.”

At face value, John McCain’s response is fairly admirable — if only it were true. McCain, in reality, has not been fighting for freedom and democracy; he’s been fighting for violent fascism in Ukraine and Islamic extremism in Syria and Libya. Sure, Russia is horrible on human rights and free speech, but the US was just caught torturing Americans at Homan Square in Chicago without due process, and is currently prosecuting our very own Anti-Media journalists for committing acts of ‘biased’ journalism in Fullerton, CA.

McCain’s statement, along with his actions, have zero moral authority and reek of hypocrisy.

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